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Thread: Family Guy general discussion/upcoming episode thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by erichoff View Post
    I'm telling you; this show jumped another shark after season 16! Ever since Sulkin took the realm of showrunning there's been a fuck-ton of these god awful retarded anthology episodes. Before season 7, there was only ONE and that was the family guy viewer mail episode. They are doing this probably because the writers either need to quit or be fired.
    How are they faring in comparison with The Simpsons? They seemed to churn out a crapload of anthology episodes between Seasons 10 and 20, with at least 6 I can think of between S15 and S20 alone (including two in one season, ugh, that was a rough time).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
    How are they faring in comparison with The Simpsons? They seemed to churn out a crapload of anthology episodes between Seasons 10 and 20, with at least 6 I can think of between S15 and S20 alone (including two in one season, ugh, that was a rough time).
    There are three this season. The upcoming mother’s day Holly Bibble is anthology.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sideshow ken View Post
    I agree with JJ Watts. The Simpsons did it before and I saw preview pictures of the episode on family guy episode wiki fandom. Eddie the giant chicken returns for another fight. Oh brother!! Another fight. Also Peter and Lois are Adam and Eve. Why am I not surprise? I almost threw up when Peter came out naked. This doesn't look promising. The Simpsons did before and was better.
    I saw the images of Peter and Lois as Adam and Eve. I know people have joked about how Family Guy rips off The Simpsons pretty much since its inception in 1999, but this is one of the most blatant examples of FG just straight-up copying them I've ever seen from the show. Yeah, The Simpsons doesn't own the concept of telling bible stories, but mix it up a little. Don't do the same stories. I won't be surprised if they cop to it in the episode, like Chris calling out Peter on how Robot Chicken did a Star Wars parody first. Also, three anthology episodes in 1 season? It's never been more obvious that the writers are completely out of ideas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orangemo View Post

    "Movin In' (Principal Shepherd's Song)" (JACX08/FG-1708)

    Principal Shepherd moves in with the Griffins after being fired for fat-shaming Chris, while Brian sues Stewie for defamation.
    This should be interesting since it's about a supporting character for a change.

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    Reel of clips from Comic-Con, standard fare of hit and miss.
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    I loved it when Meg had that superpower. That was way better than having her grow her nails. Watching the others got hurt made me smile. You go Meg!

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    rudy giuliani translating to "You're lying and crazy" was kind of amusing.
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    Out of everything, Stewie's First Word just sounds wrong if it's a non flashback episode, but I'm interested if it's a flashback.
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