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  • Treehouse of Horror XI

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  • A Tale of Two Springfields

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  • Insane Clown Poppy

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  • Lisa the Tree Hugger

    7 8.75%
  • Homer vs. Dignity

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  • The Computer Wore Menace Shoes

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  • The Great Money Caper

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  • Skinner's Sense of Snow

    16 20.00%
  • HOMR

    20 25.00%
  • Pokey Mom

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  • Worst Episode Ever

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Thread: Season Twelve Best Episode: Part One (HOMR Wins)

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    Season Twelve Best Episode: Part One (HOMR Wins)

    "Worst Episode Ever". Semi-classic feeling here at times compared to most everything else here, with a mostly contained Homer role, a nice comparatively down-to-earth (though somewhat predictable) Bart/Milhouse story, and a unique chance for CBG to carry the episode. Not perfect, the CBG/Agnes plot is dull and doesn't amount to much, even if the idea of two of the most demeaning people pairing up is sorta interesting, and it still has a lot of Scullyish wackiness to it (the infamous radioactive ape). But there's enough lines and scenes, much of the Bart/Milhouse stuff, CBG and Hibbert's exchange, and the opening (even if a tad derivative of "Boy-Scoutz N the Hood") that carry it through.

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    HomR is quite a nice episode.
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    I remember liking HOMR, but I don't think I've seen it more than twice and I barely remember it. That leaves Lisa the Tree Hugger and Skinner's Sense of Snow to duke it out. I'll give it to the latter, but I'll probably change my mind 5 minutes from now. WEE and Treehouse are decent entries as well. Definitely a better season than 10 or 11.

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    Worst Episode Ever is one of Scully's few episodes that actually feels a little like a classic. Definitely gets my vote.

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    I know a lot of people here really hate HOMR, but whatever. I don't mind the idea at all (and also don't mind that it contradicts Lisa the Simpson either, both explanations for Homer's stupidity are extremely far-fetched), and it provides a lot of laughs and good Lisa interaction.
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    The Computer Wore Menace Shoes. Some other good ones here, but this one steals the show for me.
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    I went with Skinner's Sense of Snow. I always felt this episode was somewhat underrated. I think it could have fit well with the classic era. The only thing that I didn't like this episode was Homer's hallucinations at the end with Lisa turning into a camel.
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    I voted for Worst Episode Ever -- when I first saw this I didn't even know it came from this season, which is quite remarkable, as a lot of the other episodes (exceptions including Trilogy of Error, and HOMR) are quite abysmal and/or forgettable.
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    The Computer Wore Menace Shoes Hilarious.

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    HOMR pisses me off the least and has a touching ending. It's at least something I wouldn't mind rewatching.
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    Maybe it's time to live.... Cerpin Taxt's Avatar
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    I voted for The Computer Wore Menace Shoes, because it's the lesser evil here.

    And I reaaaaaly want to hear from whoever voted for A Tale of Two Springfields.
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    "The computer wore menace shoes" is the best one here IMO. "Worst episode ever" is very close,though.

    Go,vote for TCWMS.
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    I need a WEE.

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    I voted for The Computer Wore Menace Shoes, even though it hasn't aged all that well over the years for me. The humor overall is pretty good what with Wiggum's website, the Mr. X homepage, and the various conspiracy theories. The third act was pretty unnecessary though, even if you know that it was a parody. The plot just seems to stand still (both on the Island and off), and the ending was very disappointing. Still, there were enough laughs to make this an entertaining, though flawed episode.

    I do have to mention though, that another episode I'm rooting for is Skinner's Sense of Snow, which seems to get little respect around here even though I think it has some of the year's funniest moments between Skinner and the school kids.

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    wreck on the highway
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    Skinner's Sense Of Snow, followed by Worst Episode Ever.

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    Treehouse of Horror XI B+
    A Tale of Two Springfields A-/B+
    Insane Clown Poppy A-
    Lisa the Tree Hugger A-
    Homer vs. Dignity B
    The Computer Wore Menace Shoes B-
    The Great Money Caper C
    Skinner's Sense of Snow B
    HOMR B-
    Pokey Mom B+
    Worst Episode Ever A-

    Not a bad bunch, and certainly a massive upgrade from Season 11. In terms of the best episode it was a toss up between the episodes that are all A-'s (obviously) but I went with Worst Episode Ever.

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    Junior Camper Screwy Squirrel's Avatar
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    "Worst Episode Ever". "Skinner's Sense of Snow" comes as a close second.
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    He's undeniably real George Cauldron's Avatar
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    I'm not a fan of many of these episodes, a lot of which suffer from "Bad Ending Syndrome." Worst Episode Ever, with the radioactive ape, Skinner's Sense of Snow with the excruciating camel-headed Lisa, Pokey Mom's tedious exchange, and the less said about the Great Money Caper, the better. What else? Insane Clown Poppy is boring as Hell, and I dislike the title, The Computer Wore Menace Shoes is okay, though a parody of the Prisoner may not have been the best way to write the third act, A Tale of Two Springfields is an inferior carbon copy of Trash of the Titans, and Lisa the Treehugger is passable, and good by Season Twelve standards.

    My choice is between HOMR and Treehouse of Horror XI. HOMR is very funny, if you set aside continuity issues. I'm tempted to go for the latter, not just because it has the origin of my username, but also because despite its problems, I thought it was a very funny episode, and it only just gets away with the stupidity of the dolphins. For me, it was the last 'good' Halloween episode. Or at least, the last acceptable Halloween episode.

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    streets ahead Paul's Avatar
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    I'll go with Lisa the Treehugger in this collection of bad episodes.

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    Skinner's Sense of Snow is pretty okay. Until Lisa starts honking, at least.
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    Lucky The Leprechaun
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    Skinner's Sense of Snow is the best in my opinion. HOMR is a close second.

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    Mmm... Free Goo
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    I don't remember this season that well, cuz they don't show the episodes of these anymore, so I chose Homer v. Dignity as a pity vote.

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    Junior Camper
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    I voted for HOMR, although I almost voted for Skinner's Sense of Snow. Those episodes, along with Trilogy of Error, are on a completely different level than any of the other episodes this season.

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    and now i have slapped a king Mike Scully's Avatar
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    Now this is better. Insane Clown Poppy, The Computer Wore Menace Shoes (which was a lot funnier than I recall on a rewatch), and Worst Episode Ever, are all superior to anything from season 11, and felt more like Mirkin than Scully. This season had the same problems as season 11, but the quality of the humor improved a bit.

    My vote goes to Worst Episode Ever.

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    Tough choice between HOMR and Skinner's Sense of Snow. Not sure which one to vote for.
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    Worst Episode Ever, no question, it's in my top 10.
    Insane Clown Poppy and Lisa the Tree Hugger are worthy opponents.
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    Well look at that, Skinner's Sense of Snow is getting plenty of praise. I thought it was generally disliked around here. I'm impressed and happy for it.

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    Profound Sadness Kiyosuki's Avatar
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    I'm extremely busy right now so I actually don't have time for a season rant, even though I really want to give one for 12. :silly:

    I voted for Skinner's sense of Snow.

    This and Worst Episode Ever have a very oldschool feel to them, and are generally very well paced. They were extremely nice changes of pace from the previous season, I consider them great episodes.

    Generally a huge improvement over the last, but I do like Homer vs Dignity, and Lisa the Tree Hugger a little more than the others (but less than the above two of course)

    I voted for Skinner's sense of Snow because it was a very straight to the point episode. No distracting sub plot or attempt to overcomplicate things, just pure chaos at the school, a bit of all the kid's being themselves, Skinner being hilariously inept, and Homer and Flanders working together with mixed results. Not much to really go wrong with.

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    I'm Gonna Say Tale OF 2 Springfields

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    3 years late, but meh! simplysimpsons's Avatar
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    Lisa the Tree Hugger, Skinner's Sense of Snow, and Worst episode Ever are my top 3 here, pretty much in order! I think Lisa the Tree Hugger is underrated. Down to earth and very funny, a refreshing break from the craziness of season 11-early season 12.

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