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  • Bonfire of the Manatees

    0 0%
  • The Girl Who Slept Too Little

    26 35.62%
  • Milhouse of Sand and Fog

    1 1.37%
  • Treehouse of Horror XVI

    1 1.37%
  • Marge's Son Poisoning

    7 9.59%
  • See Homer Run

    1 1.37%
  • The Last of the Red Hat Mamas

    4 5.48%
  • The Italian Bob

    10 13.70%
  • Simpsons Christmas Stories

    6 8.22%
  • Homer's Paternity Coot

    4 5.48%
  • We're on the Road to D'ohwhere

    13 17.81%
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    Season Seventeen Best Episode: Part One (The Girl Who Slept Too Little Wins)

    "The Girl Who Slept Too Little". Not especially funny (though there are a few great gags here and there), and it gets a little too cutesy-poo for my tastes near the end. But it's storytelling and character writing is considerably more involved and thought out than a lot of episodes. The direction is also notably impressive, effectively conveying the atmosphere and faux-horror of the graveyard.

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    Out of touch old timer Nebuchanezzar's Avatar
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    Agreed, but I struggled with voting for it over We're on the Road to D'ohwhere, both of which I enjoy immensely.
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    big bad Bartolo sung's Avatar
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    There weren't really my favorites on this part, but some were okay-to-good here. Like 'Girl Who Slept To Little', 'Milhouse Of Sand And Fog' or 'Homer's Paternity Coot'.

    I don't know if any of you guys would agree with me, but my favorite one from the list is 'Homer's Paternity Coot'. Verry interesting plot story, I don't remember if this episode had a good humor though. 'Girl Who Slept Too Little' is close second
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    The Last of the Red Hot Mamas.

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    Don't bad-mouth the head! Xt'Tapalatakettle's Avatar
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    Jun 2006

    Marge's Son Poisoning. Great gripping story with Marge and Bart's relationship and many great laughs along the way. What more can you need?
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    Season 16: Thank God It's Doomsday, The Heartbroke Kid, Fat Man and Little Boy
    Season 17: The Seemingly Never-Ending Story, Marge's Son Poisoning, Bart Has Two Mommies
    Season 18: The Haw-Hawed Couple, 24 Minutes, Little Big Girl
    Season 19: The Debarted, Midnight Towboy, Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind
    Season 20: Gone Maggie Gone, Take My Life Please, Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words

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    AddminisGator Gatorgod's Avatar
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    Slept too little gets my vote.
    I would have liked The Italian Bob better if they'd used my suggestion of having Bob say "I'm tired of these Mutha F'n Rakes On this Mutha F'n plane!" :silly:

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    laughing time is ovah! Henrik P's Avatar
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    The Last of the Red Hat Mamas
    I just found that one a bit more funnier than the rest.

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    SuperFriend Nameless's Avatar
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    The Girl Who Slept Too Little, mainly for the direction.
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    Put me down for The Girl Who Slept Too Little as well. The show may not be great nowadays, but this episode certainly showcases one of the bigger strengths of the show today, animation and direction. The graveyard scenes and the dream sequences have beautiful designs and give you a good sense of fear with their shadows and angles. It has it's problems, like a few plot threads that go nowhere and a cutesy climax, but overall it has good laughs, nice characterizations, and it's just alot of fun to look at.

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    Hired Goon Adam R's Avatar
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    Oct 2005

    None of these were too entertaining, so I went with SCS because the last act is the first A+ thing we've had in years to me.

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    SuperFriend Homer Jay's Avatar
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    The Girl Who Slept Too Little is the only one of these episodes that is particularly memorable

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    The Girl Who Slept Too Little, though Marge's Son Poisoning comes very, very close.

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    Mmmmm, hotdog. J-Spot's Avatar
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    I almost don't feel right voting on this one since half of these I only saw once and don't remember much about. We're on the Road to D'ohwhere gets my vote, despite a couple of cringe-worthy gags (the cliff scene), it was one of the funniest eps of the season. In contrast, I remember TGWSTL being about as funny as a glass of water.

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    3 years late, but meh! simplysimpsons's Avatar
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    The Girl Who Slept Too Little and We're on the Road to D'ohwhere are both great. I'll still go with the former though, as despite a few flaws it's simply put a very good episode, with awesome animation.

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    post brody's Avatar
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    This is really hard, because most of these episodes are incredibly dull.
    "Marge's Son Poisoning" though.

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    We're On The Road To D'ohwhere

    The Stamp Museum and ending of The Girl Who Slept Too Little ruin the episode.

    But none of that matters anyway, because The Seemingly Never-Ending Story will win this Season hands down.

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    grappling with local oaf Postmaster's Avatar
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    The Girl Who Slept Too Little,(B+) easily but there's other decent episodes in Red Hat Mama's and D'ohwhere, though I'm hesistant to praise it, since it has quite a bit of crap in it and gets overated here.

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    Lucky The Leprechaun
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    Marge's Son Poisoning for me, but I have a thing for the whole Marge and Bart relationship.

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    The Girl Who Slept Too Little. All the other ep's are crap, save for Marge's Son Poisoning, We're on the Road to D'ohWhere, and to a much lesser extent, the Italian Bob.

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    i did not hit her Jayrayman's Avatar
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    Marge's Son Poisoning (B) as I thought it was a sweet episode which picked up momentum towards the end.

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    Junior Camper BrideofMoleman's Avatar
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    The Girl Who Slept Too Little was much too forgetabble for my tastes. Yeah, I will admit the animation was awesome, but the plot was rather flimsy for my tastes and the only joke I liked was Gravedigger Billy. Homer going "That's Bull****"....

    Marge's Son Poisoning had great potential, but I found it quite boring, really.

    See Homer Run was just....horrific. The townspeople loving Homer for being the safety salemander o_0?

    I was down between The Italian Bob and We're On the Road to Doh'Where. The Italian Bob was more consistent and pretty good, save the abrupt Krusty saves them ending. I'd give it a 7/10, but We're on the Road to Doh'where has happier connotations, and though it had a few bad jokes, it was overall an enjoyable episode to watch, which is why I chose it.

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    Stonecutter coltonwiggum's Avatar
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    The Girl Who Slept Too Little
    she didnt exactly read shrek the 3rd, which apparently exists as some sort of companion book for a pixar movie. no, this would probably take several minutes (perhaps 10), and would have ultimately depricated the shrek 3 cinematic experience

    she merely looked at the book

    she saw it, perhaps in the childrens section of a barnes & noble, registered it in her mind as being in existance, and filed it away for later as the subject for a post on BOOKS YOUVE READ. only she just looked at it. and it was shrek 3

    in a way its the saddest post ive ever read

    -toxic shock syndrome

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    something clever grissom's Avatar
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    Girl Who Slept Too Little. Easy choice.

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    Profound Sadness Kiyosuki's Avatar
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    I voted for Girl who Slept too Little. It had a very different vibe compared to the rest of the season I felt. It was like a mix of the older episodes' slower paced kid centric stories and an oldschool storybook (thus the reference).

    I dug it a lot.

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    *RIP Marcia Wallace* TriforceBun's Avatar
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    I enjoyed Slept, but I didn't think it was THAT good. One of the better eps of the season, but probably not in my top five of that year.

    I voted for Simpsons Christmas Stories. I genuinely enjoyed the first two acts and thought they had a good number of solid gags. I wish the second act's ending was a little different, but I thought that and the third act were particularly creative. And of course, the ep's last few minutes are great.
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    That Veronica Vaughn..... Ryan_'s Avatar
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    Last of the Red Hat Mamas

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    welcome to my town sacrelicious's Avatar
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    The only one that stands out is "The Girl Who Slept Too Little." Gets my vote!
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    No wonder he won Minnesota. Sarcastic Guy II's Avatar
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    Milhouse Of Sand and Fog

    I thought it was classic.
    I was saying "Boo-urns."

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    Dr. Bartley

    Homer's Paternity Coot but Milhouse Of Sand and Fog/Marge's Son Poisoning came really close.

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    He's undeniably real George Cauldron's Avatar
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    I have to say that I never really enjoyed The Girl Who Slept Too Little all that much. My vote would be between either Milhouse of Sand and Fog (hey, I enjoyed it) and We're On The Road to D'ohwhere, the latter of which won.

    And as for the others: Bonfire of the Manatees was just too dull to be considered, as was Last of the Red Hat Mamas. Treehouse of Horror XVI was highly creative with some impressive visuals, but short on gags and plot, occasionally feeling rushed. Marge's Son Poisoning, Homer's Paternity Coot, The Italian Bob and See Homer Run had some good moments but a few letdowns. Similarly, Simpsons Christmas Stories has an overlong first act, a poor second act, but a surprisingly good final act.

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