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Thread: Rate & Review: Double, Double, Boy in Trouble (KABF14)

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    on a trip to squaresville Prune Tracy's Avatar
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    I hated the opening of this episode. Bart just came off as completely obnoxious to me. I like when he has a motive behind his bad behaviour, like "My Sister, My Sitter". That said, the episode does pick up after the opening, with some funny gags here and there. I'll give it a 3/5.

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    i remember as a kid my friend had a simpsons comic with the same premise, bart switches place with a rock star who looks like him. this episode was just weird. the vaccuum cleaners eating moleman, bart from the future marrying a transexual milhouse (memory serves, but correct me if i'm wrong) and the plot with the rich kid's siblings trying to kill him was too dark for my liking. the ending with bart saying it's good to be home was sweet, but like homr's ending, the rest of the episode sucked too much for it to have an impact. i consider seasons 17 to the holdovers in season 20 to be a low point on par with the scully era and this isn't much of an exception. C-

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    A Lonely, Insignificant Speck Insanity Pepper's Avatar
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    This episode is just too far-fetched. Even if there was someone who looks so much like Bart that most his own family doesn't realize it isn't Bart, it is incredibly hard to believe that he would live in the same town. Otherwise, this is a mildly entertaining episode, but the humour is also not very good. 3/10
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    Edgy McEdgeEdge LukeMM95's Avatar
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    Like the last episode wasn't bad enough, this is another episode where Bart goes around as an unlikeable prick and somehow gets away with it. The opening sets off the crap perfectly with Bart acting like an idiot for no reason and Homer acting like a whiny, mentally challenged jerk. So nothing out of the ordinary for a typical Jean episode. Lenny ends up winning a scratch card and decides to host a party for all his "friends". I put that in quotes because I seriously doubt Lenny hangs out with most of these people but whatever. Nothing funny or interesting happens throughout this entire act. It's just time wasting. Finally Bart decides to sabotage all of Lenny's 'robot vacuum' (My brain hurts) because he's a sociopath who does bad things for no reason now. Yes he's always had this quality but his mischief in the classic era was more just stuff a typical bad boy, ten year old would do. And he always had his limits and an underlining innocence. Now Bart just does random, often criminal stuff just because the writers don't get his character.

    Anyway Bart ends up bumping into Simon, a rich boy who looks and sounds just like him except he has no real characteristic. He's polite and he enjoys Grampa's stories...and I think that's it. His side of the story doesn't really matter in the long run so his scenes are just filler. Good job writers! Bart's scenes consist of him just living it up being rich until we reach the third act. Then Burns shows up and acts as exposition man for this episode. It's so out of character but the real Mr Burns died years ago so who cares. So Simon's half siblings are going to kill him for his money because rich people are naturally evil. But don't worry because Homer saves Bart by just being Captain Wacky and then the story is resolved. Simon goes back to being rich and the whole deal with him being killed is quickly forgotten. They must really think we're idiots at this point. 1/5
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    Decent episode, the idea of Bart and his doppelganger switching places was pretty stupid but i suppose i sorta enjoyed how different "Bart" seemed when he came back at the house, but otherwise its decent and even though it sorta goes downhill in the third act i still find it better than the third act of Lost Verzion. 3/5

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    Im in this vent until we move Trab Pu Kcip's Avatar
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    This episode always seems to be played a lot where I am, I've gotten tired of it and the first act just seems something of a Bad American Dad episode. The rest of the episode was forgettable, not a lot I could remember being funny here. I used to dislike it more than Lost Verzion, but now as I think of it, I would now watch that over this. 1/5.

    Undercover Burns: 2.5/5, I, Carumbus: 3.5/5, Now Museum, Now You Don't: 1/5
    Treehouse Of Horror XXXI: 5/5 (Toy Gory: 5/5, Into The Homerverse: 2/5, Be Nine, Rewind: 6/5)
    The 7 Beer Itch: 0.5/5 - WORST OF SEASON
    Podcast News: 3/5, Three Dreams Denied: 1.5/5, The Road to Cincinnati: 3/5, Sorry Not Sorry: 2/5, A Springfield Summer Christmas for Christmas: 1.5/5
    The Dad Feelings Limited: 4/5
    Diary Queen: 2.5/5, Wad Goals: 2.5/5, Yokel Hero: 2.5/5, Do PizzaBots Dream of Electric Guitars?: ?/5, Manger Things: 1.5/5, Uncut Femmes: 4/5
    Burger Kings: 2.5/5, Panic in the Streets of Springfield: 3.5/5,
    The Man From G.R.A.M.P.A: 2/5, Mother and Child Reunion: 2.5/5,
    The Last Bar-Fighter: 5/5

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