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Thread: Rate & Review: MABF02 - Thursdays with Abie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bella Drape 'er View Post
    The Good
    agnes and the pinball cough gag
    "oops i erased them all"
    nelson's nursery rhyme suprisingly gave me chills
    the beginning of act 4 was enjoyably dramatic

    The Bad
    "unfortunately sharks loved possom" - yes thanks for reminding us Grandpa.
    "not that stupid stuffed lamb again" - yes Bart it is a terrible idea for a subplot
    lame black sheep racism joke
    agnes giving Larry her number
    poor build up of the murder plot and an equally poor conclusion
    Homer's ramble

    Overall, pretty ok, quite a few lame jokes though but not as bad as "The Devil Wears Nada". Although the subplot was quite a lame idea, I must admit it was more enjoyable than the adequately handled Abe plot.

    Uh, that wasn't/isn't a racism joke.

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    This episode is a good examle of trying to shove danger into situations in which it is inappropriate. Excitement and suspense are some of my favourite things in a Simpsons episode, which is why I love Raging Abe Simpson. But that episode did it right; it was an episode about Grampa being hunted by an assassin and looking for treasure. This is an episode about a human interest columnist at a small newspaper. There is no reason for it to turn into Grampa's life to be in danger at any point. Otherwise, this episode is consistently boring; I'm engaged in neither the main plot or the sub plot. 3/10
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    Extremely boring and unfunny. The subplot is probably one of the worst subplots on the show ever and the mainplot isint good either, i suppose the Grandpa being in danger thing was midly exciting but it dosent really save the episode at all. 1/5

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    A very boring episode that feels more like an episode from season 22+ for me rather than the quite good and underrated season 21. 1/5

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    This episode is much worse than I made it out to be. Initially I thought it was just a boring episode, but I didn't really hate it. Now, I think it's an insultingly bad episode for a number of reasons. First of all the plots are very weak! The main plot is incredibly boring and over the top while the subplot is absolutely retarded. I normally don't use that word because of how overly-sensitive people are with it being said, but stupid isn't even the right word to describe how awful that plot is. This episode starts off with The Simpsons visiting a water park and then we get a painfully unfunny joke where Marge takes a bunch of mundane pictures that serve no importance and then she accidentally deletes them. Ugh, the more I think about it, the more I realize that I fucking hate these list gags. I mean not all of them are bad, but ones like these are just so unfunny and they have no punchline to them whatsoever. It's just random stuff not to mention that they're just pathetic excuses for filler. The Simpsons family are eager to see the octopus and leave Grampa behind because he won't stop telling his stories. Luckily for him there's a guy who actually wants to listen to his stories and wants to put them in the newspaper. Before I get to the worst part of the episode I will talk about the sub-plot first. This is quite possibly one of the worst sub-plots the show has ever done. I mean as much as I hate the main plot, at least that plot had some potential and could've worked if it was done right. The sub-plot however is just one that couldn't have worked at all. It starts with Mrs. Krabappel giving Bart this sheep doll thing. There is so much wrong with this subplot like Bart purposely trying to get the thing destroyed then the next day he somehow cares about what happens to it, out of character moments like Lisa saying "I'm a freaking buddhist." and Nelson PMSing over the damn sheep, cringeworthy jokes like the ones involving Agnes and the joke involving racism with sheep wool color and Lisa talking to it like it's a real person. Mix all of that together and you get one of the worst subplots of the show.

    OK, now let's get to the main reason I hate this episode so much. It's the ridiculous third act. When I first watched this episode I was just bored and thinking about other things while it was happening, but now I find it insulting. For some reason this episode feels like it needs to shoehorn in a "Oh no! Grandpa's in danger!" moment and you know what really bugs me about it besides it being phoned in? How the fuck could anyone watch this episode for the first time and not be able to predict that Grandpa will be able to survive? I mean even though I wasn't really paying attention during that moment, I just knew that Grandpa was going to survive. Even the damn episode establishes that Grandpa has survived dangerous situations like that flashback where the boat sinks and ends up in an ocean full of sharks. You could argue that the same thing could go for Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish" where you can tell the two main characters are going to survive, but at least with that episode you could at least sense some actual danger between Bart and Grampa. In this episode though they just foreshadow that he's going to make it out alive. Even the somewhat out-of-place third act in The Computer Wore Menace Shoes is better than this because at least that was ridiculous in a good way.

    That might even be one of my least favorite moments on the show, but even the episode itself is abysmal. The main plot was terribly executed and we could've gotten some good emotion from this plot, but instead we get a phoned in third act. The subplot is even worse as it is nonsensical, ridiculous and there was nothing good from it whatsoever. The humor is also awful with some of it relying on "lol old people are so funny when they're not lucid." jokes and some of the jokes are just way too obvious and predictable. Especially the ending with Homer telling an over the top story which goes on for way too long and it still goes on when the credits roll. Besides one genuine laugh with Homer's brain working like a computer and a small chuckle when Grampa says "Someone's listening to me. Now I know how a radio feels." this episode barely did anything for me comedically. A lot of people say The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed is the worst episode of the season and even the entire show, but as much as I hate that episode this one is much worse. This is the worst episode of the season, the worst Abraham Simpson episode and it might even be a bottom 10 episode. 1/10
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerkass Homer View Post
    I guess this is the same Nicholson who did Joker in the Batman 1989 movie.

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    This is a very boring episode. All of Grampa’s stories are incredibly dull and definitely not interesting enough to be part of a newspaper. Also, Marshall Goldman is the most forgettable one time character. Not much happens in the episode, so the writers try to shoehorn in a conflict where Goldman tries to kill Grampa, just to try and make the episode more interesting. As for the subplot, it is still very boring and I don’t buy that Nelson would love that lamb so much. But it is slightly better than the main story. This is a cure for insomnia. 2/5

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    A lot of people hate this one, but there is one benefit to it: Mitch Albom was treated in a more cartoonish way, like how they treated the guest stars in the early seasons.

    And this has some of the funniest moments from Nelson, as well as Milhouse, in a while, and they even made Coach Krupt somewhat funny. And while the first episode I ever watched whole was Bart the Daredevil, my first encounter with this show was when I walked downstairs in my house and saw my sister and grandma watching it. I only saw scenes from the subplot though.

    But it is also just another old "Homer having trouble with his father" episode. I say it's a 2.75/5
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    Good story, I liked the literature reference and Mitch Albom call out. I like when they focus on Abe, and make him feel like a proper main character. While it's true this is something that would probably only appeal to people who have read the book or are fans of people telling their life stories or something along those lines, I like that they took a chance with it, I guess. It probably wasn't their intention, but putting out an episode that does not appeal to a general audience is a good thing as long as they don't focus on that niche every episode or too consistently.

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    This is actually a good Abe episode, but how the hell did Marshall get a photo of those sharks doing their thing, but the again Abe, had a photo with him and the aged sharks, and oh my home province got a shout out from the license plates (yes Friendly Manitoba is on top of those, and we have tons of different plates now, for the season ticket holders of our sports teams, among other things)
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