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Thread: Rate and Review ''Bart and Dad Eat Dinner''

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    Rate and Review ''Bart and Dad Eat Dinner''

    Season 2, Episode 13. Original Airdate: November 1, 1987. Marge takes the girls out to watch a ballet, leaving Homer in charge of dinner. Bart cannot stomach it when he is forced to eat a mix of fish nuggets and pork-a-roni.

    Okay short I'll say. Was fun and had moments like the regular show. 4/5. Also, why was the pork-a-roni green? Anyways, rate and stuff.


    ◾This short is similar to "Eating Dinner".
    ◾This is the first time Homer is seen cooking.
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    I thought it was kinda cute. 4/5

    I like how Homer is called "Dad."
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    Cute and good cartoony effects with the porkaroni. 4/5
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    Gotta love weird lumpy jello with chunks in it!

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