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Thread: Welcome to the new NHC!

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    Cool Welcome to the new NHC!

    Welcome to the new No Homers Club forums - the 6th reboot of the forum script in this site's history.

    Unfortunately, like all of these scary upgrades, unanticipated issues with the styles and scripts were encountered so downtime was three days longer than originally expected. Also I had a hell of a week at work.

    New Styles

    Our homepage colors will remain the same, but we have a new default style & associated themes. If you're having trouble viewing the default theme, click here.

    Other New/Modified Styles

    NHC Mobile Version 1 ( should be redirecting to it shortly if not already)
    NHC Mobile Version 2 (utilizing Forum Runner push notifications)

    We'll also get to work shortly on iPhone/Android apps for the forums. I believe we'll discontinue our use of Tapatalk for mobile browsing.

    New/Modified Features

    Activity & Awards - The board's activity, awards, trophies, and achievements feature. Have fun with this and enjoy all of the statistics generated on a daily basis. Current trophy holders are displayed in threads.

    The Wall - The board's live feed & status updates.

    Thumbs Ups - Used on an older version of the NHC, this replaces the old Like system.

    Instant Notifications - You'll notice this soon. I have more notifications to add in the near future.

    Profile Hover - Hover over a member's username to see more info about them (does not work in all areas of the board).

    User Tagging - Marking an end to future vanity searches here, you can now mention board members in posts by putting an @ symbol at the beginning of any board username in your posts. Just like twitter. hi @kupomog! Once you do so, they're sent a notification of the mention and linked back to the post. Additionally, if you quote a member now, they're also notified and linked back to the quote.

    You can also tag users in any thread, making them instantly aware of the topic when they log in and that they should check it out. Add a username or multiple usernames to the "User Tag List" at the bottom of each thread.

    Also, by putting an # at the beginning of any word and a ; at the end of the word, it becomes a hash tag. #cool You can edit words you follow here:

    You can subscribe to hash tags here:

    Statistics on tagged/quoted/mentioned users is here:

    And Many More Small Tweaks Not Discussed Here

    Known Bugs

    The Arcade is probably not currently saving scores but I'll get that fixed soon.

    Search engine is temporarily down again, will fix ASAP.

    New Administrator - @Jims

    New Global Moderator - @Oh, that's raspberry! (happy birthday bud!)

    They'll do a great job.

    Enjoy taking the new forums for a spin, everyone!

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