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Thread: Matt Groening = 33rd degree Freemason?

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    Matt Groening = 33rd degree Freemason?

    Is that statement true? I was watching a "conspiracy documentary" about random junk and they stated he was a 33rd degree Mason but I didn't see his Wiki page say anything about it. (I know Wikipedia isn't the best source of info so don't punch me in the throat about it)
    I'm asking yous guys cause I figure someone might know.

    Remember it's not a secret society. It's a society with secrets.


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    33rd?? ... Matt Groening is No. 1 Freemason in my book!

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    I don't think he's mason most likely simple conspiracy theory garbage (if he was that high in the Mason hierachy Futurama would have got a better timeslot )

    FDR was 32nd degree mason at 63 so I doubt Groening would have gotten higher than him in less time since 33 is probably the highest level anyone can get

    While Matt Groening ain't a mason Richard Pryor was

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    never heard this, and since i never have, i have to assume it is false

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