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Thread: How many seasons do you own?

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    I bought Season 15 yesterday and also have seasons 1-10 + the movie on DVD.

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    I have season 1-14 currently. Used to have the movie, but might have to re-purchase it since it didn't make the move to my apartment.

    Strongly considering stopping at 16 (skipping 15 as well) since it's the last decent season. 18 has the amazing 24 Minutes, but is too hit-and-miss overall.

    The HD seasons I definitely won't bother with.
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    Only the first 10 seasons, however I'm considering going up to 12. Afterwards they jumped the shark for me.

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    I don’t know

    Seasons 1-11, 13, 14, 18-20

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    Season 1-8 and the movie. I had weak or strong feelings against anything after Homer’s Enemy (other than NYvHS).

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    I have all of the seasons from 1-19. I don't have 20 for the simple reason that I can't find it. They are all on normal DVD. I also have the movie on DVD and UMD (for the PlayStation Portable). All DVD's worked fine, but the design packaging, not so much. Season 1 is missing it's manual and back cover (you know, the piece of paper telling you about the episodes). Season 10 never came with the back cover, because I brought it from a second hand store. Season 13's packaging is now a flat piece of cardboard, and 15's is non existant. Season 11 is complete, but with a badly damaged cover. I am missing disc 2 of Season 16, but it contains the weaker episodes of the season. Also, the Simpsons Movie UMD is in a Simpsons Game case (second hand store messed up, giving me the movie instead of the game). I'll stop now.
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    Seasons 9 - present

    I own seasons 1-10 and the movie (the latter a gift from a friend, I'm effectively neutral on it otherwise) on DVD. I've considered (typically during flights of fancy, the tortured void of dreamless sleep or the darkest pits of boredom) plowing further into the Scully seasons but tend to fall onto the side that S11+ generally aren't worth exchanging cash for (unless I develop some form of inexplicable unprecedented fondness for, say "E-I-E-I-D'oh" in the near future).

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    About 9 too many.

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