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Thread: Rate & review: Family Guy - Undergrounded

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    Rate & review: Family Guy - Undergrounded

    Peter gets a credit card without Lois' knowledge and overspends the family's money. When she finds out, she gets so angry she grounds him. Peter starts building a tunnel leading to The Drunken Clam to escape, but gets stuck.

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    More or less very paint by number episode that I honestly don't want to give anymore attention to than I already have.

    1.5/5, 2 for the poll.
    Family Guy Season 18 Ratings - Yacht Rocky: 1.5/5 Bri-Da: 2.5/5 Absolutely Babulous: 1.5/5 Disney's The Reboot: 1.5/5 Cat Fight: 1.5/5 Peter & Lois' Wedding: .5/5 Heart Burn: 1.5/5 Shanksgiving: .5/5 Christmas is Coming: 2/5 Connie's Celica: 0/5 Short Cuts: 2/5 Undergrounded: TBD Rich Old Stewie: TBD The Movement: TBD Baby Stewie: TBD
    American Dad! Season 15 Ratings - Fantasy Baseball: 1.5/5 I Am the Jeans: The Gina Lavetti Story: 0/5 Stan & Francine & Connie & Ted: 0/5 Rabbit Ears: 1.5/5 Jeff and the Dank Ass Weed Factory: 1/5 Lost Boys: 0/5 Shark?!: 1/5 The Long March: 2/5 The Hall Monitor and the Lunch Lady: 0/5 Wild Women Do: 2/5 An Irish Goodbye: 3/5 Stompe le Monde: 0/5 Mom Sauce: 0/5 Hamerican Dad!: 0/5 Demolition Daddy: 0/5 Pride Before the Fail: .5/5 Enter Stanman: 0/5 No Weddings and a Funeral: 0/5 Eight Fires: 1.5/5 The Hand That Rocks the Rogu: 0/5 Downtown: TBD Cheek to Cheek: A Stripper's Story: TBD

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    This one was fun. It was way funnier than Short Cuts. Family Guy works best when they have cutaways and stick to only one plot. Do more than one and it’s mostly a mess, at least modern FG that is. 4/5

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    Nice mention of Joe being in Seinfeld now let's do a Venture Brothers reference.

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