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Thread: There's a fucking animated Zoolander movie on Netflix

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    There's a fucking animated Zoolander movie on Netflix

    Big fan of the fact that upon looking this up, the first article I saw basically starts by noting that this thing seems to have just appeared out of nowhere.
    Appearing on Netflix to absolutely no fanfare whatsoever, ‘Zoolander: Super Model’ seems to be the latest instalment of ‘Zoolander’ starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. That’s right – they actually agreed to do the voices for this.

    Amazing, isn’t it? This actually made it to Netflix.

    Because apparently, it’s something we want to see…
    Full article:

    I can't say I'm in any hurry to watch it (Zoolander 2 was bad enough) but just seeing this randomly pop up (And with a 1-star rating) is just a laughably weird occurrence. Also it's existence and the fact that it appears to be a failed mini-series edited into one long movie is even weirder. Why the fuck is this a thing?
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    Good god, that image looked so ugly and cheap, I had to look it up myself. Apparently it's only available in Netflix U.K. (and I checked, it's definitely not in the U.S. version)

    According to Wikipedia, they managed to get the likes of Patton Oswalt, Kim Kardashian, and Katy Perry as guest stars.

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