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Thread: Metalocalypse

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    Didn't the Tribunal possess Murderface at the end of the Doomstar Requiem?

    I have a feeling this season will be EPIC (unless they abruptly drop the storyline).

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    At the end of Doomstar, Murderface has some kind of weird ailment: the veins from one of his arms was all black!

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    So I'm sure most of you guys who are fans know about the petition to get a fifth season (AKA "The Army of the Doomstar: The Final Chapter") made.

    Well, Adult Swim decided to get in on this by setting up a live stream of a fax machine. Stating that if they received 25 signatures via fax that they would also sign the petition. I got an email a matter of minutes ago from telling me that Adult Swim signed, and sure enough, when I went to the page with the fax live stream, it had been replaced with a video of a woman who works at Adult Swim signing the petition on the station's behalf.
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