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Thread: Rate & Review: THE SIMPSONS MOVIE

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    Saw it again at 10pm tonight. By 8pm the rest of the day's screenings were entirely sold out. Glad I got my ticket early after I saw the noon one. Well, this experience was honestly even better. In fact, much better, to be honest. There were a lot of moments I forgot about, and being in a sold-out stadium theater with a fantastically behaved audience laughing their asses off and being silent at all the right times was amazing. Wish I could change my vote to 4.5/5. Oh well.

    Also, Homer is so perfectly characterized in the movie. You really just love him again, so much more than in any recent-ish episode. All the characters were really spot on.

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    Saw it again as well at 7 PM, digital. It looks fantastic in this format, by the way, and a nice preview of the DVD/Blu Ray transfer.

    My showing was only 60 percent full, so while it was nice to have a quieter experience, nothing will match the energy and fun that was the midnight showing. However, I did gain further appreciation for the movie, not enough to change my rating significantly, though. Maybe 4.3/5......

    EDIT: Oh, and one guy in the theater stood up during the credits and said (pretty loudly), "What the hell happened to the pig?!"...we all want to know, buddy, we all do...

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    Woah, they had a digital screening somewhere? Wish they would have that here. I think they're still showing Ratatouille on the only digital screen at the theater here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by homer5000
    EDIT: Oh, and one guy in the theater stood up during the credits and said (pretty loudly), "What the hell happened to the pig?!"...we all want to know, buddy, we all do...
    I must admit that I totally forgot about the pig. My biggest concern, was why the family wasn't more concerned with leaving poor Santa's Little Helper behind.

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    so fantastic. i'm so pleased with the way this turned out. can't wait to see it again, and any complaints i have really are inconsequential in the grand scheme of this thing, so gotta be 5/5

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    Does not deserve 5/5. It's definitely flawed. 4.5? Definitely. This was an amazing movie.

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    I love your avatar, Stackhouse. SkiFree FTW!

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    I loved it! 5/5 definitely! I honestly have never laughed this hard at the Simpsons in quite a while. I'll write a detailed review later. I still have too much energy right now.

    Edit: Well I'm not good at long reviews and pretty much everything that's been said has well already been said! Let me just say that I thought the movie was perfect. One of the Simpsons finest moments just like the classic seasons! From the mini-plots like Bart and Flanders down to all the characterisations the movie was awesome. Also I as well must jump on the great voice acting from Julie bandwagon. When I read on here somewhere that Marge was the best she'd ever been in a while I wasn't sure what that meant. But seeing her and the amazing voice acting showed me that the Simpsons can still be emotional as in the past. And that Marge can still be a likeable character as she's been slighty annoying in the recent episodes.

    I can't describe how I felt when I first saw the fox logo at the beginning. I was cold cause I wore shorts and happy as it felt great to see my all time favorite cartoon on the big screen. I couldn't believe it. It was the most amazing ever. I pretty laughed or smiled at every joke and so did the audience. I'm going again tomorrow just cause it was that good and to see things I missed. I don't really have any complaints except the ones people have pointed out like the length of the movie. We could've seen more scenes in Alaska and Springfield in chaos. And the secondary characters of course but it would be impossible to fit all of them in. Also they shouldn't have changed the sign joke when Homer is dumping the pig crap. The one on the season 9 DVD was a lot better.

    Anyway this easily has become one of my all time favorite animated movies! I personally would like thanks all the writers and people who worked on the movie. It definitely lived up to the hype and it showed the Simpsons can still be that brilliant show we all knew long ago!
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    Just got back from the showing at my theater and it was really a fantastic movie. The movie's greatest strength is easily the outrageously fast pace throughout the movie. No jokes seemed to drag on too long, and many had me laughing very hard. Most of the other basic elements were all there too and were just executed brilliantly.

    From the rather...gimmicky...start (but great I&S short) the movie kept me laughing. These few meta references were slightly embarassing to me, but were far from cringeworthy. The Green Day sequence was rather painful, mainly for the enviromental part (but the "da da da da" joke was good). The church scene was a treat to watch, particularly for Grampa's seizure, which for some reason, I just immensely enjoyed. The sinkhole sequence was a clever plot point. It's been said many times, but turning a seemingly meanless joke into a plot point is good storytelling. The Bart nude sequence was done well, and even though I know I shouldn't have, I did laugh at Bart's doodle and Ned's "penis" line. The beginning of the movie was probably the most fast paced portion of the movie, but I noticed that my favorite jokes were generally from other parts of the movie. The pig brought plenty of reasonably good jokes (not the best compared to others in the film, but still good). Lisa's love interest plot got off to a good start but dropped off for a long time, and didn't have much of a conclusion, unless they are planning to include him in the series. Russ Cargill was a good character that produced several good one liners and made a worthwhile villain and was played with talent from A. Brooks. The town meeting and them cleaning up the waste brought a few great jokes from Lenny and Carl's pants burning off to "black is the worst color there is!" The town's mob mentality was great and matched the series well. The church and bar goers switching was easily one of the best jokes and rang extremely true to real life.

    The family escaping and all the Alaska were slightly slower paced than other parts of the movie, but still well executed. The cliched "Marge leaves Homer" plot point was even handled so well that it didn't seem contrived and was actually emotional. Homer's epiphany was an amazing sequence that produced some good laughs. Homer's characterization was great here. He was admittedly a jerk for the former parts of the movie, but the writers were completely concious of this. It was a big plot point leading up to Homer's epiphany.

    The whole ending sequence was a great climax and had some of my favorite jokes including possibly my favorite joke of the bomb disarming robot followed by Chief Wiggum's (my favorite character) line, "he always talked about doing it, but I didn't think he was serious!" Come to think of it, the Chief had a very satisfying amount of him, with several great moments. `

    The secondary characters delivered reasonably adequate roles like Lenny and Carl, Grampa (seizure), Barney, Moe (emperor of Springfield), Flanders (obviously), and many smaller secondaries even had their share of moments like Martin, Dr. Nick, and Milhouse. However, Mr. Burns was noticeably absent throughout most of the film. I was relieved that he did get a small moment during the credits. Everyone was well-characterized in the movie, so there isn't really much to say on that subject. I already mentioned Homer's characterization. Despite having plenty of screentime for the whole family, it was still a movie leaning heavily towards Homer. Lisa didn't have quite as much screentime as I would have liked.

    Storywise, this was very well told and movie worthy with a very epic storyline. Many throwaway items at the beginning of the movie did turn out to have some importance in the overall plot even if it did start with plenty of throwaway material (which was still worth it for the laughs). The subplots like Bart & Flanders and Lisa & Colin were clearly rather undeveloped.

    So to sum up, great story and characterizations, generally good inclusion of characters, a nice emotional moment, undeveloped subplots, and hilarious, incredibly fast paced humor. The tiniest flaws of this movie. Prevent me from giving it a 5/5 (though if there wasn't a 4.5/5 option I'd go) for 5/5. So I'll leave this fantastic film based off my most loved television show with a high 4.5/5, incredibly close to a 5/5.

    EDIT: the abandonment of the pig did leave me a little confused. Also, the to be continued part actually fooled people in my showing (idiots), including someone who yelled out, "fuck you!" Would've been funny if people actually walked out.

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    It was funny when I saw it, but the more I thought about it the funnier it got.

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    Probably the funniest a silly comedy can be without getting stupid. I did notice though that they tried too hard to do the GREATEST or BIGGEST of everything: The GREATEST Itchy and Scratchy episode, The BIGGEST naked cover-up scene, ETC. etc.

    I did enjoy the Marge story about figuring out what grampa's religious outburst was about although it was obvious (at least to me) what was going to happen, but it did turn out to be a good mystery story, which is something i enjoyed watching earlier episodes.

    Probably the biggest laughs came from the 4th wall jokes and the anti-America jokes, but always came in a very loving very Simpsons like charming way. Right at the beginning they started with Homer pointing at the camera after watching an Itchy and Scratchy episode, which is iteresting because it made me think of somebody on the commentaries talking about how they use Itchy and Scratchy as The Simpsons of The Simpsons universe. The misleads were another thing that brought me back to the early years which might have been the most enjoyable part of the show from the little gags where you think he is going to say something different to a show altering mislead like the Mary Poppins episode and this movie reminded me of those great jokes that play so well in their cleverness even if they show Barts penis.

    I could tell they were working on this movie for 4 years and i think it did wonders to the plot of the movie. Everything happened for a reason and although the movie was only 87 minutes i felt like i came out of a 2 hour movie because of all the connections and cometoghetherness at the end of the movie although i did wonder where the hell Spiderpig went. I would have never thought that Spiderpig would ever have been a predicted reason from god that Springfield would have been doomed (well, maybe a little from watching commercials and stuff), but mostly i thought that he would have been a silly one-joke weirdo character. Another thing I enjoyed rather than having no reason for it was that Homer saved the town with his motorcycle trick he learned earlier in the movie.

    Something i thought payed off well to the Simpson-fan was all the references to the shows in the movie. Some of the ones I caught were: The mention of Jebus, Stampy, Springfield Gorge, and fuck it i dont remember any others, but there were some good ones worthy of a "lean and tell" to my fellow Simpsons enthusiast to the right.

    About the music, I was really impressed by song playing during the epiphany sequence. It sounded cool and made me laugh, what could be better in a Simpsons movie? Also I was looking at the credits after the movie and I saw for the credits for the lyrics of the Spiderpig song go to the entire writing crew. I just cant believe it took the entire room to write that awful (but funny in its context of Homer singing it) parody of the Spiderman song. I was suprised not to hear a big musical number sung by the cast of The Simpsons about trash or being alienated or something because it was so common and popular in the show, but it wasnt a huge disappointment, I was just kind of expecting it.

    I think i have to agree with Maggie at the end: SEQUEL! I would love to see one of these cranked out every so often especially if they cancel the show, just to bring back the crew for about 3 or 4 more movies, because i could see a lot of good, but too extended stories becoming great films. Lets just hope they make sure they dont decline in quality though.

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    I said this exact thing in another thread, but...

    "Gotta be honest. Not the best movie ever, but damn, worth the wait."

    Good times. As someone whos seen every episode since "Simpsons roasting on an open fire" it was great. Not perfect, but great.

    Thinking back on it..... I give it a 4.0 out of 5. (I just don't beleive in the decimal thing.)

    Well done.

    God, I want to see it again.
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    I've probably been waiting about ten years for a Simpsons Movie to come out, but as the show has gotten progressively less funny over the years, I was understandably a little concerned that this movie would be a big disappointment. Thank God that I was wrong! This has to been one of the funniest comedies I've seen in years. It was almost 87 minutes of non-stop laughter. What I liked best about this movie was that it had something for everybody. It did an excellent job combining all the positives of the show for the last 18 years. All the main characters that we've grown to love were characterized beautifully, and were incredibly true to themselves. The movie basically we reminded us of why we love Homer, even if he is selfish, piggish, and rude. Although, I was a little concerned about the plot: Homer destroys the town. *In Comic Book Guy Voice* "excuse me, I believe that's already been done before in the episode Trash of the Titans, in which homer becomes the sanitation commissioner and takes other's city's garbage which destroy's the town, causing them to move them five miles down the road. Of course that's just my inner Simpsons nerd talking. However, while I was a bit disappointed that this movie didn't really add anything new or refreshing to the franchise, It was still able to continue what it's been doing from the begging and somehow make it better then it's ever been. As far as the animation quality, it was absolutely astounding!

    Now for the negatives: The movie was too short, and the whole story felt a little rushed. If they could have explored the three different subplots for maybe 10-15 minutes more, it would have made the movie a little better. Also would have been nice, if we found out what happened to snowball. I was also dissapointed in the fact that the writers didn't try to push the envelope more like other movies have (South Park: BLU and the Family Guy Movie) Besides seeing Bart's "doodle" and Marge cursing, this episode would have been tame, even by the tv show's standards. Also, Marge and Homer in marital trouble, that's been done to death. However, this one actually did seem a lot more serious and more dramatic then many of the previous ones, it felt more realistic then Homer does something stupid like buys and RV, and Marge and him have a fight. It reminded me more of Homer's Night Out. despite those flaws the movie turned out excellent, and I hope there is a sequel to this movie! I just hope they have the good sense to stop at maybe 3 movies, instead of letting go on for eternity, like they did with the show. I could write a dissertation on this, but it's three in the morning and I just got home and hour ago from a 12:40 screening(all the other one's were sold out, at two of the area's largest movie theaters) I guess that'll teach me to never underestimate the awesome drawing power of the simpsons.
    Grade 4.5/5: Very good, not Incredible, shattered even my best expectations.

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    well i guess i am in the small minority that thought the movie was terrible. I really think most of the simpson nerds on this board are being influenced by the masses in the theatres that laughed at all the stupid silly jokes that werent even that funny and almost cringe worthy. If you watched the movie in an empty theatre without the laugh track (in this case, the audience) i doubt the movie would be praised the way it is right now.

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    Re the poll - is it just me, or do other people think "excellent" should really be higher up than "fantastic" ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake
    I couldn't tell what was being said when they showed Dr. Nick with the glass in his crotch becuase the audience was a bit chatty, but did some of the characters say: "Goodbye Dr. Nick"?
    Almost. He said: "Bye-bye, everybody!" Just before (seemingly) dying.

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    So finaly, after all these years, The Simpsons movie is here! I watched it three days ago, it was a Serbian premiere. The cinema was full, people were crazy, it was an amazing atmosphere. 5 year old kids, teenagers, adult 30 year old boys and girls, and several older people (there was a 70 year old couple sitting in front of me, the movie cracked them up) - everybody came.

    Anyway... I've been waiting for so many years for the movie to come. And I'm gonna be positive while reviewing it just for the sake of being positive. The movie was absolutely incredible! It kept me laughing from begining to the end. I'm satisfied overall, there were so many great moments and gags, but there were also some things that I didn't like.

    The Good:
    - Excellent plot. It was so simple, yet perfect. I was worried what will the plot be like, I thought "What if it's something ridiculous like season 18 ideas". Suprisingly, it was totaly normal. Thank God!
    - Fantastic characterisation. Everybody was in character, especialy Marge. Something was wrong with her in several Jean seasons, but she's finaly back.
    - A lot of side characters appeared in the movie, and they were funny as always. I especialy liked Cletus and Comic book guy. I missed Skinner, though.
    - The new character was great. Both him and Swartzeneger offered some good jokes and political satire, which was right in the place. Everything about it was right.
    - A lot of emotion was going on. The scene with Marge's video is touching, probably the most emotional moment in the history of The Simpsons. I mean, there were two girls sitting next to me in the cinema, one of them almoast started to cry. Great job, writters. It wasn't one of those tacked-on emotional scenes, it was correct in every single way.
    - I thought that appearence was pretty funny. The animation was solid, and I liked how the singer had to look at the screen to sing "Da da da da da". The titanic parody with them was hilarious, it got the huge laugh here. And the funeral version of American idiot was funny as well.

    The Bad:
    - What's the deal with such an easy trip from Alaska to USA? I couldn't believe Homer travelled so quick by foot. I mean, who the hell could walk through the whole Canada in such a short period? That was really strange.
    - There were several unrealistic gags that I didn't like that much. I especialy disliked the scene in the bedroom with the birds and animals. Weird...
    - Finaly, the thing that bothered me the most - vulgarity. Am I the only one who thought there were too many of those moments in the movie? I mean, the skating scene was so vulgar, that I couldn't believe I'm watching The Simpsons for a moment. Homer wanting to kiss the pig, later showing his middle finger to the people, later grabing his crotch with glued hand - THIS CRAP DOESN'T BELONG IN THE SIMPSONS. If i wanted this, I would go to watch South Park. I'm sure that those moments were Scully's ideas. And we really didn't need to see Bart's penis. That's the worst moment in the history of show, in my personal opinion.

    Some of my favorite gags:
    - Cletus: Look what can I do with my thumb!
    - Moe's stuff being stolen from the bar
    - Homer: That's the stuppidest I've ever heard!
    - Comic book guy
    - Mr. Burns releasing the hounds
    - Spider pig
    - People from church switching place with people from Moe's bar
    - Homer falling through the hole, knocking everybody from the rope
    - Bart drawing over the Wanted poster

    Overall, the bad things surely can't drag down an otherwise well written movie, so I'm gonna be positive as I already said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rest your giant head
    Finaly, the thing that bothered me the most - vulgarity. Am I the only one who thought there were too many of those moments in the movie? I mean, the skating scene was so vulgar, that I couldn't believe I'm watching The Simpsons for a moment. Homer wanting to kiss the pig, later showing his middle finger to the people, later grabing his crotch with glued hand - THIS CRAP DOESN'T BELONG IN THE SIMPSONS. If i wanted this, I would go to watch South Park. I'm sure that those moments were Scully's ideas. And we really didn't need to see Bart's penis. That's the worst moment in the history of show, in my personal opinion. 5/5
    A couple things kind of made me angry about this. First off, all the talk of Scully around here has produced this terrible ideal that everything bad that is or was on The Simpsons is Scully's fault. If there is something you particularly did not enjoy, it must have been Scully's idea because Scully is bad and that joke was bad so when an idiot puts 1 and 1 together, they get 11 (get it).

    You are a perfect example of the person they are talking about in The Principal and the Pauper, except worse. You actually go to a Simpsons Movie rated PG-13 (I hope you are 13, because if not you shouldnt have been allowed in the theater) and you expect them not to try something a bit out of creative reach of FOX's legal grasp. I would be suprised if you didnt have this complaint planned out before you even saw the movie!

    Barts penis is actually not a very big deal at all. The big problem I had with it before is that they built the joke around showing it, but it was actually cleverly inserted at the end of an already prepared joke and seriously (and I've said this before) it is like something your 4th grade teacher would draw up on the board in a sex education class. Even less than that.

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    Does anyone remember Grandpa's message?
    A response to the YouTube video, 'Family Guy Steals From The Simpsons' - Funniest thing I've ever read.
    If you guys didn't notice, Family Guy was produced by the same person that made the Simpsons.
    You can't steal from yourself, therefore, Family Guy can't steal from the Simpsons

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    Well, I went into the cinema with extremly high expectations and I've got to say that it completly smashed them all. It was everything I wanted done in it done perfectly.

    The plot while being simple and a tad unrealistic and silly in places was suitably epic and just worked. Everything just slotted together perfectly. It was really, really well told, one of the movies strongest points was the brilliant storytelling. The subplots such as Lisa's romance could have used a bit more screentime and development but I think that they got it just right myself. The pacing has to be mentioned here as well, it was rocket fast, but never felt at all rushed. This lightning fast unrushed pace was probably what made the movie so damn fun. They got what they could out of a scene, dropped it and went onto the next one. It has to be said that the plot was never put back for the sake of a joke.

    The humour was just brilliant, not to many gut-achingly funny gags but always funny, it at least had me smiling the entire way through, it was just so damn fun. There were gut-achingly funny jokes in there as well, but when there wasn't there was always a chuckle to be found. This is all helped enormously by the rocket fast pacing, no joke overstayed it's welcome, one was told then, rather than extending that one, they left it and instantly told another one. This rapid fire joke telling really helped, it meant that you never had time to expect what was going to happen next and so the joke really hits you and gets more laughs as a result. No joke fell flat either, no groaner at all, even Homer getting hurt was done well and in moderation.

    I don't really have much to say on the subject of characerisation other than every last character was characterised perfectly. I had absolutly no problem with any of the characters at any point. They were all very likeable and relatable throughout. They were also hilarious throughout. The only niggle I have with anything to do with characters is that maybe we didn't see enough of some of the secondarys (where was Skinner?) but what we did see was priceless though (Comic Book Guy's appereances spring to mind) so I'm not complaining.

    The animation was just... breathtaking. Hats off to the animators and to Siverman for his fantastic direction. The entire movie was just beautiful, better than anything ever seen on the Simpsons before.

    The emotion, well I think the fact that I've actually felt for a Simpsons character for the first time in about 10 years speas for itself. There were quite a few sweet, heartwarming and emotional scenes throughout, but the emotional highlight is Homer coming home to an empty house. Marge' s video message to Homer (fantasic performance by Kavner by the way) coupled by the wedding video and Homer's sudden realisation and running ot of the house shouting for his family was very dramatic and you really feel for Homer here. This film succeeds in area where show hasn't succeeded for a decade, which is a definite plus.

    As for geust stars, Tom Hanks apearence was priceless, he was just hilarious, particularly his comment during the credits. Absolutly no problem with him. Albert Brooks was well, Albert Brooks. He did a brilliant job as Russ Cargill, who was a hilarious character by the way, he worked perfectly as the film's villain. Another great job by Brooks. Green Day was the guest star I was most worried about, but those fears were unfounded. I hate Green Day, but I'm used to having celebrities I don't like on The Simpsons, so I'm willing to let it slide so long as it's funny and it works. Luckily it did, so no problems there.

    Now, the bit of the film I was most looking forward to, yet most worried about, yes I'm talking about Lisa. As a huge Lisa fan I was no doubt ecstatic about seeing her on the silver screen, but if they'd got her wrong in this, I'd never had forgiven the writers. This was why it was what I was most worried about. Luckily though, she was on tip-top form in it. It was exactly how I like Lisa. It showed all her sides, and in the best way. Her environmentalist side was done as well it could, she had an opinion but wasn't naggy. A perfect example of her environmentalist side in the movie was when she came in Homer&Marge's room, crying, saying "You monster!" Opinionated but not naggy and still a kid at heart, crushed when her dad let her down. That's another thing, she's a kid at heart the entire way through, a good example of that is fighting with Bart while being gassed, such a childish thing to do. Both scenes above I thought were sweet, which is another thing, she was very sweet throughout. She was a constnt joy to watch the whole way through. Her plot was also (surprise surprise) some of my favorite stuff in the entire movie, I really enjoyed her plot in the first act (some of the best scenes in the movie if you ask me) and liked how that was what led into the main plot. I was wary of the Lisa falls in love plot because thats been done a fair few times before. But that was comletly unfounded. I really enjoyed seeing her with Colin (who I thought was interesting character), it was really sweet to watch, she was genuinly smitten with him and he shared the feeling, they're scenes were a joy to watch and they screamed out for more screentime (the movie's only real flaw if you ask me), but when what we did see was so great I'm willing to let it slide. There was also some funny Lisa-Milhouse rreactions that this plot provided as well. Then there was possibly my favorite scene of the entire movie, Colin's goodbye. Not only was a really sweet and touching scene, we finally saw Lisa get her own back on Bart after all those years. There was just something so... satisfying abot seeing Lisa smack Bart right in the kisser after he ruined the "best moment of her life" rather than taking it or just getting mildly annoyed. That's been a long time coming and Lisa was fully justified in doing it.

    All in all an utterly fanastic film that blew me and my expectations away. This may possibly be my favorite movie ever. It is, dare I say it? Better than any episode ever made, it's certainly got a compelly different style to any episode. It's just perfect, hats off to the writers, animators, actors and anyone involved in it in any way. And if you haven't seen it yet, why the hell are you here reading my ramblings?! Get out there and see it now! A+++ (or 6/5) a masterpiece.

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    i just joined but i must say its totally a classic. 5/5 bravo.

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    I saw it last night, and it was excellent!
    The pig idea was rather random (though "spider-pig" made me laugh), but it didn't seem overly-insane. I liked Albert Brooks's voice-acting, as well as the main characters' voices too (as someone previously said, Kavner's acting as Marge when she is on the video she taped over the wedding was very emotive indeed). The visual quality was incredible (I'm glad I saw it in the cinema), and Bart's penis joke was well-timed (although I knew it was going to be shown, it still shocked us in an amusing way, followed with Ralph's great line). "REST! REST!" was very good. I'd like to see if the movie is ever referenced in the series, to see if it has continuity with the rest of the series or if it is supposed to be taken as a story in a similar vein to THOH episodes.

    The best thing I can say about it was that it felt like a film, and not just a long episode. My grandparents (who have only ever seen short excerpts of episodes), my sister (who watches the show quite often) and I (a fan with all the seasons on DVD and who comments on NHC) all enjoyed it for what it was: a film. A. I voted 4/5 by mistake, but I meant 4.5/5.

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    Gentlemen please, the robot shots itself, that alone is worth five stars.

    Really though i was blown away i thought it was going to suck...a lot. I tip my hat to all those involved, thank you for making The Simpsons great again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apu Nahasapasawhatever
    well i guess i am in the small minority that thought the movie was terrible. I really think most of the simpson nerds on this board are being influenced by the masses in the theatres that laughed at all the stupid silly jokes that werent even that funny and almost cringe worthy. If you watched the movie in an empty theatre without the laugh track (in this case, the audience) i doubt the movie would be praised the way it is right now.
    Really, I actually think there are people (possibly you) that will just automatically hate the movie because they have a compulsive need to hate all the new stuff, no matter how good it actually is. I think this site is generally free from it and people are pretty fair here (albeit very scrutinizing).

    Anyway, in my last post I forgot to mention the satire in here. The satire was nothing really special, nothing we haven't really seen before, but it worked well. The main satire was completely relevant to the plot, and even had a little impact, despite how normal enviromental plots are now. I did enjoy some of the most obvious satire just because it was usually pretty funny ("the government found somebody they're trying to find!" and the church and bar-goers switching) Making for a worthy satirical aspect of the movie.

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    Saw it a couple of hours ago, and I'm giving it 4.5/5. I enjoyed it, my family enjoyed it, and if the laughs were anything to go by, so did pretty much everyone in my theater.

    Not everything was perfect, however, and I'm going to mention the only real complaint I have;

    - There was no sign of the 'money shot' scene. It seemed like it was replaced for the Marge/CBG scene, which pissed me off slightly. He got two scenes and Lovejoy only got one. I was looking forward to seeing that room he was in, too. But considering how much I enjoyed the rest of the movie, that was quite a minor thing.

    But that is a very small problem. Annoying, yes, but... on to the rest of the movie.

    I found it entertaining throughout, however, especially the scenes where you saw how the town was coping under the dome. The new characters were great - I quite like Colin and would like to see him again.
    Sorry, but I'm not really that good at writing reviews.

    Thanks to CousinMerl for this great sig!

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    At the moment I'm honestly surprised by the overwhelmingly positive reaction.

    Wrote this for print, so it's a little long:

    As a film critic, it’s hard to separate myself personally from The Simpsons; I grew up with the show and watched it from its first season to its current eighteenth. So, in a way, watching The Simpsons finally make it to the big screen is like watching a beloved child graduate from high school.

    But in this case, The Simpsons Movie is being held back in summer school and has no future.

    Or, perhaps a more appropriate analogy would be: if The Simpsons is my Star Wars, then The Simpsons Movie is Episode One: The Phantom Menace. In other words, I can always go back and watch the old ones.

    The movie is just like a 90-minute long episode of the TV show, except bigger, bolder, and louder. What begins as a normal episode in the lives of The Simpsons soon turns into an epic tale in which Homer inadvertently causes what promises to be the ultimate destruction of Springfield. Forced to wear the hat of an action hero, the overweight everyman journeys to save his family and his town. It’s part sitcom, part road trip, and part action movie – and altogether unfunny.

    This movie is not for the Simpsons fan. Those looking for a last gleam of life in the eyes of this zombielike franchise should look elsewhere. The greater your degree of Simpsons fanaticism, the more you will hate The Simpsons Movie. It’s the culmination of all the recent seasons’ flaws that we Comic Book Guys like to point out: lazy writing, pandering, and a supreme feeling of “Eh, it’s good enough.”

    And to makes things worse, The Simpsons Movie takes these flaws and adds a whole lot of dumb humor. Homer getting hurt can be funny, but not when it happens every 30 seconds over the course of an hour and a half.

    Put yourself in the shoes of a Simpsons writer. You’re in control of one of the world’s cultural touchstones, full of characters and events loved by millions. How could you lose? All you need to do is play it safe, rotate in some of Springfield’s many citizens to give their stock reactions, and call it a day. And if anyone criticizes you, just play the “legacy card.” Throughout The Simpsons Movie, there’s a sense that the writers thought their jokes were so funny that they never considered that the audience might not agree.

    But, as I said before, this movie is not for me. And if you’re a Simpsons fan, it’s not for you, either. Sure, there are a few old references thrown in for people who keep their noses buried in Simpsons episode guides and TV newsgroups, but they were nothing but safeguards so people like me wouldn’t give up on the film, and just go home.

    In the end, there’s just one thing to say about The Simpsons Movie: Boo-Urns.

    And if you understand what that means, then God bless you.


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    Canada...all tucked away down there

    It was okay. What I enjoyed most was just the novelty of seeing The Simpsons in a movie theatre. Like someone said earlier in this thread, it's just surreal to realize you're in a movie theatre watching The Simpsons. I had a good time, but I think the people calling it a masterpiece are being way too generous. That guy who said the audience was like a laugh track was dead on about the audience I watched the movie with. In some ways, watching it reminded me of watching new episodes (although it was far better than any of them) because it was like watching characters I've grown to love in one context now seen in a completely new context. On the show, the new context is in stories that are lame and as the sources of jokes that don't work. Luckily, in the movie the new context was mostly just a story told on a more epic scale, although there was a fair share of jokes that didn't work. It wasn't always easy to tell, however, since the people in the audience laughed at every. single. joke.

    I realize that I sound pretty negative here, but that's in spite of the fact that I really enjoyed the movie. Like all but the most exceptional movies and/or the most unforgivably bad ones, it was something I could enjoy in the moment only to realize its flaws later. The critic in my local newspaper summed it up best when he said (in a positive review, mind you), "if you showed this to someone who knows nothing about The Simpsons to convince them of its brilliance, they would think you're nuts". I agree with the quote, and yet I have no animosity towards this movie (like "Nahasapasawhatever") and I liked it overall. I'm just pointing out what I observed. It was a weird and exciting and memorable experience to watch this movie. It was great to share the communal joy in witnessing it with many old school Simpsons fans in the same room (my friend and I felt like the only people in the place who weren't talking about old episodes before the previews started).

    On the other hand, as someone who likes to analyze The Simpsons thoughtfully and assess how and why it's good or bad at any given time, there's no way I can give this movie the glowing review others have. Although the running time and epic nature of the story easily made it feel like something completely different from watching an episode of the show, in the end, I think the most accurate comparison I can make is to a superior episode in a newer season. There are brief flashes of the greatness the show once had, but overall it is not at the level of sophistication the show was in during its prime, and there's a lot of filler. What I missed most was the wit and subtly the show used to seemed like 90% of the jokes were like "LOOK AT MEEEE!!! I'M A JOKE! LAUGH AT ME!" opposed to before when jokes didn't have to announce themselves to be funny and surprised you. Of course, after ten years of the show doing that constantly, the fact that the movie managed to avoid it as much as it did was a miracle. It wasn't like "classic era" Simpsons, but it wasn't completely like new Simpsons either. A little bit of each, along with something we've never seen before. What I thought worked or didn't work:

    What was bad:

    Maggie's second word

    - It was stupid. It almost made me wish I hadn't stayed past the credits.

    The dream sequence

    - This was the only big disappointment in the movie for me. After so many beautiful and/or sublimely hilarious ones on the show, this one paled in comparison. It couldn't hold a candle to The Land Of Chocolate and Slumberland and was just uninspired and unattractive. I thought it was a let down just because I know the animators (especially David Silverman) can do so much better.

    No couch gag.

    - WTF?


    - He was never really funny in the movie, which is a shame since he's been such a reliable resource for humour on the show. Where was his story that goes nowhere? His seizure/freakout in the church may have been necessary, but it was also embarassingly grating and went on way too long.

    Severe lack of supporting characters

    - Some of those side characters who were interesting enough to have entire episodes built around them on the show sadly had very little screentime. Mr. Burns, Skinner, Krusty, and Apu should have been given more to do.

    What Was Good:

    * Chalkboard gag

    - There may have been no couch gag, but the chalkboard gag was impeccable (I was expecting "I Will Not Post Spoilers On The Internet", but this was even better).

    * The Guest Stars

    - I thought they were used about as perfectly as guest stars can be used on The Simpsons.

    - I didn't think Green Day really needed to be in the movie (especially since their appearance seemed to be the reason there was no couch gag, which is a shame but the fault of the writers and not them), but whether you like them, hate them, or (like me) used to love them and are currently somewhere in between love and hate, they were treated in a way that can satify everyone. Disposed of quickly, and with some decent humour while they were around (the teleprompter and the funeral jokes were good, but again, not worth sacrificing a couch gag for). I even liked their version of the theme song in the context of the movie, I just think it sounds crappy when you listen to it by itself.

    - Like many people here, I usually think celebrities playing themselves are a bad idea, but Tom Hanks was terrific, especially in his line after the credits. I hope it wasn't missed by too many was my favourite kind of Simpsons line and one of the best ever spoken by a celebrity in the show. It could have been Matt Groening's line when he appeared on The Simpsons if Groening's line hadn't been overwritten.

    - I couldn't stand Albert Brooks' character in the first few minutes he was onscreen and was fearing having to deal with him for the whole movie, but he slowly developed into an excellent villain and his lines about "tough guys" and going mad with power seemed like that great Albert Brooks humour that we see with all the characters he's played on The Simpsons.


    - This forum had me really worried about this and thinking it would be a cheap tactic for shock value, but it was a solid visual gag and when it happened I was just as surprised and laughed just as hard as the rest of the audience.

    Some of the jokes truly were inspired

    - My favourite was the Fox scrolling text. It shouldn't really surprise me since I've heard complaints about it on so many audio commentaries, but it was totally unique, original, and funny in ways the show hasn't been in years and a reminder of a time when almost every joke on the show had those three qualities. The same can be said for Homer's line about paying to see something you get for free, one of the few lines in the movie worthy of comparison the show's best writing. The wanted poster may have been "Guy Incognito joke revisisted", but that didn't make it any less hilarious.

    References to series "trademarks"

    - I loved the variations on old jokes that weren't retreads. The town's "nervous noise" reaction to the bomb almost falling back into the hole (usually we only hear it out of one character at a time) was such a cool way of rewarding viewers who pay attention to small character quirks. I still wish we'd heard someone driving away in a panic offscreen or seen someone jumping out of a window, though.

    - Springfield Gorge appearing and a big jump over it being a major event in the movie probably got the biggest cheers of the whole movie and rightfully so. The ambulance being crashed next to it was an awesome little background touch and it was nice to see Bart's slingshot being more useful than it's ever been.

    The new character

    - I didn't think he was tacked on and his story with Lisa was sweet and well-written. I guess it's a bit of a rehash of the episode on which Lisa falls for an environmentalist kid played by Joshua Jackson, but since I haven't seen that episode many times and hardly remember it, that didn't bother me.


    - Flanders was better than he has been on the show in a long time and was the one supporting player who got a good amount of screentime.

    Marge's videotape

    - I'm definitely on the "this was one of the best voiceover performances ever" bandwagon. At first I was wondering why Marge's voice sounded so different, until I decided that it was because Julie Kavner was acting with more passion and perfect nuance than she had in years. The dialogue and the way it was spoken equally contributed to that coming across as a moving scene instead of just a boring recycling of the tired "Marge is mad at Homer" plot point.

    Side characters getting a moment to shine

    - I was so happy for Martin at the end and Otto's "favourite leisure activity" finally being brought right out in the open was fun to see after years of there only being subtle hints towards it. I was sad about the character death, but better a one-joke character like him (who hasn't even been on the show in a long time) than someone important. Plus, he went out on an absolutely perfect line to make it one of the greatest movie deaths of all-time.

    My final judgment on the movie is that when you look at what it is compared to what it could have been, it looks like a case of "too little, too late", but as a "valentine to the fans", it works splendidly and I think long-time fans of the show should be thankful it exists and wasn't a total disaster. I don't think it was the mind-blowingly amazing accomplishment it should have been or might have been if it had been done ten years ago, but all things considered, it is an admirable effort and a fine accomplishment nonetheless.
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    Uhhh....I'll be back! Pruh-Probably.

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    Hey fellas, long time no see, eh.

    Well it's been an adventure 18 years in the making, but it was finally worth the wait. Was it as awesome as some of the greatest Simpsons episodes ever? No, but it certainly reminds me of why I loved The Simpsons to begin with. Great gags (Bart's "doodle" was surprisingly funny), dumb but very lovable characters, and some fantastic voice work (who didn't tear up at Marge's videotape confession?). Plus, you gotta love Tom Hanks' cameo. The only nitpicks I had were the underuse of Mr. Burns and an overabundance of Homer abuse gags.

    4/5 - A must-see for Simpsons fans, past and present.
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    Springfield shouldn't build robots

    First time posting here, so "hi everybody". I've seen the movie twice already: loved it and then loved it again. I voted a 4.5 because despite exceeding most of my expectations I'm still left with the same feeling most of you have in that it could have been better. It's not so much that the movie did much wrong so much as it missed opportunities to do some things right (the inclusion of supporting character Springfieldians. Only two Apu lines? Come on). I'm certain this will all be made up for in the DVD though if it really does have hours worth of deleted scenes.

    Anyway, so I was reading the responses here and was reminded of the scene in the movie where the wire cutting robot winds up blowing its robo-brains out. I think maybe Springfield should reconsider how they create their robots. Seems they always create them with just a bit TOO much feeling be it the ability to feel pressured and suicidal or, from the series, "WHY? WHY WAS I PROGRAMMED TO FEEL PAIN!?". Simpson robots malfunctioning is always funny, IMO. I can name a bunch of others, but it might get off topic.

    So yeah, fantastic movie. I hope there is a sequel, but for now I hope they get their top writers back for the show. You'd think the success of the movie would maybe preassure them into making "better" episodes to keep the fans they made or remade after some people may have stopped watching.

    Thanks for possibly taking the time to read my first post here.

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    Posted from Springfield Weekly

    I'm sure Eric will have a more insightful review in a few days but here's my take for now. My head is still spinning...

    'The Simpsons Movie' Reviewed

    Show business is a fickle industry. As the appearance of the 20th Century Fox logo officially kicked off the long-awaited, highly anticipated Simpsons movie, the raucous Friday-night audience erupted in applause. But even for a series as accomplished as "The Simpsons", its iconic reputation could not win over the audience alone. The movie had to deliver, and with an all-star writing ensemble fully aware of the film's magnitude and delicacy, there were certainly reasons to raise expectations. But how high? The cartoon's inconsistency in recent seasons has been analyzed at length by fans, so despite accentuated expectations, the doubts and concerns that the movie would embrace contemporary flaws were indismissible. All was finally revealed worldwide on July 27.

    To diehard and casual Simpsons fans alike, "The Simpsons Movie" should be an overwhelmingly enjoyable experience, and for a movie that could have taken any number of quality directions, perhaps that is the greatest complement the film can receive. The entire movie, but in particular the first 15 minutes, was densely packed with gags. Jokes and one-liners were fired at a pace faster than a classic-era episode, and while the gags never dethroned the show's finest moments from a "Deep Space Homer" or "Last Exit to Springfield", they came surprisingly close. The writing was as sharp as its been in a decade, and from the opening sequence to the closing credits, all five Simpson family members were in perfect characterization. They were real people with real feelings again, and even though the barrage of gags overshadowed character execution, it was the most reassuring element in the entire movie. Marge's emotional epilogue presented around the half-way mark in the movie was delivered with such passion, it is shocking to consider that one of the show's recent complaints has been Julie Kavner's voicing of Marge. The speech was rumoured to have needed nearly 100 takes to perfect the emotional tone, and the end-result is one of the true shining moments in the movie.

    Pacing is another widely discussed problem in recent seasons, but was never an issue in the film. Hints towards the plot's crisis was presented immediately, but the writers still allotted time for "The Simpsons" to explore their big screen boundaries early into the movie. The Alaskan scenes could have been extended to articulate life away from Springfield, but their abrupt exit did not hinder the movie's flow. Unlike "Family Guy's" first movie ambition, "The Simpsons Movie" never felt like distinct episodes melded together. The epic nature of the plot was well-suited for the medium, and both writers and directors took full advantage of the new devices that the silver screen presented.

    James L. Brooks, the only writer from the credited list of 11 with real movie experience, should receive well-deserved credit for injecting the film with an emotional element. However, the contributions from another Brooks should not be oberlooked. Albert's portrayal as the movie's villain generated some of the film's biggest laughs, and his rapid-fire delivery was again in perfect form.

    With "The Simpsons" movie debut, the series successfully reminded fans just why they are the greatest cartoon of all-time. While its crown has been 'challenged' by "South Park" or "Family Guy", sparking endless internet debate, the movie should end the controversy once and for all -- no other cartoon even comes close. The swap of church-goers with barflies, Frink's dome-escaping device located just outside the dome, the Disney spoof, the suicidal bomb squad robot, even Tom Hanks' cameo all articulate the creative humour that has earned the series superstar status. After 18 seasons, over 400 episodes, hundreds of laughs and hours of enjoyment, perhaps "The Simpsons" didn't owe fans anything. Thankfully, to the Simpsons following that has stood by the show for nearly two decades, can recite episodes line for line, and could even trump the show's writers at a Simpsons trivia contest, they were rewarded with something very special.
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