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    I don't necessarily mean that its depiction of the media circus is outdated (the way that Rock Bottom is willing to manipulate the truth to such a huge degree still rings true and in some ways was a premonition), just that since sexual assault is generally seen as a bigger deal and a more serious matter nowadays, it's kind of hard to watch an episode that makes light of (accidental) sexual assault and the social fallout surrounding it. Also, it seems like the fact that (even before the Rock Bottom special) most of the people who believed the accuser were portrayed as raving lunatics probably wouldn't fly now.

    Like, the issues it discusses are more prevalent now than they were when the episode aired, but the drawback to that is that it's very easy to view the episode as taking a stance on specific facets of the "discourse" that probably couldn't have even been conceived of when the episode was written, and even if you logically know that the episode wasn't trying to imply XYZ, it's still hard to emotionally distance yourself from that mindset when you're watching it

    IDK, it might just be that my view of the episode has been tainted by people who use this episode as an excuse to call anyone who has a sexual assault story a liar

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