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Thread: Rate & Review: THE SIMPSONS MOVIE

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    Mr. Putter
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    I saw the midnight show. I'm proud to say I took nerdiness to a new level. I dressed as a character. I'm not kidding.

    That probably suffices to explain my enthusiasm as a fan for the show. I don't post on this forum often--rarely ever--because I recognize that the easiest thing to do with something we love is complain about it. Even in the golden years of The Simpsons, most of us would have been on this forum posting complaints about how fat Homer showing up driving the ice cream truck and stuffing his face was too obvious a joke, or something like that. We're all nerds. Huge, spectacularly dorkified nerds, each and every one of us. We're all Martins (which is why one of the most satisfying moments of the movie, for me, was watching Martin take out Dolph, Jimbo, and Kearney), or, worse, and maybe more accurately, we're all Comic Book Guys. But I'm pretty proud of that, as I'm sure most of us are.

    I never let myself get too excited about this movie. I wanted to, of course. I've been a fan for seventeen years, since I was ten years old. I'm a writing professor now (thus solidifying my status as a dorkus-malorkus, as if that was ever in doubt), and I credit my career as a writer to, more than anything else, The Simpsons. I wanted to be a writer on that show since I was in fourth grade. The reality of how difficult getting a spot on that staff would have been eventually scared me off, but not before I had made my start on a path to screenwriting (and via that, eventually to playwriting, my chief genre now). But, in spite of my idol-worship for this TV series, I never gave the movie too much attention because, as with everything else in life, I was sure I would just end up disappointed. After all, this is The Simpsons Movie, people, and we're the biggest Simpsons nerds out there. How can we ever be completely satisfied?

    Looking at some of the posts before mine, we've all found a minor detail or two to rip on. I certainly have mine. Even though I knew about if from all the commercials and advance reviews, the President Schwarzenegger thing seemed stupid as me, seeing as the Simpsons universe already has its own parody of Arnold, a parody who has become far funnier in his own right than our real-life Arnold could ever be. (I think that's an example of what's called simulacra, or some other literary mumbo-jumbo like that. Whatever. Just because I'm a professor doesn't mean I care all that much about what it's called, really.) I would have much rather seen President Wolfcastle, but I recognize that it was Arnold for the sake of those few non-Simpsons fans who will see this movie.

    Most of the characters got their moment. So why did Cletus get two? I know that quite a few people-- sure, I do-- love this character, but the first moment could have been adequately filled by one of the other characters we didn't really get to see. A lot of stupid people live in Springfield. Both instances were funny, but I wish Cletus had been saved for, as he said, "Mah time ta' shine."

    I'm also mildly disappointed that we didn't get some sort of "revelation," something big saved for the movie, something that we've been waiting for all these years. Maybe Maggie's first overheard word (seeing as her sweet "Daddy" was uttered in the solitude of her bedroom), or something like that. I don't know. Chances are whatever they came up with might have seemed stupid, but I still would have liked something big. I suppose that part of the problem is that the series has run so long that all the questions, whatever "questions" we can have about an animated sitcom, have been answered. I know the family's address, for God's sake. What other show can I say that about? I guess we did get the answer to the big question-with-no-answer, perhaps the show's most famous mystery. "Where is Springfield?", long since debunked as a location existing only in a state of mind, was given an answer, and it was answered with a joke worthy of the question, a joke clarifying its nonexistence in our geographical world. Wish I hadn't had that joke spoiled for me by the trailers, though, because it probably would have been my favorite of the movie.

    There were other things, all of them minor, but there are bound to be. We're the core audience of this film, and I truly appreciate that. In waiting all these years, the writers and producers dug themselves into the hole of an amazing challenge-- coming up with a film that could make everyone laugh while still satisfying what has to be one of the largest, most devoted, but at the same time most doggedly critical fanbases ever. They fact that they did so is a testament to their enormous talent, talent I will be forever jealous of as a writer.

    In an earlier post, somebody mentioned the way the humor of the film, fast-paced as it always is, was filled with different types of jokes. Some were smart, many were self-referential in-jokes, some were surprising slapstick, some were not-so-surprising slapstick, and some were dumb, like Otto's bong. I don't know what it was like in other cities, but our midnight crowd was young. High-schoolers, mostly, it seemed, with a lot of college kids as well. I'm twenty-seven; I saw it with my friends, who are twenty-five and thirty-two. We were close to being the oldest people in the theater, and that said a lot. It probably had something to do with the fact that most adults have real jobs on Friday morning, but this was a crowd that laughed at Otto with a bong perhaps more than anything else. I thought it was cheap and expected, but you know what? I'm fine with that. The movie needed that, just like it needed the Fox scrawl joke. At least one other poster mentioned some silent moments in their theater. Not the case in mine. There was laughter the whole way through. Not a joke failed. Different types of people were laughing at different types of jokes. That's just plain good writing.

    I thought the movie was great. I hope most of us feel the same way, and it seems we do. I wasn't disappointed. The fact that I can say that with all sincerity amazes me.

    Oh, and I was Smithers, if anybody cares.

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    I'd say a 4.5-5 stars for sure.

    To start this off, the movie had a pretty good opening using a gag in which makes the movie and the audience draw together. Despite the fact that this kind of joke has been done many times before on the show and other cartoons, in many different ways, I thought the writers puller it off in a pretty good way. Moving into the plot, when I found out that greenday woulod be appearing in the movie, I was very dissapointed, but now that I've seen them, I was surprisingly pleased with the way their part was written. At the end of this concert, the audience are introduced to what is pretty obviouse on being a key topic in this movie: the environment. The titanic scene seemed to get more laughs from the adults than the kids. I didnt really laugh at it. Ok, so now grampa has seen what could be called the end of springfield in the local church, marge, as always, is very curiouse of what Grampa meant by these phrases he said in his trance. Ok, so moving on a bit, Plopper has been introduced and homer is taking care of him like the pig is his chld. Bart begins to feel neglected. I feel that this was written in a very good way.

    Now I wont go through the entire plot so I will end that part and give my verdict plot-wise in this movie. I think that this plot was written in a very good was that was thouroughly reminding me of the fact that I was watching a movie, not an episode. Overall I would give this movie a 4/5 on its plot levels.

    Now, as for the jokes. The whole movie would get a laugh from the audience pretty much every 5 minutes. I may have not enjoyed as much of the jokes as others did, but I can confirm that they were certainly very good. From visual to verbal gags, many of them weren't that much more superior to the show. There were the homer slapstick jokes, the homer dumbness jokes, the senile Grampa jokes, the bart jokes that people all know and love, and a whole rang of misc. jokes that ran throughout this movie. The gag that got the most laughs from the audience in my theatre was the wanted poster gag, which I would agree on, to be brilliant. The most laughed at gag from the childeren in the audience would probably be Spiderpig, which is probably one of the known highlights of the movie in a good audiences opinion, but not in mine. The most laughed at gag from the adults in the audience would probably be the ralph line: "I like men now". All in all the joke in this movie were spectacular and you're bound to get an Lol out of them.

    In my opinion, I think that the animation was spetacular. The animators did a great job on it and there were some parts where it seemed to resemble the 3-D animation on Matt's other show "Futurama." Great animation in this movie which I defiently loved.

    Emotion in this film was definetly something that I cannot say did not happen. The marriage problems that the audience can notice almost from the beginning and they were things that seemed almost too emotional. I certainly don't think that emotion shouldn't have been used in this movie, as ot was a key factor in the plot, but it was certainly kind of sad

    Overall, I think that this movie was brilliant. Audiences from the ages 8-80 (and more) will love to see it and it lived up to my expected standards. They could ahve done a little better i some points of the movie but I loved it and Im sure you all will.

    Now for a list of good and bad stuff in this movie:

    - the exceptionally brilliantly written scene with the wanted poster
    - The use of grampa's senile-ness to fortell the apocalypse of springfield
    - The great use of emotion in the movie, including the great voice acting from Julie Kavnar.
    - The amazing big screen animation.
    - The way that they pretty much managed to use all the characters from the family up to their standards
    And there are many more things that I thought were great

    Now, as for the Bad:

    - The pretty much "meh"-ness but hilarity of barts penis
    - the bono joke and the use of Colin.
    - Less use of some of the fans favourite characters
    - Some things that just plain made no sense(In a bad way)

    and Afew more.

    Overall I would have to give this movie 5 Stars! WOOP WOOP!
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    The poorly-publicized 25 July release date meant that the theatre wasn't as full as it could have been, it was just restricted to nonobstructive laughs (slightly larger when 'I wish Homer was my dad' and the following line from Flanders was heard). Maybe I should go again today and see.

    Maybe Maggie's first overheard word (seeing as her sweet "Daddy" was uttered in the solitude of her bedroom), or something like that.
    You didn't stay for all the credits, did you?

    I missed the first part of the pre-credits I&S cartoon, but otherwise it was consistently funny. B/B+
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    Quote Originally Posted by MattG_Fan
    Some idiots in my crowd though that all the Korean names were a joke and spouted out idiocy saying things like, "They're all so similar! Hahaha, awesome joke." The sad thing is he wasn't being sarcastic.
    Lol, there were some morons near me who said the same thing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nameless

    You didn't stay for all the credits, did you?
    No, I didn't. Clearly I missed something I would have liked. Guess I'll just have to see the movie again.

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    Okay...I have work tomorrow and I'm tired as all hell, but here's the "Kwik-E" (ha! OK, I'm really tired) review:

    GODDAMN the pacing was lightning fast! Hilarious from start to finish, however some of the plot development was off, and Cargill was NEVER as menacing as he could be. The fact that he didn't feel that threatning kinda gave off a weird vibe. Surprisingly little Plopper...and then he just disappears! And...let's see...umm, it felt much different than I thought and Homer's epiphany was a little rushed, and so was Bart/Flanders resolution.

    4/5...yeah, I know I just complained for a paragraph, but tune in tomorrow to hear the glorious amount of GOOD I have to say. I just wanted to get the bad out now...

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    5/5-Well worth it!
    It seemed a little shorter than most movies, but it's the quality, not quantity. I loved the skateboarding at the beginning, and Homer's To-Do list. The idea od the dome was cool, but I notice that some scenes speeded up from the trailer. Like where Ned says: "Always room for one more in The Flanders clan" was defiently sped up. It was much better than anything from season 10+. After the anticipation, the exciment, the thrills and lots of popcorn I declare this movie: "The Best Damn Movie in Town!"
    5/5-Go and see it. Now. Or just see it again, I don't care.
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    After Maggie said "Sequel" there was no other clip during the credits right? I left after that part.
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    ^Me too. I'm not sure, but I doubt it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NOSaintsFan09
    After Maggie said "Sequel" there was no other clip during the credits right? II left after that part.
    At the very end, there is a bit with Squeaky Voice Teen cleaning up the cinema.

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    Okay, I just saw the other thread. I'll stay throughout the next time I see it but it looks like his part is nothing too special. Just a nice little nod to how he always has to work the stereotypical teenage job.

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    Got back half an hour ago, and like everyone else, I'm just trying to drink it all in. That was everything I wanted in a Simpsons movie, and more.

    Everyone's pretty much said everything I want to say, but I also love the relative consistency of the plot. There weren't very many strings that were left untied; unlike a lot of post-classic episodes, it didn't start off with an absolutely inane and unrelated first act that segued into the main plot. I loved how the deathcycle thing looked so out of place and throw away as a joke, and yet the writers actually came back to that as a resolution for the ending. You don't see that much in the recent episodes; it was damned refreshing, to say the least.

    But overall, 4.5/5, easily. I'm definitely going to see this again in a couple weeks so I can completely take in everything I missed from laughing hard.

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    4.5/5 Not perfect but awesome, saw it the 25th in Paris.
    So goood

    I will go again to see US version.

    Hahah La Marseillaise est l'hymne des Simpson :silly:
    Prout !!

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    The Simpsons Movie is up there among the greatest animated movies ever made. Hell, I think it's among the greatest comedies off all time. With Brilliant gags that will have you chuckling for a long while after the film has finished, quotable one-liners and a great plot that is simple but pulled off in an intelligent, witty and "Simpsony" way, The Simpsons Movie is a worthy venture onto the big screen by everyone's favourite yellow Family.

    The film was brilliantly written and executed, with some of the smartest gags that The Simpsons has delivered in years. Examples of such brilliance include the Bargoers swapping places with the Churchgoers as a large glass dome is placed over the town, the notice outside the church reading "We told you so" when Springfield is apparently doomed and, of course, Bart's already famous "Naked Skateboard Ride", which will almost certainly go down as one of the greatest animated sequences of all time.
    The scene in which Marge tells Homer that she and the Kids are leaving him for good and then revealing that she taped over their wedding video to record the message, is one of the most touching moments that has ever come out of The Simpsons. I seriously had a tear in my eye. The voice acting in this scene was the best we have ever been accustomed to, well, at least for a long time.

    Another good point about the film is that all the characters were in character. Two thumbs up for that.

    The film reminded me of what a brilliant show The Simpsons once was and why the Hell I am a fan in the first place. Even with my expectations set incredibly high, The Simpsons Movie didn't dissapoint. Those classic writers have done it again. If only every new episode was written like this...


    Although there are slight flaws (lack of much-loved secondaries, length), these aren't enough to pull down such a brilliant film. Well done to The Simpsons team and, more importantly, thankyou.
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    Pasted from the Europe thread.

    As far as direction and animation goes, Silverman did a bang up job. I don't think anyone else could've done this better.

    The characterizations were pretty spot on too, save from a few Lisa moments the moment where she knocks out Bart is a bit over the top.

    One thing that has amazed me about this movie, is that Julie Kavner's voice acting hasn't been this good since the Golden Age. There was one scene (where she taped over the wedding tape) where the delivery was spot. on. Seriously one of the best and most heartfelt moments in the film. The other few scenes that I thought were worthy of the classic age:

    - forest animals undressing Marge and Homer
    - Homer's epiphany
    - I&S cartoon
    - When the dome sets down, the churchgoers switch with the bargoers. Probably the smartest joke in the movie.

    Tom Hanks' cameo isn't nearly as bad as I would've thought too. I thought it would be far more cringe-worthy, but it's allright.

    There were other moments where the joke templates were really good, but fans could just anticipate what was going to happen. Example: Bart drawing over the Simpsons sketch, upon which the store clerk discovered the other family. Tried and true. I believe that the best way to view this movie is when you've never watched an episode after the first 8 or 9 seasons and have had a Simpsons break for 8 years or so.

    I guess my major complaint is that the movie is paced way too fast. I would've loved to see some more moments or jokes to each plot, but there just wasn't any time it seems. Another disappoinment is that they blew the homage to the gorge scene. They just did... nothing with it.
    Albert Brooks' character isn't that great either, he has maybe one line I liked.

    All in all I felt this movie could've been so much more if it was released earlier. As a movie pur sang it's actually really decent, because I was pretty much entertained. The comedy and flashes of brilliance were just too far and between. Way too far and between.

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    Am I to understand that off-topic members are exclusively reviewing the movie in their own little thread (in which I'm banned?). Ugh. The divisions amongst this website have hit a depressing new low.

    Quote Originally Posted by kevindrz
    I'm also mildly disappointed that we didn't get some sort of "revelation," something big saved for the movie, something that we've been waiting for all these years.
    Yeah, that's quite true I suppose. Maggie speaking was big, but it had been done before. The newspapers in Australia were hyping the fact that Marge told Homer what she really thought and went to leave him for good, but that's kinda been done before too. We saw Bart's manhood, but that really wasn't an epic moment. I suppose what I'm trying to say, is that I too kinda missed the one epic moment that the movie could have had, even if I struggle to think of something that would have suited it (a case of too great expectations I guess).

    I gotta mention that I loved the whole sinkhole revelation. I wasn't expecting a nice little continuous, mystery type plot to evolve there for a moment, but I was happy it did. I wouldn't have minded if the hairline crack came back too, but I was happy with the sinkhole.

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    This movie doesn't disappoint, when you think of The Simpsons Movie this movie is what you expect! This movie is a real mix of all eras of the show, and if that worries you then don't worry because what I mean is the very best bits of the recent eras and some classic stuff as well. The humour for the most part is fantastic, my personal fave joke is where Cheif Wiggum has all the donuts on his gun and takes a bite off his gun and almost blows his head off! Everyone is in character, and although Homer gets the most screen time he is the lovable Homer for the most part.

    I would have liked to see more secondary characters, but I can see why they limited this because otherwise it would have ended up being a one liner fest from every character. There were some excellent jokes involving secondary characters trying to break through the dome. I loved Plopper, the Spiderpig joke is a highlight, as is the Harry Plopper Joke. I was worried that Green Day would ruin this movie, but luckily their appearance was tastefully done. This movie didn't feel re-hashed, it felt fresh and just very enjoyable. Barts skateboard scene is much longer in the movie and is a true highlight from this movie, you'd never imagine there were so many different ways to cover his package lol. The ending was handled really well, much better than recent episodes of the show, in fact the whole movie is way better than the current show.

    Although this movie was fantastic, I want to give a blanced review so now onto the things which I think could have been improved. One plot hole is that Homer dumps the pig waste in the lake to save time so that he can get the free donuts which are being given away. The thing is he never actually gets to the donuts, making him dumping the waste in the lake to save time pointless. I am disappointed that Sideshow Bob wasn't in it, I didn't even spot him in the crowd. There was no blood in the Itchy & Scratchy cartoon. My least fave joke was the lake forming a skull and crossbones symbol and saying "Evil", that was bad. They've changed the Mr Burns joke about releaseing the hounds, now he explains that the exit is on the left and it doesn't work as well as the trailer. Patty and Selma scene from the TV spot is cut and yet the cut scene from the movie is still pictured on the credits. Somebody forgot to take it out. The wrecking ball gag went on a bit too long and Homer no longer says "Time to save my family". The Alaska part did drag a little at times, but only a little. That all might sound bad, but really it's not enough to ruin the movie, these are minor flaws and the movie is still excellent. I can't wait to see it in the cinema again!...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy C
    Am I to understand that off-topic members are exclusively reviewing the movie in their own little thread (in which I'm banned?). Ugh. The divisions amongst this website have hit a depressing new low.
    Pretty sure that idea was merely proposed and has seemingly been rejected.

    Also, if no one else has mentioned it, I am very disappointed that the poll is not public.

    Review coming later on today.

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    I Loved It as Homer would say 7 Thumbs up

    Im not one to over analyze like some of my predesessors.....i think the movie accomplished what it set out to still laughing @.....
    Bart skates by nude
    Ralph: I Like Men Now

    Im definately seeing it again.........
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    After seeing Ice Age 2, just for the very first glimpse at The Simpsons Movie, I knew that the movie had better be good. And let me just say what an absolute piece of utter shit every other trailer that i saw on July 26 looked compared to The Simpsons Movie. The story was excellent and the characters were spot on. I liked the way how well the story flowed and how charming the whole movie felt. The balance of emotion was good and Marge on the TV was the best dramatic moment of The Simpsons ever.
    And in my opinion one of the best Mr. Burns and Smithers moments ever during the end credits. This isn't exact but...
    Smithers- Mr. Burns, they've taken everything.
    Burns- You know, Smithers I've never contemplated suicide before, but, Smithers if you wer to shoot your self it might just cheer me up.

    It's moments like these that will keep me a fan of The Simpsons until the very end and I hope that what Maggie said during the credits is a prophecy about to be fufilled.

    I gave it 4.5 for a few minor reasons. Springfield, to me looked slightly different as did the Simpsons house and also I can't help but think that if James L Brooks wasn't involved with the movie, then we might have had a movie more like season 4 and less like season 1.
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    i'm not good with user titles Lisa Is A Nut's Avatar
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    ^ditto. Plus, the crazy cat lady's appearance was just the right length too. Fantastic voice ovr work to all the cast. Well done to everyone who works (or has worked) on the simpsons. Woohoo!

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    such amazing satire and great views on how messed up our country is, one of the best jokes of the movie was the people on their computer's monitoring calls and the guy make the big deal about the government actually finding someone they were looking for... all in all the jokes felt fresh, the acting was great, there was alot of heart in the movie, and the story/action was a million times better than what I thought it was going to be... and Maggie saying "sequel" at the end made me the happiest person on earth... I gave the movie 5/5 cause it was a CLASSIC

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    Yeah, I agree. I loved Crazy Cat Lady's appearence.

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    The voice work was absolutely great. Sounds like the actors finally got some motivation to be interested in The Simpsons again. Dan Castellaneta and Harry Shearer have been phoning it in for years now.

    I went in saying to my girlfriend saying "I hope this doesn't suck" but really meant "I'll be devastated if this sucks". Luckily, The Simpsons Movie did not disappoint me as a fan and a movie has never made me happier (yeah, lame). It was everything I had hoped, at least based on the wackiness of the previews. I was so excited when most of the crazy things in the trailer ended up happening in the first 5 minutes with the Itchy & Scratchy short.

    Everything in the first half hour was absolutely hilarious and had everyone in the theater laughing constantly. The line "enough to power Pittsburgh" got some great Simpsons-esque "Hey That's My Hometown"-Applause.

    There was a very noticeable slowing down after that, obviously to make room for some actual plot, one of my only major gripes with the film is how subdued the jokes were in this bit.

    Loved the meta-references. The ambulance at the top of Springfield Gorge, the jump itself, Albert Brooks creditted as A.Brooks.

    I mean this movie was brilliant and I was so excited that it worked, I could go on and on about the great things, so I'll TRY to find some bad things.
    - Homer's motorcycle story was weird, but it worked with the story
    - At times the family was a bit out of character, except for Lisa who was perfect
    - I didn't really need to see Bart's penis. It was funny, and pushed the envelope like classic Simpsons, but still kind of weird
    - Some of my favorite minor characters needed a bigger role, really could've used more Apu and Snake, but thats a constraint of film making I guess

    5/5 absolutely no doubt in my mind.
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    I missed the first 3 minutes by accident, so heres my review of the simpsons movie without 3 minutes of it. I loved everything from the moment I went into the theatre. The Simpsons really made the jump to the big screen with style. the voice acting, plot, and gags were all amazing. just seeing the simpsons on the big screen was such a huge shock for me.

    The actual plot of the movie was amazing. homer's desire to live the rest of his life in Alaska was great. i absolutely loved how classic homer was actually present in the movie and allowed him to have an epiphany.

    there were a few things that i felt werent really necessary... bart's penis... and arnold schwarzenneger/ rainer wolfcastle (sp?) being the president.

    one last thing to point out in my review. where did the pig go after the simpsons got out of the dome?!?

    im going to give it a 5/5 without any doubt in my mind at all.
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    im not going to go into that much detail but i gave it 4.5 stars and here's why

    i really liked the i&s cartoon at the beginning although i didnt like homer's 'you're all suckers especially YOU' all that much. loved the plot and the voice acting (especially yeardley smith's) and of course the amazing animation and the really great jokes only negative things are that there were some jokes that just didnt do it for me eg. the titanic sinking scene
    i was really pleased with the movie and im looking forward to seeing it again

    Quote Originally Posted by moneychair2003
    where did the pig go after the simpsons got out of the dome?!?
    i expect it was in the house when it collapsed what does everyone else think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StupidHippo
    i expect it was in the house when it collapsed what does everyone else think?
    Yep, I think he was killed when the house was collapsed too.

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    Just came back from a 2nd showing, and I enjoyed some of the jokes even more, and even found some I had missed. However, I also found a couple of not so good jokes. I still stick by my 4.5 though.

    Also, I get that feeling that the three '0 star' votes were made by people who haven't seen the movie. DNS, I'm looking at you.

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    5 stars! Brilliant from start to finish! Particularly all the gags involving a projectile immediately ricocheting back into someone's face. Thats just good writing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SK
    5 stars! Brilliant from start to finish! Particularly all the gags involving a projectile immediately ricocheting back into someone's face. Thats just good writing!
    these are only slapsticks thats not realy good writting (where you being sarcastic).

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