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Thread: Rate/Review Kill Gil (Volumes 1 & 2)

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    Rate/Review Kill Gil (Volumes 1 & 2)

    Final episode of the year people, starring everyone's favorite character.

    During a holiday ice skating show, starring guest voice Elvis Stojko, Homer jumps into a chaotic brawl involving the other ice skaters. In order to escape the chaos, Marge decides to take the family holiday shopping. Gil, dressed as Santa Claus, unknowingly gives Lisa a sold-out Malibu Stacy doll that belongs to his boss daughter. When Gil loses his job, the Simpsons invite him over for Christmas dinner, which becomes a huge mistake as Gil moves in uninvited and mooches off the Simpsons. Out of guilt, Marge continually allows Gil to prolong his stay. After a full year, an attempt at getting him a job and many failed 'accidents,' Marge finally grows a backbone and throws Gil out -- on Christmas Eve. Meanwhile, Bart abstains from sweets for a year, and Lisa keeps her promise of putting on a musical in her brother's honour.

    Preview/Speculation Thread

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    Raggin' On Your Cord
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    Sep 2004

    lame 1/5

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    Sep 2005
    Westbrook, Maine

    frankincense is not a monster

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    Junior Camper
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    Jun 2004

    Gil was easily the most tolerable character here besides Lisa.

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    Junior Camper chagopian's Avatar
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    Apr 2006

    Great first two acts, terrible terrible third act.

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    scissors on his fuckin head That Jerk's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    The Corporate Institutional Bank of Time

    An original story, but quite possibly the worst comic delivery of gags ever. They took forever to set up and had no payoff at all. Also it didn't help that you knew exactly how a scene would play out the moment it started. "What the hell is this thing!?" was the only highlight of the episode.


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    Funkalicious Diva Queen Hooray For Everything!'s Avatar
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    Aug 2005
    Kansas City, recognize!

    I fully expect MG to send me the last thirty minutes of my life in the mail-that episode SUCKED!! I was, however, pleased at the return of the angry leprechaun.

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    Hey guys, new to forum... First post. Anyways, I really liked the intro...was very cool but that was the only part I liked. The whole episode was horrible, I didn't even smile at a single part... Especially the end when they moved to arizona and the grinches and them were singing...Ugh.

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    "That's it, we're changing doctors!" Ha!

    Quite a bit of hilarity in this episode. I loved the whole premise of Gil bugging the Simpsons for an entire year and then doing it over again. They overdid the somewhat lame Homer vs "Grinch" joke though. And what was with the leprechuan? And I dunno whether I should've laughed at Homer leaving Santa's Little Helper in the hot car and telling him there's water under the seat...

    But overall good. Thank god they dropped the Lisa musical thing. 5/5

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    Sorry to those of you that enjoyed this ... but I think this might be my least favorite Simpsons episode ever. I think I laughed once. Maybe. Just terrible.

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    old and in the way Samuel L Bronkowitz's Avatar
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    Aug 2004

    never liked Gil in the first place, so an entire episode revolving around him spelled doom from the start. That being said, a few random gags elevated it to a mildly entertaining 2.5/5......

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    It's like swallowing Draino
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    Dec 2006

    So well...this was nice, in a sort of lukewarm way...

    Things I liked:

    -The intro was done Christmas style: for some reason I thought it was a scream to have Burns and Smithers done up as Scrooge and Marley

    -Gil was actually...tolerable! Who knew?

    -Well, Mr. Burns and Smithers were in it...*cough*shallow*cough*

    -Homer wasn't that jerkassy

    -To a degree, everyone was pretty in character...

    -There was some pretty good writing here, although there was nothing special...

    The Bad:

    -I hated the running gag with the homicidal Grinch-thingies

    -It took a while to get started

    -Sure, Burns and Smithers put in an appearance, but boy that joke was awkward! I feel so horrible for saying that! Could someone explain who the hell that guy was? All I knew was that Smithers was acting a little jealous of him. Can't say that Monty was OOC, though, as he only put in a 60-second appearance.

    -Jerkass Marge did rear her ugly head a few times

    -That whole Arizona thing. Need I say more?

    -The jokes, funny as they were, were kind of predictable. And the ending was pretty damn contrived. You know they'll have to throw him out eventually...

    The Ugly:

    -Gil hocking that huge chunk of phlegm into the glass. Need I say more?

    -They're following this with a Family Guy ep involving interspecies sex. Ugh.

    The Verdict:

    Well, it didn't suck as much as I thought it would, but it was no Hee-Hawed Couple either. Adequate holiday ep, I assume.

    3 out of five Malibu Stacys

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    Don't bad-mouth the head! Xt'Tapalatakettle's Avatar
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    Jun 2006

    So... um... the episode just kinda ended. Marge says "No" and that's it? They could've just made this a purely fun episode but they had to ruin it by introducing an underdeveloped "story" angle marred by the desire to stick in pointless humor. Marge not being able to say "no" could've been given more background info. The riot at the beginning was so unnecessary, only to introduce the Grumple. Not to say it was bad, but it just swallowed character development time.

    And where was that Lisa promise about making a musical for Bart?

    What I did like: the calendar dates. Some Homer lines. Gil and Lisa's characterization (as mentioned above).

    I'm giving the episode a 2/5, which is what I gave Jazzy. I think they both compete for the worst episodes of the season. This had a little better plot than Jazzy, but this episode was not as funny.

    EDIT: This episode probably isn't as bad as I thought it was (maybe just initial reaction), but I do have to say that the third act was quite awful and generally that's the one that sticks the most. To its fairness, I thought the second act was the best, though it might have been nice to see a few more holidays in there.

    The first act was pretty funny up to the riot, but as I said, it seemed sorta unnecessary. Mr. Costington was just flat out dumb. The Grumple jokes got less funny upon each appearance (I like Homer's line, "Marge, do you think that's the same one?"). Burns' appearance was terrible.
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    AddminisGator Gatorgod's Avatar
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    Sep 2005

    First I'd like to say R.I.P. Sideshow Mels dad

    On the other hand, Oct 21, Reptile Awarness Day

    Great episode. Mr Costington is a Gil firing bastard,... yet one must admire the Force of his convictions. Not as warm a christmas speciel as some past ones but still pretty good 5/5

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    It's like swallowing Draino
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    Dec 2006

    Quote Originally Posted by Gatorgod
    First I'd like to say R.I.P. Sideshow Mels dad
    Whoops, forgot about that. Man, first I have to light a candle for Professor Graystache, and now Mr. VanHorne, who next? (grinning wickedly) The Crazy Cat Lady?

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    5/5 B+

    Fantastic. I thought this episode was the funniest, most finely written episode all season. Easily the best of the season, maybe even best of the year.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this. They worked out all the kinks. There was barely any cringe-worthy "wtf" moments that I can recall. Some great character humor and character writing. Lots of great quotes (christian charity, heh) and Gil really shined. If only Al Jean can maintain this level of writing... we could be in for soem good stuff.

    Great new christmasy intro, too. Nice animation. Only thing I can maybe be picky with is the rushed ending. But otherwise, good stuff. And I'm a critical/fair viewer of the Simpsons, unlike the typical 5/5 wielder.

    EDIT: Oh, and did I mention that the most prominent Jean conventions are absent from this episode? (no stupid bullies, cat lady, lenny and carl banter, pop music montage, jokes carrying on too long)
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    Mod, eh? Tomacco's Avatar
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    Aug 2001

    Not sure about this one. I'll think of some stuff to say later.

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    what's wrong with you people?

    i thought the episode was really good. especially the first two acts.

    lots of good things in the episode:
    cool intro, finally a GOOD USE OF KRUSTY, marge talking to homer and he's not there and predictably (but still funny) homer has joined the mob, kearney and his son, the rats dancing between the two floors of the simpson house (anyone notice that?), santa's little helper had some good moments, Gil was tolerable, homer's bit about Gil's markers not working (which was oddly funny for some reason), Lisa acting like a little kid again was a nice change, the grinch thing could have been stupid but wasn't too bad...

    there are more but i cant think of them right now

    there were some not so great elements of it (marge was a bit annoying, and the third act was kind of pointless) but it was a very good episode i think. probably my second favorite this season behind last week's. the JABF's are looking great so far.

    the episode was a bit long, wasn't it? the credits were even extra short.

    4.5/5... rounded up

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    . TheForbiddenDonut's Avatar
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    Jan 2006

    Well, a lot of the jokes were pretty funny. But boy was that a bad third act. I thought Homer had a few shining moments; I remember cracking up at one of his jokes that I sadly can't remember now. I rather liked Homer's asking Marge why she would think something that he can't hear. The 'those legs go on forever' joke was pretty funny and something about the markers not working had me laughing to, and the scene at Moes, as weird as it was, I found pretty amusing. I haven't seen as much of Gil as most people, so this was my first real exposure to him, and I honestly can't see what everyone's problem is with him, unless he's worse in his other appearances. As well, I thought the animation was just very very pleasing to look at. The color scheme felt more vibrant than usual and it made the episode far more fun to watch. Anyway, that's about all the good I have to say about this one. What I hated were the endless jokes about the Grinch thing. Four appearance? Isn't that a bit much? And the plot really copped out in the third act. I mean, I was sort of enjoying the deal with Gil staying there all year and I was waiting for an interesting conclusion, but what do I get? A last minute conflict concerning Marge's inability to say no and Gil becoming a successful realtor, ending in a very very rushed manner. Some jokes were terrible, such as Gil's spider bite, the phlegm, a lot of moments at the ice skating show, that Burns/Smithers joke, and probably a bit more I can't think of at the moment. So, overall, pretty mediocre.

    C+ 3/5

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    I'm baaaack! Patches O'houlihan's Avatar
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    Wisconsin: "More bars in more places."
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    This episode's third act was...ah, crap. I actually liked the first two acts, but the off-tanget third act was probably the worst plot twist in the past few seasons.

    3/5, and that's being generous.

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    Junior Camper LeChimp's Avatar
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    Mar 2004

    I absolutely loved it.

    The third act plotwise went in an odd direction, but regardless, it was handled very, very,very well. I can't think of a single joke that made me groan or even put me close to groaning, and I'm usually a tough critic.

    The only thing that bothers me is that the story wasn't really resolved, but regardless, the ending was great.


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    The Chunnel's gonna blow!
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    Jul 2006

    Well, it got me laughing, but the plot and storytelling was pretty...bad. Fortunately, this was saved by some almost classic era type jokes, one of them being the calendar montage, which made me laugh more times then the whole first part of the season put together ("The Day After Thanksgiving", "James L. Brooks' Birthday"). Not as good as last weeks episode, but I think it's still B worthy. 4/5.
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    Little Big Girl: A-
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    Junior Camper BrideofMoleman's Avatar
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    Aug 2006
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    Is anyone going to comment on the Christmas theme song, which I really enjoyed?

    Too bad it was the highlight of the episode for me. The first act was decent, setting up a good Christmas feel and story with Gil staying with the Simpsons. But I just think a plot involving Gil being a mooch is just way too thin for one episode, and the calendar jokes, though funny at first, were getting really old really fast. I especially think it was a lot worse how this episode stretched out over an entire year. The reoccuring beast (forgot its name) seemed very Family Guyish to me, but it was okay. I did really enjoy one moment, and that was when Homer asked how he was supposed to know what Marge was thinking. The end with Gil finally getting out and becoming successful was rather sudden. I would have preferred it if he actually stayed successful, woulda made an interesting twist. I think the episode mighta worked better if Marge told him no while inside the house and he left and became successful.

    As for the whole The Simpsons moved to Arizona....

    2.5/5 for me

    Terrible plot, a few nice lines here and there

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    Aug 2006
    Orlando, FL

    "What the hell is this thing?"


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    super karate monkey death car Jakebert's Avatar
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    Jun 2006
    Akron, Ohio

    The first 2 acts were solid. Nothing really amazing, but still enjoyable. I can't recall anything that I really disliked.

    The 3rd act, however, was really bad. Even with the corner that they wrote themselves into, there still had to have been better ways to take it than that. And the ending was very, very bad.


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    Filthy Repulsive Anteater Mr_Scorpion's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    Salt Lake City, UT

    Good stuff:
    -The intro was just awesome. I loved the "no bonuses" sign!
    -Gil was actually characterized very well here. He never got annoying, and actually came off as quite likeable.
    -I thought the Grinch thing was just surreal enough to be really funny, especially the scene in Moe's. Their last appearance was a little too much, but up until that point, it was great.
    -Homer not being able to see Marge's flashback was absolutely hilarious.

    Bad stuff:
    -The calendar dates were funny at times, but the montage went on WAY too long.
    -Marge's motivations in the 3rd act were a stretch at best, and inexplicable at worst. When she yelled at Gil, she was more unlikeable than Jerkass Homer has ever been.
    -The ending was beyond stupid.

    If the third act had gone a different direction, this could have easily been a 3/5. But as it stands, it's a solid 2. Not the worst of the season (still Jazzy & The Pussycats), but still pretty lackluster.

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    post brody's Avatar
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    May 2005

    Eh, it had a few clever moments, but it felt like it had no payoff. And the Grinch thing got old the second time they did it.


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    Mod, eh? Tomacco's Avatar
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    Aug 2001

    Just to throw it out there, I dunno why so many people hated the third act so much. I thought it made sense and fit in pretty well.

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    Aug 2006
    Orlando, FL

    Besides a few funny jokes... see last post by me....

    It was okay.


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    Stonecutter coltonwiggum's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
    Where Stephen Harper precepts.

    I'm being generous here! A very interesting episode. I would have given it a full 4/5 but a few things lowered it *cough* the third act *cough*. I'd like to point out there was some excellent acting here. And everyone (horay) was in character. It's nice to see Homer and Marge acting like a couple. I'll probably post more later.
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