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Thread: Rate & Review: THE SIMPSONS MOVIE

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    Rate & Review: THE SIMPSONS MOVIE

    That's right, kids. This is the one, the only, end-all be-all of R&R threads. You will never see a more in-depth, comprehensive R&R thread ever again (until movie sequels are made), so take advantage and discuss the movie, pros, cons, hidden jokes, characterizations, favorite and least favorite jokes and lines, etc etc etc ETC! This thread will be busy and bumpin' for at least a month I'd wager, so let's get this thing off on the right foot, right now!

    For those new to R&R threads, the main rule to remember is NO ATTACKING OTHERS' OPINIONS! I won't enforce the use of spoiler tags in this thread since starting now (the 27th) every Simpson fan has the chance to see the movie. Hell, I'd be surprised if theres anybody in this forum who won't have seen the movie by the end of the weekend, so spoil away. Those of you who are reading this and have not seen the movie yet, your best bet is to get lost now so the movie isn't picked apart to pieces infront of your eyes before you've even seen it. That's all. ENJOY! (and I look forward to posting my initial first viewing review in about 13 hours).
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    My preliminary rating from last night.


    Edit: Ok, so where to begin I suppose?

    For starters, I guess I better address my primary concern with the movie going into it. I, like many, thought that it could have been an extended version of a season 18 episode. It's probably best to start off by saying that above all else, it was far, far better than any other season 18 episode. It's probably also important to note that unlike my grades when I'm considering season 18 episodes, this score is relative to the entire show. This is a B, relative to every episode that ever aired. I guess that's saying some pretty good things about the movie.

    Anyway, I'm gibbering. The humour, as I said, was the main concern for nearly everyone I guess. It was actually pretty good. My friend said after the movie that he didn't find it as funny as he thought it was going to be. I kinda agree, but I didn't find it a problem. I mean, yeah, I wasn't kicking myself laughing out loud at every moment, but then again, I wasn't really expecting to. It sounds cliched, but it was highly obvious that the movie was appealing to everyone that was going to be in the audience, rather than in, say, Bart Gets and Elephant where it's kinda aimed to a specific audience. There were adult jokes, kids jokes, teenage jokes and a whole bunch of in-jokes, awkward jokes and meta-jokes that would satisfy everyone.

    The joke writing, I best mention, was actually really quite good. There were NO extended jokes ala' the rake scene, everything was in the rapid-fire format, the jokes were coming in thick and fast, for everyone. So yes, while that means that one of my friends (the dissapointed one) went through phases of not laughing at things, there were always people in the audience laughing at what was going on. I thought that was a good indication of the quality of joke writing. Also on the subject of joke-writing, is that character protrayals weren't really sacrificed for the sake of jokes. While I don't really have a problem with the use of meaner charatcerisations for the sake of a laugh, I only don't have a problem so long as the style isn't overused. For the most part, the humour was acheived without having, say, Homer lying on the ground saying "baby made a boom-boom."

    I guess I gotta also mention the big one - 'jerkass Homer'. Was he there? In places, but that's fantastic. It, and everything else in the movie (angry Marge, religious Flanders etc.) was used in a perfectly moderated fashion, once again appealing to everyone without really offending people. The pain gags were another fear of everyones I guess, and once more (beggining to sound like a broken record), they were used in moderation. Actually, the more I think about it the more I realise just how well moderated the movie was. Meta-jokes and sight gags were there, but weren't there enough, IMO.

    To summarise the humour, I found it funny, and that's the main thing. Furthermore, it became clear that everyone else in the cinema found the movie funny, even if it didn't live up to the impossible expectations of being the best Simpsons episode ever. Favourite joke? I was the only one in the cinema who laughed at it, surprisingly, but...

    Bart: Did you guys hear something?
    Lisa: It was probably just a moth
    Marge: I hope it's ok.

    Lol. It was the weirdest, random and yet completely satisfying joke I'd heard on The Simpsons in years. Totally offbeat. I loved it. Martin's revenge was great too. Least favourite? Probably the very first joke ("especially you!"), or the advertisement ticker down the bottom. Both fell fairly flat.

    I won't spend long on this point, but I want to mention characterisations. They were all superb, unless you've got a problem with Homer acting in his jerkassy way (then again, Homer is a jerk by nature, so shuttup). Flanders struck an awesome balance between religious-zealot and nice-guy, Marge was both the sensible, loving mother and wife we knew to always make the best decisions, Lisa was portrayed fairly well as stricken by romance (although maybe a bit under utilised), and Bart being cast as the child looking for a real father figure was quite awesome. In fact, the Bart-Homer-Flanders love triangle was pulled off really well, didn't take up a lot of time, but carried the movie through quite a bit. I could probably write paragraphs on this, but you know, I'd be repeating myself. Point is that the characters were written very well.

    Animation was spectacular, absolutely spectacular. It was brisk, and yet remained super-clear. It was lit beutifully, characters were in perfect form (loved some of the Silverman facial expressions), backgrounds were lavish. It was just beautiful. I cannot fault the animation at all. In my opinion, this was certainly the peak of any animation I've ever seen. I loved seeing all the Korean names of the animators too - it was a lovely touch, which I guess was required out of law rather than the producers just being nice guys.

    Voice acting was superb too, although some characters still sounded offkey (particularly Martin), but I guess the actors are aging. All the core actors were great.

    I'll stop babbling. My summarised thoughts are thus: It was a good movie. It was funny, it was nice, it was touching, it was beautfiful. In spite of all that, it had expectations with me that it couldn't really live up to. I give it a B+, which is probably liable to be risen to an A, or A- with time and consideration.

    Now stop reading and GO SEE THE MOVIE!

    EDIT: I also want to add that they took advantage of the cinema format very well. Humour and animation were adapted to the cinema, making it very different from an ordinary episode (whether or not you like that, I guess, is up to you).
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    I just got back from the sneak preview screening. It was completely worth the 18 year wait. The best jokes were Spider-Pig, Itchy and Scratchy cartoon before the movie actually started and Dr. Nick getting stabbed with a piece of glass, and Marge's use of goddamn (never ever expected her to say a swear .
    The Marge mad at Homer thing worked really well for a changed and Bart wanting to be a Flanders was even better.
    Tom Hanks cameo was hilarious.
    Bart drunk was also very funny
    The scene during the credits was funny

    In conclusion I will give this a 5/5. The wait was completely worth it.

    By the way anybody else think they cut out Homer saying fuck when he gave the finger?
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    I voted 4.5/5 but the more I think about it, I think it's worthy of a 5/5.

    The Itchy & Scratchy Short had one of the best newspaper gags I've ever seen IMO (Mouse tried everything to save Cat). The Opening Sequence was done very nicely, really felt like a movie. I thought the Green Day scene was going to be really bad but it was nice & short. Everything was great IMO, not overcrowded with too many Homer Pain Gags! Nice Emotional Scene with Homer & Marge in Alaska. I think it was a good that Marge finally got fed up looking past things Homer does wrong. The Bart & Ned Story was also very good and emotional. Actually, The whole story was good. The animation was amazing and all the characters were in character.

    The most thing I wanted in the film was to laugh lots and I did. The Movie was worth the wait. Thanks Simpsons Movie Team.

    Can someone please change my vote to 5/5 now. Thank You.

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    Went to see it last night - i picked the last session of the day so that the cinema wouldnt be full of little kids

    Verdict: I loved it.

    Interesting style of animation, great use of secondary characters, interesting storyline and some jokes you just wouldnt see in the normal episodes - seeing bart's penis, homer flipping people off, otto smoking a bong. But above all, it was downright hlarious, from the first moment (Ralph in the 20th Century Fox logo) to the final moment (Squeaky Voiced Teen at the end of the credits).

    i can't really find much fault with it at all.. none of the jokes really missed the mark in my mind.

    I was in a sold out cinema, and everybody was laughing from start to finish, and half the cinema even applauded/whistled/cheered at the end of it. Well worth the wait, and if they made every new episode as though they were making the movie, it would get the show back on track.

    Just really glad that this didnt completely suck. I havent really loved an episode for a few years now, and I dont even watch every new episode now the way I used to..

    Overall, I give it an A
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    A little predictable, but fittingly epic for the big screen. Not quite as epic as the trailers make it look (much of the trailer footage is taken from the I & S short), but still a huge story that would never have fit into a 20 minute episode. Actually, it had trouble working in a 90 minute movie, as a few of the subplots weren't explored in nearly as much detail as they should've been.


    Lots of really great jokes, almost all of which were executed perfectly, in my opinion. Many of the most hilarious jokes here wouldn't have worked nearly as well if it wasn't for the near perfect timing of them. Unfortunately though, the humor was mostly of the lowbrow sort, with lots of slapstick to be found. Good slapstick, though. And when slightly more intelligent jokes were crept in, they were some of the best jokes I've seen on the Simpsons in years- the church members swapping with the barflies comes to mind.


    In two words- blisteringly fast. A scene is never wasted, with the story continuing at a brisk pace. It's almost crammed in too fast though, as mentioned earlier, a little more time spent on subplots would have been nice. Although the lightning quick pace always keeps you on your toes, it is probably one of the weak points of the movie, as everything feels a bit rushed


    Near perfect. Homer was dumb, without being annoying. Bart was troublemaking, but had a heart. Marge was the best we've seen in years, and Lisa was great as well. I also really liked Flanders in this, although a bit of the Jean era Flanders did show through in some scenes (the one with the mutated squirrel comes to mind).


    As already mentioned, spectacular. Incredible. Awe-inspiring.

    OVERALL- 4/5.
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    A- This movie could have been 2 1/2 long i wanted more springfield

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    Just got home from the midnight premiere. Don't know where to start. The long and short of it is, my friend and I were laughing our asses off through the whole thing. It had the best sign gags ever ("Thou shalt silence thy cell phone") and the slapstick was done just right, not too much. Showing Bart's manhood got one of the biggest laughs out of the whole movie, also Homer flipping the mob off, and Marge's best line in the film ("somebody throw the God damn bomb!!"). Although I was hoping for there to be a shit or a fuck somewhere in the movie, just because they could have.

    My only complaint, which I'm sure a lot of you will share, is that it was too short. We waited 18 years for a movie that's not even 90 minutes? Well whatever, it was an awesome movie--the first one in years where the entire theater applauded at the end. Can't wait to see it again.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, 4.5

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    I loved this movie I gave it a 5/5 now I'm not great at writing big long reviews that explain which parts I liked so here it goes- I loved every bit of this movie there wasn't a single part I disliked.

    !!!Go See The Simpsons Movie!!!

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    I came in with pretty low expectations considering the state of the show. I actually haven't been watching the show for two or three years other than reruns and DVDs. The commercials and trailers were alright, but I left tonight pretty surprised by how good it actually was. The theater was sold out, and they were laughing the whole time. There's too many moments to mention, but lets just say that the film exceeds all expectations I had coming in. I've been excited about this film ever since I heard a radio blurb about how it could come into fruition back in 2001, and having been a fan all my life I didn't care what it was about I just wanted to see it.

    The plot and mini-plotlines are very simple, but the humor, the emotion, the animation and voices pull it all together to make it an enjoyable experience. I wish more characters had more screen time if any (Skinner, Sideshow Bob, etc.). But hey, there could be a sequel that I would welcome to feature more screen time for other secondary characters . The Simpsons staff has proven that with the right people and amount of time, they can make a product that makes any fan whether it die hard or casual realize how terrific the Simpsons really is. 4/5

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    I really have far too much energy right now to give a satisfying review, but I thought it was great. From all the reviews I had seen in the off topic section, I was beginning to worry the film would not appease me, but oh boy, you better believe it did. The film did seem to be weaker on humor once you reached the halfway mark, but overall, it was a fun movie experience. I'll give a much more extensive, detailed review later, but, as for now, I'd have to give it an 8.5/10. Since there is no option or that in the polls, I voted 4 stars. I just downgraded because I felt my score of 8.5 was closer to an 8 than it was to a 9. Overall, great, enjoyable movie. I am so glad they didn't screw this up.

    Also, as much as I complained before, the bart's penis joke made me laugh. I think it would have been much funnier if it hadn't become such a big deal in the press. Oh well, still made me chuckle.
    Quote Originally Posted by simpsonsfan20 View Post
    My view: You can show pictures of people in the nude, you can show pictures of people having sex, you can even show kids naked, but SHOW HOMER 'DOING IT' WITH LISA AND I'LL HUNT YOU DOWN.

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    (copied and pasted from my earlier review)


    It was good. It didn't quite leave me with the exhillirating feeling of 'whoa, that was awesome!' like I hoped, but I still enjoyed it quite a bit and will get the DVD. The good: A nice story, pretty epic, brilliant voice acting all round, overall fantastic animation, some good emotion, great music scores, plots intertwined well, nice callbacks to earlier epiosdes, some hilarious moments and good parodies of other movies/satire of current environmental concerns.

    The bad: some shockingly bad / stupid jokes, too much physical punishment humour, a few plot holes/loose threads at the end, sorta rushed ending, rushed overall with nice tangents (Lisa's, Bart's) but these weren't quite developed enough, took a while to get into the main story which didn't really kick in until about 1/3 into the movie.

    The first few minutes in, the I&S cartoon and opening aside, I was afraid the movie was going to stink. A lot of forced humour in that church scene, and I couldn't help but feel the writers were trying to point out the flaws with the characters to people who hadn't seen the Simpsons before. This resulted in a lot of forced jokes and exaggerated characterisations I wasn't keen on at all. I did sort of like how the movie set up the little side stories before rushing into the main plot, and this is where most of the humour was for me. Bart thinking Homer was a bad parent, Lisa finding the boy (damn- can't remember his name!) and Homer's pig. Oh yeah, and the nude skating sequence was hilarious- everyone was taken by surprise at the quick scene of Bart's privates, even me! I can see how they avoided a rating over PG with it, too.

    I thought the movie progressed in the right direction. There was so many tangents though, a lot felt underdeveloped. I wish we could have seen more of Bart and Ned. I really enjoyed it, the setup was good and each moment was either heartfelt or hilarious. Ned was in top form, really. The writers need to take note of this, I want to see him like this in future episodes. The ending to that was sweet and pretty much perfect. Didn't end on a stupid gag, and left Ned happy.

    Lisa and the boy felt a bit underdeveloped. His character wasn't explored that much at all, so I think it lost a lot of punch that way. I liked it, and the sweet animation too, but I wish it could have been explored better.

    Homer and the pig was funny and sort of cute. I liked how Homer took so well to him, but once it kickstarted the main plot, this story sort of fizzled out with no real conclusion, and there was no sign of the pig at the end, I wish they could have concluded it properly. But it was fun.

    The main plot, while it took a while to get into, was funny and progressed well, but peppered with dreadful jokes. I wish Homer caused a nuclear accident, we could have seen more hilarious Burns moments (I loved the later Burnsie scene!) There was lots of stuff I loved, in particular I laughed at the crowd scenes and Homer trying to distract the townsfolk. Their escape was a bit unbelievable, but it was sorta funny (especially the wanted poster part!). There were 2 jokes I really hated here though, Homer's head stuck and everyone attacking it, and Bart drunk/repeatedly drinking whiskey. The former was an example of a joke that started hilariously (Homer flipping everyone off) but ruined by a completely stupid scene after, and the latter was especially bad- the cinema was almost silent throughout it. I wasn't so keen at all on Kent's botox / the guy getting crushed by the dome, Lisa knocking out Bart or the endless Homer-in-pain jokes either.

    The second plot (Alaska) was good but maybe felt a bit random.
    The disney-like animals, and the avalanche were two things I really liked. Marge's heartfelt note was the best voice acting from Julie possibly ever. That lifted it above your standard Homer/Marge marriage problems to something else entirely. And the callback to The Way We Was was awesome. I loved 'To be continued...' 'Right away!' Homer meeting the boob lady was a little bleh, but I liked the dream sequence.
    The conclusion was predictible but it was the best way, and I liked it a lot. The suspense worked well. I detested the Dr. Nick joke though, mainly because I could see it coming, but it was worse than I thought. (was he killed?!) Apart from this it was good but could have been all wrapped up just that bit better.

    The animation was brilliant, very well drawn, a little rough at times but I think this added to the charm. The voice acting was superb all round.

    Overall, I wish those very bad (and some overly extended) jokes had been cut, and more time had been given to the side plots and a slightly longer ending with some of the loose ends tied up, like the Simpsons' house destroyed, and no sign of Snowball II or Plopper. The Homer pain gags did go to overkill too often, some of these could have been cut too. Good overall though, I did enjoy the movie and I'm glad I saw it. B+

    A tribute to Bart Simpson

    You think THAT's bad? What about that time when I was turned into a Tetris block?

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    Just got back from the midnight show, and i was left with the WOW im impressed feeling. It made me realize pretty quick tat this was a movie, not a TV show, and really how different it was in its pacing and humor. I had my doubts that it would be filled with alot of unfunny jean era homer, but i can only think of a couple gags that were like that (mostly Bart drunk).

    I loved the opening, with probably the best Itchy and Scratchy cartoon yet, and homers great line about seeing it for free. The Opening really gave a good feel for Springfield to someone not so familiar with the show (loved Frinks MOVIE banner). Now, I feel like im alone on this site, but i am a huge Green Day fan, and I was nearly on the ground laughing during that part. That was just perfection for me. And then the American Idiot Funeral Version was probably my favorite sight gag of the movie.

    The first act was definetely the strongest, with some fantastic characterization of the family, and Flanders especially. The entire theater was laughing their asses off at the whole Bart & Homer dare fest, and i thought the naked skateboarding through town was complete gold. One of my favorite Lines: Ralph- I like men now!

    Im still a little confused about the whole President Schwarzenegger being identical to McBaine, but whatever. I thought Albert Brook's character could have used more development, as to why he was so evil too. After the dome was put up, the laughs slowed a bit, but there was lots of classic Simpson jokes all around.

    OK, its 2 AM so im not going to be able to review the whole movie now, but Id just like to say that they did the movie about as well anyone could have. There were some jokes that fell flat, but they were truly far and between. I can only hope its a sign of things to come for the series.


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    I saw it this afternoon, and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at how well-written it was. A great storyline, well paced and with a great dramatic feel to it. The jokes are a bit of a gray area, because I didn't find many truly hilarious moments that had me laughing out loud like Seasons 1 to 8, but at the same time there weren't really many sigh-inducing, eye-rolling or cringeworthy jokes that mar the recent episodes either. Nor were there any jokes that just went on too long, even though several looked like they were going to be like that. Overall, joke-wise, it's not classic-era at its best, but 95% of the gags work really well at providing plenty of chuckles and smiles, and there's the odd Mirkin-esque "screw the audience" gag. I feel a lot of this was due to their delivery, pacing and cleverness, many of jokes having more to them than is initially percieved (such as Homer fixing the sink-hole).

    Again though, it's the writing and story that really shines here. The pacing is fantastic, it never feels like the plot is moving for the sake of a joke, and it's very well constructed. All the characters that are used are very much in-character, which was another huge and pleasant surprise. Flanders seems far more like his old self than he has in years for one. Same with Burns in his limited moments. It's actually kind of a shame that Springfield's people didn't get a bit more air-time, and that things like Sideshow Bob's appearance had to be cut. Also, a big plus is that nothing feels too wacky or strange either. Springfield feels like a believable universe once again. Even if the overall dome thing is a little absurd, it works really well.

    And I'm so glad there aren't a pile of celebrities playing themselves either. In fact, aside from the regular cast, there's just six guest voices: Albert Brooks and Joe Mantegna who play other characters and have done so wonderfully in the past before, Green Day who, despite my hate of them, at least die a horrible death, and Tom Hanks who makes a really funnily satirical cameo that makes total sense given the story.

    Finally, I have to give kudos to the use of the family members themselves. They're all fantastically in-character, more than they have been in years. Homer is wonderfully stupid and yet still cares deep down, Marge has some great moments of drama and is never ever weird and kooky, Bart feels more real than he has in years, Lisa is smart and outspoken, but not a PC thug and still a child at heart, and Maggie even gets her moments.

    Overall, I have to say this film succeeds. If I were to compare it to the series, I'd say quality-wise it sits right between the classic-era and the non-classic-era, edging slightly towards the former. The Simpsons hasn't been this solid in years, and it's so refreshing to see some new material from them that is just so damn entertaining.

    Grade: B+
    - Kenneth White

    "Even if The Simpsons is better than 95% of everything else on TV, that doesn't automatically make it good."

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    worst simpson movie ever.
    theres nothing worse than sitting in a theatre with a bunch of idiots who laugh at the lamest jokes. spider pig pissed me off the most. . followed closely by wacky homer in pain.
    the sad thing is. .this movie is probably gonna make a lot of money more sequels of this crap.

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    cliched joke answer

    Nah, it was pretty awesome.

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    worst simpson movie ever.
    theres nothing worse than sitting in a theatre with a bunch of idiots who laugh at the lamest jokes. spider pig pissed me off the most. . followed closely by wacky homer in pain.
    the sad thing is. .this movie is probably gonna make a lot of money more sequels of this crap.
    i am not saying that you can't give your opinion but usualy in a review thread you have to explain why something is bad

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    Wow, just got back from an amazing midnight showing! I'm not going to write any sort of review because I'm very tired. I'll just say I LOVED IT!


    Wow, I think I'll go again when I wake-up!

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    I thought it was pretty awesome. I'm still juggling between 4.5 and 5, but I'll give a 4.5 for now. Even with that, it still was worth the wait and very good worthy plot for a movie.

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    Just got back from the midnight premiere. I'm not exactly sure if I can write a definitive review yet, my head is still spinning. After all of these years of waiting to see the Simpson family on the big screen, the realization of this fantasy was a bit surreal. Every so often throughout the movie, it just flashed across my mind: "I'm at a movie theater and I'm watching The Simpsons". It's a winning combination that I've been waiting for for well over a decade.

    The audience at our premiere was fantastic. Lots of Simpsons shirts and dressing up and enthusiasm. As the movie opened a huge cheer rose from the crowd that I just had to join (and I'm usually not the cheering type). It was huge laughs all the way through, but especially in the rapid-fire opening sequence. The church scene was great, from "American Idiot: Funeral Version" playing, to Homer hoping for Flanders' homosexuality. And then there was a favorite line of mine: "This Book doesn't have any answers!" Yes, I had seen that in the trailer a million times but it even still got a good chuckle out of me.

    The pain gags weren't too bad, but the rest of the audience seemed to love each and every one. The worst is the wrecking ball bit, but now seen in the context of the movie, even that wasn't so bad. And I loved the little conversation going on in the back of the truck: "I think it was a moth"/"Ohh, I hope it's okay!" That was a really great little moment.

    I wasn't quite as big on the middle section of the movie. It had some great moments, none greater than the animals-undressing Homer and Marge sequence or the tape that Marge left for Homer (but more on that later). This section was still quite funny, and no gags just totally fell flat, it just wasn't as good as the beginning. I found myself hoping they would just hurry up and get back to Springfield, to allow them to further interact with the other characters. Oh, and the whole Boob-Lady thing wasn't nearly as cringe-worthy as I thought it would be, but they probably could've come up with something better. This was probably my least favorite portion of the movie, and I am glad it didn't last too long. It just felt awkward and out of place. Homer's dancing was definitely good for a laugh. And I love the version of the Spider-Pig theme that played here, which we would hear again during the credits.

    Then the great big finale and the triumphant return to Springfield. The resolution came and went very quickly, but it was ultimately satisfying. Nice to see Homer and Bart make it over the gorge. When Bart managed to use his slingshot to save himself, I thought for sure Homer would be taking another very familiar tumble down the rocks, and I thought for sure the motorcycle would land on his head this time. Glad I was wrong. The wrecked ambulance in the background was an excellent touch; major kudos to the writer that came up with that one. When the ambulance appeared on screen it got a huge laugh and applause. It was a great moment in which I realized I was surrounded by people who truly knew and loved this show as much as me. It was quite refreshing.

    Also refreshing: The emotional material was fantastic. There were some truly moving moments, something that has been sorely missed in the past few seasons of the show. Hell, I think this movie out-moved most of the emotional stuff from the classic years, even. The taped-over wedding video moment was incredible, and acted to perfection by Kavner. The scene that immediately followed in which Homer runs out of the house in a panic yelling out the names of his family members was truly heartbreaking. In that moment, Homer felt more real to me than he did in any other scene in the movie. Flanders was also written wonderfully. He was probably my favorite supporting character. The way he treated Bart felt very genuine, as opposed to the caricature of his former self he's become in the series.

    The movie flew by so quickly. I would have loved to see more material for the non-Simpson Sprinfieldians. I would have loved for Mr. Burns to have more to do. And where the hell was Skinner? Or Sideshow Bob? I know this cast is huge and it's impossible to include everyone, but at a mere 87 minutes, it just feels like they could have done so much more. And I wish there were a lot more little meta-references. Nothing that would really alienate the crowd and come across confusing to those that are less familiar with the series. Just some little nuggets for us die-hard fans. These are my only complaints, and even these aren't real complaints. The only criticism I have is that they could have added more, but what is already there was really solid. I wouldn't omit anything, except perhaps the Boob-Lady thing.

    I tried as hard as I could to go into this movie expecting it to be terrible, just to avoid disappointment later. Well, that didn't work, and I instead entered this movie expecting gold. Somehow though, I still wasn't disappointed. This movie was incredible, and frequently reminded me of the classic years. And no, this is not because the film reminded me of a certain season. It reminded me of the classic years simply because it was funny, humor being an element unfortunately missing from the past few seasons.

    Perhaps it is very, very foolish of me to get at all excited about the next season. But how can I not, after such an incredible film? This movie has proven that The Simpsons is still capable of being brilliant.

    5/5. No doubt about it, it was totally worth the wait.

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    I just got back from a midnight showing and it's closing in on 4 AM here. I'll write a more detailed review later, but I just want to say that I had hopeful expectations going into this movie and had the fear of being disappointed. I'd have to say within the first 5 minutes, the movie was already better than I expected. I was thrilled from the beginning and all the way through.

    I gave it a 4.5/5. I'll say more once I get some sleep.
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    Season 16: Thank God It's Doomsday, The Heartbroke Kid, Fat Man and Little Boy
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    Season 18: The Haw-Hawed Couple, 24 Minutes, Little Big Girl
    Season 19: The Debarted, Midnight Towboy, Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind
    Season 20: Gone Maggie Gone, Take My Life Please, Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words

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    I think the part where the churchgoers and Moe's patrons swap places was one of the most clever parts in the movie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ehhxcellent
    I think the part where the churchgoers and Moe's patrons swap places was one of the most clever parts in the movie.
    Agreed. I had forgotten about that one, but it was an excellent gag. Got a huge laugh at my cinema, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy C
    Animation was spectacular, absolutely spectacular. It was brisk, and yet remained super-clear. It was lit beutifully, characters were in perfect form (loved some of the Silverman facial expressions), backgrounds were lavish. It was just beautiful. I cannot fault the animation at all. In my opinion, this was certainly the peak of any animation I've ever seen. I loved seeing all the Korean names of the animators too - it was a lovely touch, which I guess was required out of law rather than the producers just being nice guys..
    Some idiots in my crowd though that all the Korean names were a joke and spouted out idiocy saying things like, "They're all so similar! Hahaha, awesome joke." The sad thing is he wasn't being sarcastic.

    Now, I know this is review thread, not a favorite jokes thread, but did anyone else think the Moe's Bar and Church joke was absolutely brilliant. It was pretty much the only clever joke that got everyone in the audience laughing(a lot of the cleverest jokes were received with mild laughter).

    Haha, beaten to the punch by Ehhhxcellent. Glad to know others loved it.

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    i wonder how the crowd reacted to the titanic joke

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    Quote Originally Posted by KoenSoontjens
    i wonder how the crowd reacted to the titanic joke
    The audience at my premiere really loved it. In fact, literally everything in the first twenty minutes or so got HUGE laughs, including all the Green Day stuff.

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    The crowd hated the Titanic joke.

    I gave it a 4.5/5, but it deserved more, IMO. Best jokes: Spiderpig, Guy crushed by the dome and the part where Lovejoy and co switch with the barflies.
    A response to the YouTube video, 'Family Guy Steals From The Simpsons' - Funniest thing I've ever read.
    If you guys didn't notice, Family Guy was produced by the same person that made the Simpsons.
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    After 18 years of small-time TV episodes, seeing Our Favorite Family on the big screen with spiffied-up animation, the widescreen format, surrounded by hardcore Simpsons fans like myself is a strangely surreal experience. Fortunately, I (as well as apparently everyone else in the theater) thought the movie delivered the goods.

    Maybe it was having a very receptive audience who would chortle at simply the sight of seeing their favorite secondary character onscreen for a moment, but something about this movie kept me chuckling constantly for long periods at a time. And considering the current state of the show, that's quite a feat. The entire first third is, in Mirkin style, chock full of rapid-fire gags that--for the first time in awhile for the show--occasionally come at that glorious, funny pace where you can't hear a follow-up joke because you're still laughing at the first one. That's not to say the humor is necessarily classic material or out-of-this-park throughout, but there're TONS of great, quick visual gags that'll keep viewers smiling. I grinned throughout a great majority of the film; it's simply refreshing seeing something as simple a gag as Homer swiping fries from Todd Flanders delivered in such a quick and punchy way that it only adds to the humor of previous scenes.

    So the first third (or "act") is more or less consistently funny, utilizing Springfield's residents extremely well, and (in my opinion) also having one of the funniest sequences in the show's history: Bart's naked skateboarding run. Considering I already knew the surprise punchline, it speaks to how well the gag was executed that I still laughed hard at it. Wackiness at its best. And most of the pig gags work quite well, despite the catalyst of the plot being pig (and Homer) droppings. The sinkhole escape was a little farfetched, but acceptable enough and directed well (loved the brutal quick gag of Grampa with the shotgun).

    I still enjoyed the bashed second act with Alaska. Although there were a couple weird gags (the thousand-dollars, "Thank you Boob Lady"), I still felt this "vacation" was strong due to the emotional core of it all (more on that in a minute). Also, the Disney-esque love scene was very enjoyable, as were the various goings-on at dome-covered Springfield (Burns, New Grand Canyon video, Moe's power-outage). I really dug Homer's epiphany, with the Spider-Pig chanting and some absolutely outstanding direction and animation (and the Dali nod), followed by his subsequent march back to Springfield. I was a little surprised by how little the huskies played into the movie, considering it was the first clip shown.

    What I found perhaps most interesting about the film is that it didn't really fall in any one style or season. It carved its own little style, a sort of blending of all the joke types we've seen on the show, from Scullyish ("Well, I helped [fill the silo]...", Homer flipping the Springfieldians off) to Jean-like (the Green Day/Titanic parody followed by the sheet music, "Why does everything I whip leave me?") and the traditional fake-out gags (the Wanted Poster, Moe's). The religious jokes were quite funny ("Told you so," "This book doesn't have any answers," the awesome church/bar scene), although I thought the political humor was a bit less successful due to its un-subtlety (although I did love the 3...5...1...3...6...2...4! part). I think the sheer variety of all the humor in the movie was really well-done, and it helped keep the humor fresh and unpredictable.

    There were plenty of nice touches sprinkled in, such as Martin finally getting his revenge on Dolph, Jimbo, and Kearney (very satisfying), meta-references like the Springfield Gorge jump, "Jebus," and Gabbo's jaw falling off, the chalkboard gag, each member of the family growing in character and having their own subplot, and the wonderful Itchy and Scratchy opening followed by the (TRADITIONAL THEME) Simpsons theme song playing while we get a tour of various characters' houses. I'm really glad they went with that route for the opening, in fact, after everyone said that Green Day was playing the song (they did, but after about a minute after hearing the traditional theme).

    Even the climax was really well-done--a problem in recent episodes that have third-act tangents--by referencing earlier scenarios (the bike, Bart's lack of faith in Homer), and using those established ideas to finish the story. The storyline in general felt like The Simpsons on a grander scale, and while I initially had my doubts (all about a pig? Pig poo? Alaska? Dome?), I have to say that they took some odd concepts and really made them work. The only real problem I have with the story is that many parts of it have been done before--sometimes better--on the show. Lisa falls in love, Bart loses faith in Homer, Homer and Marge have marital trouble...

    Now, characterizations! Homer's handled well--he wasn't quite classic, but he reminded me of the best characterizations of the Jean era, with perhaps a touch of Scully's Homer. While he lacks the Homerisms and philosophies that made the early Homer so interesting, he still has plenty of funny moments and some wonderful takes on his character that made him just empathetic enough for the audience to root for him. It's not really anything new with him in terms of depth, but you do feel sorry for the guy and he's far funnier than he's been in recent years.

    The movie's take on Marge is wonderful. It's perfectly understandable why she's upset with her husband, and her monologue on the wedding video (which is rumored to have had around 100 takes) is wonderfully acted--possibly the best we've heard from Julie Kavner. That monologue coupled with the "Close To You" wedding video makes for one of the strongest emotional moments on the series. It's not quite Lisa's Substitute or flashback episode good, but it's darn close. And Homer desperately running outside afterwards is a surprisingly dramatic moment as well.

    It's great to see that the Bart-man keeps all his original spunk and craftiness from the good ol' days. He's having a blast with Homer, skateboarding around naked, and fighting with Lisa while being gassed, but at the same time, he's still a needy kid that sees a great father figure in Flanders. I do think Bart was occasionally a little too moody, but otherwise, this is a far cry from the weird kid seen in The Boys of Bummer.

    Lisa pushing to get a new scissor li...uh, to get people to stop dumping in Springfield Lake is a necessary subplot, if not an incredibly entertaining one. But it's still interesting enough, and her little romance with Colin (who could've used a tad more screen time) is cute and effective, particularly the music-note scene. I would've liked to see a bit more Lisa.

    Finally, I was surprised to see little Maggie getting a number of great sight gags, as the forgotten Simpson has taken a backseat to the rest of the cast far too often. I particularly liked seeing her saving the day and saying her first word (what voice actress was that, by the way?).

    I was pretty shocked by how brutal the citizens of Springfield were. We've seen them in mobs numerous times, but trying their best to KILL OFF? They deserved every bit of Homer's uncut double-barrel flip-off (a moment that took me by surprise), even if he did doom them all.

    Finally, Ned Flanders. This guy was in top form, from his cheerful optimism in church to making the best cup of cocoa I've seen. The fishing/strangling moment was both funny and a bit sad, and Bart's initial reaction to the pat on the back was well done too. I even like that Ned's final line in the film hints that he's not exactly the perfect dad either ("...and I wish you didn't have the devil's curly hair!"). As a huge Flanders fan, I'm thrilled that he got a fairly major role in the film and was written really well to boot.

    And, oh yeah, the animation was really good. At times, it was a little underwhelming (although I was awfully close to the screen), but it was generally far beyond what the show produces, even today. And the use of the more dramatic music helped quite a lot, although I would've loved to see a showstopper song number.

    So I enjoyed it quite a lot. There's something keeping it from reaching classic status--mainly that the gags, while consistently funny, aren't often HUGE laughs, which the best episodes have more than a few of, but I will say that the movie certainly exceeded my expectations. It's just really well-done all-around, with less failed gags than a good S18 episode, good characterizations, several terrific moments, and nonstop grinning in spots. The bottom line is that the whole thing is just very, very entertaining, and while it doesn't encapsulate the very best of The Simpsons, it does manage to squeeze in a little bit of everything while telling a good story.

    At the moment, I'm giving it a fine-and-dandy B+. That thing is very, very, very........good.
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    I, like many, am too out of energy (or maybe have too much energe) to compose myself and review the movie but I absolutely loved the movie. The animation was amazing and the jokes were hilarious. When I get the time I will definitely write a more detailed review but I'd give the movie a 4.5/5...ahh hell, the movie gets a 5/5. Awesome!

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    I was nervous about this movie because of the hit-or-miss nature of the recent seasons, but the movie was way above expectations (having an audience to laugh along with you helps too).

    The jokes were good, the story was good, and the acting & animation was excellent. I wouldn't say that it was the best "episode" ever, but it's up there.

    4.5/5: A Midnight well spent.

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