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Thread: Rate and Review Family Guy: "Dearly Deported"

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    Rate and Review Family Guy: "Dearly Deported"

    OG Airdate: May 21st, 2017. When Chris' Mexican girlfriend, Isabella, is deported, he steps up to take care of her twin babies.
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    Jumped the gun and already posted my thoughts on both of last night's episodes in the general discussion, but I'll repeat my thoughts here.

    Stuff I liked:
    First half of the Starbursts gag.
    Wrong stock footage montage.
    Lois & Brain's characterizations. I know that for the most part they've been having Brian this season be closer to how he was pre-Christmas Guy, but I can't remember the last time Lois has been portrayed in a manner where she wasn't just a total bitch (minus that oven "Joke" at the end).

    Stuff I didn't like:
    Second half of the Starbursts gag.
    Chris putting his hand in the kids' mouths.
    Peter biting his lip off.
    C.S.I. Babies
    Mongoose cutaway (especially the part with Peter's throat being slit). The callback to it at the end as the final joke of the episode also soured my opinion of the episode a little.
    Lois revealing to Chris about the times where she considered turning the oven on while he, Meg or Stewie were in it.

    3/5, would've been a 3.5 if not for those last two "Jokes"
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