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Thread: Rate and Review: "The Book Job" (NABF22)

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    Just caught this again since the night it aired and I thought it was solid. The story had a nice, smooth flow, Gaiman was funny, Lisa procrastinating was funny, Bart and Homer recruiting Frink made me laugh rather hard. I still haven't seen the movie this was parodying but it was a good episode, much better than I remembered. 4/5, if I could vote again on the poll...

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    One of the few good episodes this season had to offer, a 4.5 rounded up to a 5/5 for the polls.

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    Good episode, the plot a bit slow but approved.
    Sorry for my english, i use the translator

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    A very trolly chapter

    + First act
    + "Oh, honey, I'm sorry your book lady turned out to be a dinosaur."
    + The plot
    + Lisa writing her book remind me of myself
    + In the last part Homer was really funny "Well, we may have lost, but we gave the bad guy a laugh. That's something."

    + Neil Gaiman

    - The scene in the credits. (The chapter should end with the "And the most brilliant part is... I don't even know how to read!" )
    - The process to make the book idea was slow and kinda boring, The same thing happen in the scene when the crew were complaining about the bad guys had changed their book

    * Will Matt selman be showrunner again? I asked him for twitter. He haven't answered yet (And I don't think he will answer me)

    GRADE: B+
    Soon Season 31

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    This aired as brand new on sky1 in the UK on Sunday so I gave it a rewatch
    Very funny, still felt rushed but all round good. Stick to my 4/5 on the poll.

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    One of the two best episodes of Season 23, although that's not saying much. Good for modern standards. 3/5, 6/10.

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    High 4/5. The whole book thing was stupid when everyone was going to run off. The whole Homer-Bart convo in the arcade was stupid. Talk civilized. Didn't like the ending all that much either, but one of the highlights of a bad season.

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    "I need to buy some carbon offset credits so I can burn all my Angelica Button books." "But the only reason anyone would ever do that is *gasp* profit!" UGH. In general, Lisa is incredibly pretentious in this episode. Annoying Lisa aside, this episode isn't that great. Bart and Homer's interactions are annoying throughout (because people don't talk like that). That music that keeps playing is also annoying, as are the titles that appear throughout ("The Heist," etc.). Also, Homer and Bart are out of character. I don't care how much money is involved, neither would write part of a novel, nor would they have the skills required to do so (especially considering Bart's ADD (or whatever it is that he is afflicted with) and Homer's laziness and poor literacy). And why does Bart rip up the cheque? Wouldn't they still be able to cash it? On the plus side, the basic plot isn't that bad (if mediocre), Lisa gets her comeuppance in the end, and much of the episode is enjoyable enough. But its best quality is putting established characters in new roles, like Patty, for example (usually, she is in some conflict with, or at least expresses animosity towards, Homer. It could be argued that she is out of character here, but I like her in this role (as a generally friendly ally of Homer) because it is a nice change and it adds to her character. Put in the right situation, she can be friendly towards Homer and pleasant in general). Unfortunately, that aspect isn't focused on very much. Overall, while it has a few moderately good qualities, its flaws are glaring (especially Bart and Homer's poor characterization). I don't see why this episode gets so much praise. 4/10

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    the protagonist of reality Two Guys, a Girl, and a kat's Avatar
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    I like books, and I somewhat liked this episode.

    3.5/5 best episode of the season.

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    This one of the best episodes of The Simpsons non-golden era, in my opinion. It had some funny moments, though the plot felt a little absurd near the end. Being a book-lover, I rather enjoyed some of the references, and it made me think a lot about the book industry. Overall, 4/5.

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    Nothing special, but one of the best in its season. I kind of liked the idea of writers being some kind of frauds. 4/5

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    This wasent as good as i remembered but its still a pretty good episode. 3.5/5

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    Meh, overrated. Lack of real humour, like most episodes in the HD era, apart from Replaceable You, Holidays of Future Passed and maybe some of the pisodes at the start of the era.

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    Great episode, definitley a highlight in season 23. Neil Gaiman was excellent, and the plot was very original. 5/5
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    <Insert User Title Here> Gawee08's Avatar
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    A nice episode with a unique story that could have used some more laughs. While it could have been more funny it was fun to watch and I liked it. It was also pretty good for a new episode and it was one of the best of the season. 4/5.

    My Favourite Moments Were
    - "I demand to speak to my paleontologist."
    - "Homer: Do you have a computer?
    Frink: Yes.
    Homer: You're in.
    Frink: In what?"
    - Moe bleeding green
    - British Fonzie
    - Stephen King being a fake author
    - Lisa playing boggle online

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    blocks your path CousinMerl's Avatar
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    I really liked this episode. The plot about Lisa finding out her favorite writer is a total sham and Homer & Bart getting inspired to group write a young adult fantasy book with a team they gather (Skinner, Moe, Patty, Frink and also Neil Gaiman) while Lisa decides to write a book of her own (but not getting anywhere with it) was a good one; I liked how the main and subplot came together with Lisa being used as the fake writer of the group's book and the book company screwing the gang over by altering their book led to some good moments, including a nice and fun double twist (Lisa faking betraying the group so that she could pull her switcheroo and send the original script to print & it then turning out Gaiman screwed the rest of the gang over by having inserted himself as the fake author with some help from Moe).

    Overall, most of the episode worked pretty well; the plot was well told (and I liked how it was laid out and presented as a heist movie, was well paced, had some overall fun moments including some fine jokes and gags & the character were all well portrayed (and somewhat surprisingly, the guest star Gaiman was actually used pretty well, not being relegated to just a pointless guest with one scene and one line but actually played a small part in the plot and got some good jokes too). I wouldn't say it was great since some moments could have been better or executed more smoothly and the humor could have been a bit sharper, but I'm pretty satisfied with it so yeah, it's a good episode.

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    The Book Job is another solid Selman showrunner effort. The plot once again feels a lot more naturally paced because there's no intro as usual. I liked how the plot was structured as some heist. Having the plot of Lisa trying to write a story intersect multiple times with the main plot was a pretty nice touch. Neil Gaiman was a pretty good guest star. I found it funny how he was mostly mooching off the writing group. The episode's humor could've been more sharp, but there were still some good lines and gags here.


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    Is it just me or did I like the cutscenes better than the rest of the episode?

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    Oh those poor children they had no idea that Dinosaurs were actually in fact big scary monsters rather than what they were exposed to which were big purple dancing thing

    But I wonder if it's true about how those child lit tween lit books are written by a group of people rather than just one person. Well I guess it's a good thing Harry Potter stopped at 7 otherwise the series would have been taken over by ghostwriters, which is what happened less than halfway through the Babysitters club series

    well I'll give them credit, considering that they tried to write something original, not to mention by the time this aired everyone was slowly weaning themselves off vampires....and twilight Breaking Dawn part 1 came out around this time and I was getting ready to see the Muppets (2011)
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