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» Can The Simpsons last 50 years running? Impossible!

Mar 05, 2021 - 8:23 AM - by AnthonyNoHomers70100
Hi everyone!. I read the ajsmith1234's thread about do you think The Simpsons will make it to 1000 episodes and some people thinks that is impossible. Now we go beyond. Can The Simpsons last 50 years on air?. That would happen in late 2039, specifically on December 17, when the very first episode "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" turns 50 years old. For that time the series would have 51 seasons and more than 1150 episodes. Imagine a half century... [Read More]
  2 Replies | 130 Views

» Who's next foreign characters voiced by real-life foreign people?

Mar 04, 2021 - 10:23 AM - by AnthonyNoHomers70100
Hi everyone!. We all know that The Simpsons black characters now are voiced by real-life black people such as Carl Carlson, which is voiced by Alex Désert and not by Hank Azaria and Dr. Julius Hibbert that now is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson and not by Harry Shearer. But who's next? Non-American characters voiced by real-life non-American people?. I refer to The Simpsons characters from other countries such as Groundskeeper Willie (Scottish), Luigi Risotto (Italian), Fat Tony (Italian), Üter Zörker (German), Akira (Japanese) and others. I think that Groundskeeper Willie would no longer... [Read More]
  2 Replies | 165 Views

» Homer's Great Lark: Fan Fiction Story Game

Mar 03, 2021 - 5:12 PM - by Exordium
I thought I might make something that may or may not be worthwhile. Recently, I saw some stories in the thread archives that were formatted in the sense that the OP wrote a part of the story, and then another user wrote the next part of the story, and so on. I was also inspired by an old fansite that used to do "Campfire Tales" on its forums that would be posted as complete stories later on. I figured, why not make a new participatory Simpsons fanfic? I think it's something that has the potential to go in all sorts of directions.

I'll start the game soon once I come up with... [Read More]
  1 Reply | 90 Views

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