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Thread: Rate & Review: THE SIMPSONS MOVIE

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    I saw The Simpsons Movie as a child in the cinema and I must of enjoyed it then because I remember seeing it more than once there. I've recently went back and watched it again on Netflix (couldn't really be bothered buying the Blu Ray/DVD) and I thought it was good there isn't much to really complain about in my opinion, Spider Pig will always be the one part of the movie that will pop up in my head when I think about the movie. I would give it a 7/10 because I felt like the movie was dragging a bit in some parts and the Lisa romance with that guy (I can't remember what his name is) felt almost forced to me, I don't know why but it just felt that way to me. However, I did enjoy watching it again.

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    My favorite scenes were the one with the animals helping Marge and Homer get to bed (especially when they slowly begin to look horrified), and when Bart modifies the Wanted poster, only for people that look like the modifications to turn up. Oh, and the thing with Bart's penis was stupid and wasn't needed at all.

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    I feel that the person that dropped the rock on the villain should have been the pig instead of Maggie, for callback to the beginning of the movie.

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    The movies makes me so nolgastic. Ever since I was a literal baby, I have been a long-time fan of The Simpsons and can easily recall ads that Southern Cross Ten used to overplay (eg. The Reading Writing Hotline) during the period. When it came on DVD, Mum got a copy and I watched it so oftenly and I could easily memorise the whole plot and extras.

    The premise is pretty simple: Homer gets a pet pig for the family, then accidently puts his poop into the pool, thus causing EPA to protect the town via placing a dome. Then this becomes bad news across the town, and the family has to move to Alaska for a while, at least. Then a carnival happens, and Homer rides a motorcycle to destroy the dome. "A TWISTED TAIL! A THOUSAND EYES! TRAPPED FOREVER! EPA, EPA, EEEEEEEPA!"

    Other things I remember were the catchy music during Bart's naked skateboarding, Maggie (and then the whole family) teleporting (I finally understood the term for why they were coming from the sandpit into the outside-corner of the dome), and the credits (it took me a while to understand the dialogue, I now wish the "Lisa predicts "No Animals Were Harmed In The Making Of This Film" to appear during the credits" thing became a meme).

    The Extra Stuff were just as memorable, especially the "Let's All Go To The Lobby" parody and Bart flushing down someone from a audition. On the Australian DVD (at least), the trailer after the "18 Years In The Making" one was presented with a bright-ish tint and letterboxed.

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    I didn't find it very good. it felt different somehow. I remember the build up in my town being like when itchy and scratchy released a a movie and the whole of springfield was buzzing.

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    I think its pretty good
    Deserves a sequel, maybe as a finale to the series

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