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    The issue with Toshi is that it's difficult to tell a story about a character that doesn't speak English and that other characters can't communicate with. It's why there are so few Maggie episodes of 'The Simpsons' or Kenny episodes of 'South Park'. I can't imagine the writers would be willing to do an episode where a large chunk of it is in Japanese with English subtitles, that's why Toshi usually only gets 1 or 2 lines when he appears. And Toshi is pretty much a one-note character, as being a subtitled character is the only joke he has, and they've run it into the ground at this point.

    An idea for a Toshi episode could be Steve, Snot and Barry learning about Toshi's past, how and why his family moved to America, why he's the only member of his family who speaks Japanese, and why he refuses to learn English. Maybe it leads to them trying to teach Toshi so they can communicate with him.

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