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    It's a shame that King of the Hill was cancelled after season 13. I loved this show, and I cannot believe that it was replaced with Bob's Burgers. This new animated series when compared to King of the Hill, isn't that great. I wish FOX renewed King of the Hill for more seasons, but more importantly, I would love to complete my DVD collection with the remaining seasons, which so far to this present day, have not been released at all.
    I live in the UK, and only have seasons 1 to 5 on DVD. I hope 20th Century Fox releases seasons 6 to 13 at some point. Our DVD collections cannot be left incomplete. Everything else is released on DVD nowadays, and repeated on TV lots of times, so why can't the remaining seasons of King of the Hill be released on DVD. This show was a decent animated comedy, with great storylines, and great characters, so why cancel it, and worse still, why stop releasing the DVDs completely?
    If you are like me, and would love to see the return of King of the Hill, and complete your DVD collection with the remaining season boxsets, please can you sign my petition, as I will be very grateful for your help. Thank you.

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    KOTH was definitely an awesomw - Sometimes I think it's better than classic Simpsons. Certainly very, very close.

    I really didn't get into the show as much when I was younger. The older I got the more I appreciated it. The characters are just brilliant.

    However, I'm glad the show was cancelled. It should have been cancelled a few years sooner. It got incredibly boring and even weird at times after Greg Daniels left. It's a shame too, because that was when the show finally got a good and stable time slot.

    And at least with it now being over - we're getting new Beavid and Butthead! In addition, Greg Daniels is supposedly working on a animated show for NBC..

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    Zombies Rise from the Sea

    Eh. Petitions are not worth it (unless it somehow works, which it probably won't.) Just move on and find new things, you can't bring back what's been dead a long time.

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    It would be kind of silly to resurrect the show now considering one of the main voice actors is no longer alive. It probably ended at about the most opportune time, considering that.
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    KotH is great. It's more real than reality!
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    Sorry to bump this thread, but i agree with you 100%. The first 3-4 seasons are really something. They feel similar but at the same time unique to stand in their own shoes. After that, Daniels left as showrunner, and became less involved with the show up until season 7. He then left at season 8.

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    Even looking at it today, it remains fresh and it aged well.

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    Except Lost In MySpace lol

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