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Thread: Rate and Review American Dad: "Ad-Ventures in Hayleysitting''

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    I couldn't stop laughing when Hayley fell over the bannister.
    Avatar drawn by Telso.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banjo View Post
    You're welcome, it's cheesy but soSteve. Bless 'im.
    I'd probably laugh so hard if someone used that irl. Sounds like a bad pickup line. But somehow it works for Steve. I think it's the drawing. It's pretty good.

    Quote Originally Posted by zachbigmac View Post
    @Swoony your just a poser and dont tell me
    your not cause i can read you like a fucking book.

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    4/5: This was good. Snot getting burnt by the boiling water is easily the funniest part of the episode.

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    Yeah, that was great. I really laughed at Steve telling Stan on the phone he was at a "black restaurant," playing off the stereotype that they're loud. And Roger sliding in the house covered in lube at the end was stupidly funny.

    You know it's a good episode when your mother is chuckling like, every five seconds. 5/5

    What do you think they put in the Bug Juice?
    No they don't. Come on...shut up.

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