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Thread: Silent Hill HD Collection

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    Silent Hill HD Collection

    I don't think there's a thread for this yet. I figured that there would be some Silent Hill fans around here who might've bought this "collection". You see what I did there? I don't think it should be called "collection". On count of SH1 and SH4 being absent.
    Anyway, I checked a lot of reviews and read some articles on this. It seems most fans don't like this HD remake for a number of things.

    There have been made a lot of changes other than the HD upgrade. For both games new voices are added. For SH2 you can choose the old voices as well, but for SH3 you won't get the option for the old voices.
    Quite a bit of fog in SH2 has been removed, which causes some weird looking scenes:

    As you can see, the HD version is also a lot darker.
    There seem to be a lot of audio issues as well. Some noises are altered or completely removed. For example: that eerie sound in the intro of SH3 with the valve-turning guy (I don't know his name) has been removed.

    These are just a few of odd changes that were made to this HD "upgrade".

    After seeing all this negative stuff on the internet, I didn't wanna buy the game anymore. Luckily I have the PS2 versions. I was pretty excited for this "collection". I thought: HD, 5.1 surround, should be awesome...

    What do you think of all this? Is this negativity justified, or should I and the internet lighten up?
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    I thought you were talking about a different "Hill". I will now slowly and disappointingly leave.

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