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Thread: Rate and Review: "The Fool Monty" (NABF01)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zombies Rise from the Sea View Post
    Maggie shot Mr. Burns, therefore she already got her way with Mr. Burns before anybody else did...

    And just because every character in Springfield gets to do something with Mr. Burns does not make it a great episode by default; I mean there were many times where certain Springfieldians got their way with Mr. Burns, and he was actually evil back then.
    Oops. My bad.
    Although Mr. Burns did live through the first shooting, Maggie had a shotgun this time.

    The way everybody was spending time with Burns was almost funny, I was expecting them to hurt him.

    Also when he almost repeated the events of the movie, was sorta cool.
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    Compare Mr Burns from 'Two cars in every garage, 3 eyes on every fish' and Mr Burns from this episode O_o This is without a doubt the worst EVER Mr Burns episode of The Simpsons and it is, yes I love this word, a total abomination to what The Simpsons once was. 1/5 F

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    1/5, watched it once. Never again!!!
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    Great episode. Wacky done well, and lovely animation too, some of the best i've seen from the HD era.

    Only let down slightly by Burns' characterization towards the end, but that doesn't ruin it too much. 4.5/5
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    It wasn't very good, but there wasn't anything too offensive. It was especially good until Mr. Burns' suicide attempt (which, by the way, was pretty bad. Burns crashed into an airplane, and he wasn't even killed? No way someone survives a collision at that speed, especially someone as frail as Mr. Burns). 3/10
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    Horrible episode Burns is really badly characterizated and there is barley any funny jokes. 1/5

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    This is one of those episodes that annoys me because it had the potential to be good....but none of that potential was used. Instead we got a bunch of awful gags, badly written jokes, and once again Mr Burns is a silly cartoonish punching bag

    The episode started off promising. I enjoyed the cat flu subplot and Mr Burns stealing all the vaccine was very...him. The scene where Mr Burns announces that he is dying is where I thought "hmmm...this episode could be good". Even though it's pretty out-of-character for Mr Burns to be upset because nobody likes him (hasn't he always considered the townspeople idiots?), it still had potential to be a nice little episode where Mr Burns comes to accept his mortality and/or attempts to connect with the townspeople so that he won't be alone in his final weeks (only to revert to his evil self in the end, of course).

    Instead we got slapstick crap and awful gags that went on too long. First Mr Burns escapes to the woods (why would Burns even do that?), then he attempts suicide (what? he wants to kill himself because the townspeople hate him?!), and when that fails he becomes severely disabled (I love The Springfield Files as much as the next fan, but do we really need another rendition of Burns-as-a-goofy-braindead-idiot?), then the townspeople start mistreating him (all this sequence did was make me feel sorry for Mr Burns), then Mr Burns realizes that his evilness is what is keeping him alive (ugh...what sort of shitty cartoon logic is that). It was just awful and all over the place.

    And the ending made no sense anyway. If being evil is what kept Mr Burns alive....then why was he dying in the first place? :/

    I did like the visual of evil Burns sitting in a chair made of skulls though.


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    It was average, a pretty much forgettable episode, 6.7/10.
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    One of the worst. Act one wasn't bad, but after the suicide attempt, it all went downhill. While there is an explanation for why Burns is characterized so poorly, there's a complete lack of respect for the character that makes it painful to watch. Otto using Mr. Burns's head as a bong is probably one of the worst scenes in the entire series. Plus, as has been mentioned, the plot makes no sense. As @Allybally12345 said, he shouldn't have been dying in the first place if evil is what kept him alive, why was he dying in the first place? And why did he recover in a time when he wasn't showing any ill will to anyone?

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    Just thinking about it makes me want to jump off a cliff. 0/5
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    Wow, I gave this a 5/5? It's not that good, but it still doesn't deserve this vitriol. 3/5
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    The poll opinions here seem to be divided, and most folks who posted about it seem to have hated it...

    As for me, I really, really liked this one when I first watched it; I kind of want to go back and watch it again now. I really don't mind seeing Mr Burns be vulnerable, because it reminds us to care about him. I've had a soft spot for Burns for a long time, though, and that's just me. He's had his weak-as-a-kitten moments since season two; if it needs to be played up for comedic OR emotive effect over two decades later, I'm not going to complain. Compare with Homer's stupidity.

    Burns has been nasty enough over the course of the series that I figure it's sort of okay at this point to have his head used as a bong. Is a bong really so far off from bongos, anyway? Also, since this episode aired, he has more than had his dignity restored.

    Mr. Burns has always been a juxtaposition to me; great motivation and strength of will contrasted with all of the inconveniences of being a zillion years old. I've always seen Burns as someone in need of a bit of TLC, and I liked that this episode went there-- it even managed to do it without giving him a girlfriend, which I think is unique and original. Perhaps to make us feel for him, the writers felt the need to all-out abuse him? They didn't have to do that, but I sure got a kick out of it.

    So much fun to watch; I think I'll go watch it again! Gave this a 5/5.

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    Gets too much hate, wouldn't say it's underrated though, for me it was pretty decent and had some moments, really enjoyed that Simpsons movie reference. 6/10

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    Even when I was more tolerant towards new Simpsons episodes I didn't think this one was too great. I'll have to re-watch this episode some day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pkkao
    what are your thoughts on the classic episode The Fool Monty
    Quote Originally Posted by Financial Panther
    It really isn't bad at all. Doesn't deserve the hate.
    Quote Originally Posted by pkkao
    Was watching it in syndication tonight. The scene where Lisa takes Burns back to his mansion is surprisingly well-written. At least up until the point where he inexplicably changes back.

    Used to think the fundamental premise of this episode was flawed. Second time around, I can sorta see thin traces of a good episode, but the execution just isn't there.

    Springfield's revenge mostly consists of cheap jokes, Burns's new characterization is so pathetic, especially compared to that of the vengeful Springfieldians, that it's hard to root for anyone here.
    Quote Originally Posted by Financial Panther
    Isn't the main criticism the Burns characterization? He suffered an injury that caused him to be that way, so it's kind of the point for him to be OOC.
    Quote Originally Posted by pkkao
    The idea I liked was Burns going "nice" and the Springfieldians unwilling to accept it, sort of a reversal of the typical roles of Burns as the villain and Springfield as the protagonists.

    Problem here is that neither side is portrayed very well. Burns is out of character, but in a way that makes a joke out of him. You can't develop a character you're making a joke of. Same with the Springfield mob, who really just play pranks on Burns.
    Quote Originally Posted by Financial Panther
    Hm. Yeah, you have a point. I wish I was better at these in-depth discussions. Episode just doesn't really bother me. It isn't great; I'd just call it average.
    Quote Originally Posted by pkkao
    Fair point that aside from the bad characterizations throughout and the incredibly low hit rate for jokes, which is especially disappointing since much of the episode is basically a set piece for jokes, there isn't that much to hate compared to other bottom 20-30 episodes.

    On the other hand, the bad characterizations lead to a rather nonsensical plot about how evil is keeping him alive or something, and there's quite an abundance of cringeworthy scenes. This might be the episode with the most old man Burns jokes: his skull collapses, he flies into an airplane and bounces off tree branches, he eats and throws up stuffed toys, he's used as a bong...

    oops I might have just debated myself back into thinking this is definitely bottom 20-30 worthy
    Quote Originally Posted by Financial Panther
    Old-man-Burns jokes don't bother me as much as some other stereotypes because his character at least still has some other qualities. But characters like Cletus or Otto, ALL they have now is incest and drug jokes, respectively.
    Quote Originally Posted by pkkao
    I'd say it does dominate his character in this ep as much as Otto's character was dominated by drugs in Bull-E(cstasy). Burns's "changed" persona is really nothing but old man Burns jokes. Which is why it's hard to take any of this episode seriously. And as a gagfest, the mutilated Burns jokes don't work well at all.
    Quote Originally Posted by pkkao
    man this is good stuff. I should post this in the R&R thread
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    A very weak and bizarre episode. The fake cat flu stuff is decent but when it gets to Mr. Burns deciding to take his life after hearing that he's gonna die and that nobody likes him it's downhill; his failed suicide leaves him with brain trauma that leaves him mentally challenged and Bart who discovers him decides to keep him in his room but he is discovered and the town takes advantage of him as revenge. Then Lisa accidentally jogs his memory back and he is talked out of taking revenge and understands that what keeps him alive is being mean; it's such a ridiculous mess and also mean-spirited.

    Much of it is contrived, it makes little to no sense and Burns is very poorly characterized, but there were some good jokes (including the E.T. closet gag and the Under The Dome/The Simpsons Movie stuff near the end) and an okay subplot about Smithers being employed by Dick Cheney but nothing was even close to above average. Burns getting his brain scrambled by accident is an interesting choice of a story but it was made no justice and instead we got this overly wierd, ridiculous and wacky episode which falls flat, but it's not quite bottom material.

    1.5/5 rounded up to 2/5

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    This isn't bad in the same way as most bad modern simpsons episodes. This episode is just disturbing, sickly, and mean spirited. It's also poorly paced and written. Didn't enjoy this at all. 1/5.
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    What a episode that I consider to be foolish. The plot was fully nonsense, of course that started with Burns' suicide, what a mean-spirited episode.

    Though it did have some jokes, and so this gets a 1.5/5
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    Undercover Burns: 2.5/5, I, Carumbus: 3.5/5, Now Museum, Now You Don't: 1/5
    Treehouse Of Horror XXXI: 5/5 (Toy Gory: 5/5, Into The Homerverse: 2/5, Be Nine, Rewind: 6/5)
    The 7 Beer Itch: 0.5/5 - WORST OF SEASON SO FAR
    Podcast News: 3/5, Three Dreams Denied: 1.5/5
    The Road to Cincinnati: ?/5, Sorry Not Sorry: ?/5, A Springfield Summer Christmas for Christmas: ?/5

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