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    vhs videos

    do any of you still have the simpsons on video

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    I do, I actually collect VHS tapes and I have two Simpsons tapes in my collection. One tape has "The Way We Was" and "Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment," and the other has "Three Men and a Comic Book" and "Lisa's Substitute."
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    Quote Originally Posted by bart homer View Post
    do any of you still have the simpsons on video
    I have three or four crates of VHS tapes, mainly of recordings I made in the 1990s (before I bought a DVD recorder in 2002 and started using that), although I do have a few of the "official" releases.

    There's a story about Simpsons VHS tapes.
    When I was in New Zealand in early 1992, I went by a store that sold tapes of the first season episodes. I didn't pay much attention to them, so I don't know very much about them.
    I was in England in 1994, and they sold tapes with two episodes per tape.
    Tapes didn't become available in the USA until something like 1998 (except for the Christmas Special, which was released much earlier on its own); this is because of the policy back then of not releasing TV shows on video until they had gone through something like four years in syndicated reruns (since, at least according to one executive, syndication is where the producers made most of the money, and they didn't want the syndicated episodes, with parts cut from them to make room for more commercials - this is especially noticeable on The Simpsons, which has a lot of very short scenes, a lot of which have particular jokes that end up being removed). Even at that, I don't think more than half of the episodes of a season were released on VHS; they were usually released in sets of three tapes, each with two episodes, and only one Season 1 set and two each of the seasons after that were released, although there were also themed collections.
    This was not limited to The Simpsons; I think the complete run of Friends was available in Europe long before any episodes were released in the USA.
    The policy continued into the DVD days in the early 2000s - Season 1 of Futurama was first released in Europe but not the USA - until somebody decided to release a show (I want to say Single Female Lawyer-er, Ally McBeal) on DVD immediately to see if it would affect syndicated viewership, and when it turned out that it didn't (possibly because DVD players were still new at the time), other shows, including the remainder of Futurama, got "immediate" releases in the USA.

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    I have copies of Greatest Hits Volume 1 (with inserts promoting a competition where you could get drawn by a Simpsons animator) and two of the UK/AU Season 1 tapes (Bart The General/The Call Of The Simpsons). I also have a UK copy of The Last Temporation Of Homer

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    I have the Too Hot For TV VHS. It's interesting because there's blue-shirt Bart on the cover, and it had the selling point of containing The Cartridge Family, which would not air in the UK until 1 January 2000 at the earliest, according to the tape itself. It's possible that the episodes being uncut on the tape is also a selling point, as I believe BBC Two censored episodes at the time. There's also some other stuff on the tape, such as an advert for Virtual Springfield, which adds to any potential nostalgia. It is copy-protected.

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    In Ukraine we made our own recordings from TV to VHS cassette. The main thing was not to miss the program and not to record on top of the already existing recording

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