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Thread: Rate and Review: "Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart" (PABF09)

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    Pin Pal
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    The Land of Chocolate

    BTW, the black guy on the roof with the pigeons could be a reference to "Ghost Dog - The Way Of The Samurai".

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    A World Without Lawyers HerbertMcHoover's Avatar
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    1/5: one of the worst ever

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    Really bad, a lot of the jokes were cringworthy and the plot is pretty messy aswell. 1.5/5

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    act 1:

    +"I'm going to get it autographed."
    "By who, Lenny?"

    +"I have always considered you cash giving cows to be my friends"

    +"Convenience forever, freshness never"

    -Homer waiting for the phone call

    -Everyone in the audience hating Marge

    -Bart not fitting entirely in the rabbit cage

    well, this is kinda... not that good so far.

    act 2:

    -"I shouldn't have put you in there and left you there while we were eating pizza"

    So, because Bart couldn't spend more time in the rabbit cage, all of a sudden he is real mad at Homer and wants to get revenge on him? What? I'm not entirely sure of the purpose of his revenge, but whatever.

    +"Quiet night. Nothing but a spray and kids laughing."

    +"They're all artists, why don't you open your eyes"

    +Apu attempting to rob Snake

    -"Here, drink this paint thinner"

    well, this is a whopping load of mediocrity if i ever saw one.

    act 3:

    +"Yes master"

    +"How was I supposed to know parents had feelings?"

    +"Dad, it's getting cold out here"

    +the ending

    as usual, the plot wasn't that great but it had a decent amount of laughs. the motivation behind bart's original plan didn't seem all that likely to me, but the episode itself had a good amount of laughs, saving it slightly. 3/5 or so seems right

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    The first act of this one is outrageously bad. Homer put Bart inside a rabbit cage!!! The rest is just forgettable.

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    An pretty alright episode which was better than I thought it would be. The main plot, being about Bart becoming an graffiti artist who gains quite a bit of popularity after everyone notices the stylized and mocking Homer graffiti that he put up everywhere in town as revenge on Homer who acted like a jerk to him during Marge's birthday, was kinda decent and interesting (wierd that it took them this long to do a story about Bart's graffiti skills as El Barto) with good pacing and a few good moments and humor (including an decent father and son conflict). The subplot about Apu feeling threatened by a new convenience store and eventually preparing to go out of business before getting unexpectedly saved was a good premise but was unnecessary since it was so underdeveloped and way too short.

    The lead-in with Marge's birthday was prettty messy and iffy, with an pretty good first part of Homer and the kids going to get her something but with a much less good second half which had Marge getting hated on TV for missing the phone call from a TV chef she's a fan of (due to the rabbit which Bart gave her chewing through the cords) & Homer blaming Bart for messing it up and stuffing him into the rabbit's cage (even though it turns out he likes it there and have to be forced out by Homer), but it got better afterwards when the graffiti plot started and was wrapped up nicely with Bart's art gallery turning out to be a sham set up by the police to catch the rogue artist & ending with a pretty funny joke. However, Marge getting sad and depressed for her ruined party was never touched upon later which was a huge miss; that would have been a natural subplot which would have added some emotional content instead of Apu's tale which consisted of like three short scenes.

    I don't think it was anything great but outside of the scene of Marge's birthday party (which became too mean-spirited for my taste, along with maybe the later scene of Homer strangling Bart in his sleep after realizing he's the dope in Bart's graffiti) it wasn't such a bad episode since I enjoyed Bart's graffiti plot well enough and the Apu story, even though it being a wasted opportunity which should have been expanded, had a few good bits too (I liked the role reversal of him and Snake Jailbird for one thing). Overall, a decent episode (but naming it after the brief subplot was a mistake; they should have called it 'American Graf-Fat-I' or something).


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    No one seems to acknowledge this episode's existence
    Best and Worst Episode per Season:
    1: Krusty Gets Busted/Homer's Night Out 2: One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish/Bart's Dog Gets an 'F' 3: Bart the Murderer/Saturdays of Thunder 4: Homer the Heretic/So Its Come To This: A Simpsons Clip Show 5: Cape Feare/Lady Bouvier's Lover 6: Homie the Clown/Another Simpsons Clip Show 7: Raging Abe Simpson and his Grumbling Grandson in " The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"/Scenes From the Class Struggle in Springfield 8: The Springfield Files/The Old Man and the Lisa 9: The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson/Miracle on Evergreen Terrace 10: Mayored to the Mob/Homer Simpson in: Kidney Trouble 11: Grift of the Magi/Eight Misbehavin' 12: Trilogy of Error/I'm Goin' to Praiseland 13: The Blunder Years/The Lastest Gun in the West 14: Moe Baby Blues/The Strong Arms of the Ma 15: My Mother the Carjacker/Co-Dependent's Day 16: The Heartbroke Kid/Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass 17: The Seemingly Never-Ending Story/The Bonfire of the Manatees 18: The Mook, The Chef, The Wife, and Her Homer/The Boys of Bummer 19: Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind/Husbands and Knives 20: Gone Maggie Gone/Lisa the Drama Queen 21: The Squirt and the Whale/The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed 22: Homer Scissorhands/The Fight Before Christmas 23: The Book Job/Lisa Goes Gaga 24: The Saga of Carl/Love is a Many-Splintered Thing 25: Brick Like Me/What to Expect When Bart's Expecting 26: Sky Police/The Musk Who Fell to Earth 27: Barthood/Every Man's Dream 28: 22 for 30/The Caper Chase 29: Flanders' Ladder/Singin' in the Lane 30: Woo-hoo Dunnit?/I Want You (She's So Heavy)

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