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» Turn a bad episode into a good episode

Jul 11, 2020 - 5:00 AM - by J.J.Watts
Apologies if a thread like this already exists. I tried looking but all I found was one just for 'Alone-Again, Natura-Diddily'.

It's simple. Pick a bad episode (or even a mediocre one) and say how you would fix it, what would you change, what would you have done different, in order to make it good, or at least better.

My example: 'The Strong Arms of the Ma'

The episode is so disappointing, because the first two acts are great. I've never seen an episode bomb so hard just because they couldn't land the ending.
So, I wouldn't change anything... [Read More]
  9 Replies | 230 Views

» Make a Simpsons Season 13 episodes long

Jul 10, 2020 - 4:35 AM - by Jakey Prince
Sorry if this is meant to be in The Noiseland Arcade, if so, could a mod move it?

We know an average Simpsons season is 22 episodes long but what if every Simpsons season was as short as Season 1?

Basically, compress a Simpsons Season in the length of Season 1.

I would like to hear your opinions.


1: These are meant to be a ideal season, not your favorites
2: You cannot do Season 1 as it's 13 episodes long already
3: You also cannot do Season 32 as it not started.
4: Do not copy anybody else's, but if you... [Read More]
  27 Replies | 319 Views

» Are We Completely Misled When It Comes to Who Writes An Episode?

Jul 09, 2020 - 4:50 AM - by RowdyRoddyPeeperII
Fascinating interview with Michael Price here:


Especially this part:

MP: Sometimes we write story pitches up as a one- or two-page treatment and hand them in to Al. And I tried to get a couple of different stories through, but I just couldn’t get anything going. But Al’s pretty great—more or less everyone gets at least one script assignment a season—so at the very, very end of season 14’s... [Read More]
  1 Reply | 106 Views

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