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Thread: R&R Homer's Night Out

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    Stonecutter Szyslak100's Avatar
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    Jul 2017

    Marge makes a huge scandal for a photo.

    Frequently, Homer's Night Out is a contender for the worst episode of the first season, and also what many call "classic era". In fact, in this site, it is located in the second step of the least valued, surpassing only Homer's Odyssey. Until today, when I saw the episode again, I did not have a clear opinion about it. But, from now on, I can join those who believe that this episode is simply bad.

    The main reason for my displeasure is in the actions of Marge, and I am not the only one.

    And I have several reasons to justify it. The main one is the lack of humor. I am able to account, only with the fingers of a single hand, the scenes that have made me chuckle. When Homer does exercise (which is a merit of the animation), when everyone in Springfield jokes with Homer and he does not understand, when Barney calls Marge to ask him to turn off the light, and when Burns does not understand how Homer to be surrounded of women (absolute merit of Harry Shearer). And that's all. There are no more moments that have made me laugh. The rest of the jokes either were forced or were not good enough. The 'emotive' scenes, on the other hand, were not effective at any time. Maybe, they barely get it when Marge gets excited in the end, but nothing more.

    Homer doing this exercise is something very fun to watch.

    Another reason is the bad characterizations of several characters. The one that bothers me the most is Marge. In this case, she is shown as the queen of morality, the perfect lady, and a model of life (I am being sarcastic). And this bothers more because it is something that she forgot in the previous episode. Maybe the failure is only on the date of the issue because it is detrimental to the episode to be consecutive to Life on the Fast Lane. Or perhaps (and more likely) is that this is only an aggravating circumstance since Marge does not act as anyone would do in this situation, and only worries about the message that may come to her son, something that does not seem convincing. Speaking of his son, he takes the role of a rather irresponsible child, but in the sense that it does not characterize him. He is deluded when sharing the photo of his father and the princess. More so, in doing it with Milhouse.

    Why would Marge want Homer to do this with Bart? There is not a convincing reason.

    All this happens within the framework of a story that also leaves something to be desired. In spite of being the tenth episode of the series, already it suffers from having a repetitive premise (Homer and Marge have matrimonial problems). In addition to this, the plot is somewhat slow, and its execution is not good. I still can not understand why the photo of Homer and the princess became so viral in Springfield, nor what is the motivation of Marge to force Homer to take Bart to go through that exaggerated amount of brothels. As if this were not enough, there is another flaw, which inhabits certain elements that are not closed as they should be. Why Homer is a hero for all the slugs if only a photograph was taken? Why does Burns implore Homer's help, if it is not relevant to the story that is told? And as I said, Why makes that insignificant photo popular?

    This stupid picture should be unable to separate Homer and Marge and drive Springfield mad.

    But hey, the truth is that there are certain remarkable aspects. Although it must also be said that they are quite insignificant in comparison with the problems explained in the three previous paragraphs. The most positive thing in all this is the excellent message that leaves against the objectification of women. It's nice that in a society (and in an era) where machismo is a reality, there has been an episode like this, that does not relegate them and fight for the dignity they deserve. Also, I like the animation (even with its mistakes) and I value the effort in the funds that were used in the brothels. And finally, I want to highlight the characterization of Homer, who manages to overcome his temptations for the welfare of his wife.

    "They are our wives. They are our daughters, our sisters. Our grandmas, our aunts, our nieces, and nephews. Well, not our nephews". Nice quote.

    Homer's Night Out is an episode that I find difficult to empathize with. The problem is that it has gross flaws in the three most important aspects (humor/story/characterizations). His small successes in this or other fields are not enough to break the bad and, as a result, we have one of the first years of the show.

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    I don't think this episode was as bad as people say it was. People mention there are jerkass homer eps, but this episode was what i call a jerkass marge episode. This episode i thought had some funny moments. 4/5

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    No to cooties and sisters. Shoskin's Avatar
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    Jul 2017

    Ok, I'm going to be nice and give it a three. Homer going around looking for Princess Kashmir at all the strip clubs is funny. Such a small town and so many. It makes me wonder why these were not a problem with the high and mities of the town: i.e. Marge.

    What bugs me is that Marge has the gall to throw Homer out when she almost let's herself be used be some lazaro who just wants another notch on his bed post. Homer can be an ass, but he has never thought of cheating on Marge. Mindy might be an example but I feel he never had it in his mind to actually cheat on Marge. The only person that seem to know what was going on is Lisa and Bart and maybe Helen. However, it takes Bart throwing a ball and hitting his father on the head to freaks out.

    Crap so I will give it a 2.99, and round up.

    Origi corner taken quickly.

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    We go from the best episode of the season to the worst. There are two big problems with this episode. The first is that it isn't funny. There are some gags that work, but most of the episode is very dull. The second problem is with the story. While I can understand the photo of Homer making Marge angry when first seeing it and yelling at him, but outright kicking Homer out of the house breaks my suspension of disbelief. Homer never gets a chance to explain his side of the story, even when he comes back the next day. The episode frames Homer's "mistake" as something he has to make up for with a cheesy speech, but that doesn't work when the catalyst for this is Homer dancing next to a scantily clad woman. If there was a situation where it looked like Homer and the woman had sex, the outrage and Marge throwing Homer out of the house would be more believable, but that's not what the episode goes with.

    I'm not even sure why the picture causes so much outrage and intrigue before Marge sees it. I guess I get why the kids are into it, but the adults? Is dancing with an attractive looking woman rare and scandalous around Springfield? The episode doesn't give that impression since Homer wasn't the only one into the woman at the party. And there's a club where people can ogle at hot women. Did they spread it because they know Homer is married? That's unlikely as the adults who first spread the letter are seemingly random one-off characters.

    And that's not even mentioning the scene of Mr. Burns asking Homer how to attract women which is pointless. It doesn't add to the story and if the point is supposed to show how men treat women like objects, it doesn't. And it's not funny either. Plus Marge says that Homer is leaving a bad impression for Bart about treating women like objects, but there's no scene showing Bart getting that impression. This entire episode is very contrived and dumb. While the message it sends is a good one, the content behind it does not back it up which leads to the only bad episode of season 1. 3/10

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    I like the message of the episode, but the message has 0 correlation with what actually is happening. Homer dancing, and doing nothing else, with some woman is enough for the whole town to go berserk and Marge to be angry at him? Marge did way worse in Life on the Fast Lane, which is literally close to this episode. The stuff with Bart and the small camera is fine, but most of the episode is really lame for season 1 standards.

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    Being my fanatic self Simpson's Fan's Avatar
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    Shocked Homer's Night Out

    Homer's Night Out.jpg

    "Homer's Night Out" is an average episode. It can't reach the level of "Life On The Fast Lane" or "Some Enchanted Evening", but somehow it still has a charm that makes me like it.

    I don't understand why everyone reacted so negatively towards the episode. It is a pretty fun episode and it is kind of similar to "Life On The Fast Lane" an all-time favourite classic! I read that it is Marge's and everyone else's reaction over the photograph that showed Homer dancing with Princess Kashmir. If someone reads this post, I want to ask him/her: If you saw your husband/wife dancing with a random boy/girl and you hadn't the slightest idea about it, would you believe there is nothing wrong and just a friendly dance? I personally wouldn't! I can't relate, but I can understand why everyone is obsessed about the photograph and this applies to both genders. I have to say, Marge throwing Homer out of the house was a little too much, but she wasn't there and both male and female can easily cheat on each other for various reasons. Let's not forget that these two are 10 years married! It is difficult for her to believe it, even if Homer is a good man! I don't blame her!

    I want to talk a little about Homer's behaviour, because I believe it deserves a look. We see Homer, a married man with three children, acting in a good way at first, but later things start to get weird, when he is invited to dance with this exotic belly dancer. I don't see anything wrong, but someone else would take it differently. I believe refusing to dance is the best thing he could have done, but we wouldn't have an episode. Clearly, everyone sees that there is no problem with Homer dancing with another woman, because if it wasn't for Bart, they probably wouldn't have learnt about it. I don't really like the side plot about the camera at all! It kind of makes a 10-year-old boy guilty for his parents break-up, which one of the most passionate break-ups in the marriage crisis episodes and one of the funniest! I do believe Marge should have listened to him or at the very least make him sleep on the couch, but throwing him out is something really common in these kind of episodes! She acted responsibly, however, by wanting Homer to teach Bart a lesson about how to treat women, which is, in my opinion, one of the best messages "The Simpsons" has ever done. Homer's speech at the end was just marvellous, but he could have just arranged to meet Princess Kashmir some other time, not when she was working!

    ACT 1

    The first is not that great. Bart buying a miniature camera, when he could have just asked for a bigger and better one, is really not funny or smart. The mailwoman was really angry and pissed off and I don't think arguing with a 10-year-old is right, even if he was asking over and over again for the same thing! Kids are impatient, we have to accept that, especially if they want something for 6 MONTHS! After arguing with the mailwoman, he goes around the house, taking photos of all the family members, even in private times, which works for few jokes.

    Then, Homer announces that he is going to the bachelor party of his supervisor at the Power Plant, so Marge chooses to take the kids to the Rusty Barnacle., the same place that Eugene's (Homer's supervisor) bachelor is taking place. I ma really staring to wonder, why Homer didn't tell her, where was the bachelor going to take place. Maybe he knew all about the exotic dancer and chose to not tell her? Anyway, Eugene and his father are disgusted, when an exotic belly dancer named Princess Kashmir arrives. When she becomes unable to arouse them, Homer is invited to dance with her onstage and has a great time, but everything is about to change, when Bart investigates their noisy party and takes a picture of Homer dancing with her. Here is the end of act 1.

    I didn't expect this!.jpg

    ACT 2

    Act 2 is the funniest out of the three for me, it has some of the best jokes! So, the next morning, Bart joins the camera club at Springfield Elementary and as soon as the photo is developed, Martin Prince compliments Bart for the quality of the photograph and they ask him if they can have a copy of it. Bart refuses, but eventually agrees to give one to Milhouse and somehow all the town learns how Homie the lover was born, which in one day is impossible! Marge was the only one not laughing with the situation! I love the reaction of people in town that we never get to see again! Apu's clever remarks, Homer not seeing the picture that was in front of his face all the time, the kid making fun of Homer that sounds similar to Bart, the mechanic congratulating Homer etc.

    He returns home from work with Marge being there the whole time, showing the picture in his face, demanding an explanation. Well, she wasn't a witch in Treehouse of Horror 8 for nothing! Bart, who found himself guilty, apologises and admits he took the picture and doesn't say that Homer was just dancing with the lady and Marge sends him to his room, nearly strangling Homer and later throwing him out of the house with a half-packed suitcase packet of tissue papers, leaving Homer no choice, but to sleep at Barney's house. Act 2 ends!

    Doo, do, do di do.jpg

    Why you big......jpg

    ACT 3

    The next day at work, Mr Burns sees the picture and questions Homer, how is he so attractive for women, which made me feel very uncomfortable! Hopefully, Homer returns home to apologise with a frustrated Marge to take Bart to meet Princess Kashmir and teach him a lesson that women are not sexual objects.

    Now, left with no other alternative, Homer and Bart go to find Princess Kashmir and finally track her down at the Sapphire Lounge. Homer introduces himself and Bart to her and she starts telling a little about herself, before they both accidentally find themselves onstage and falls down with no scratches or broken bones. He gives a great speech about treating women with respect and pleas the audience and the performing singer and even Marge, who with tears in her eyes runs towards Homer and they share a kiss and they reconcile.

    A romantic moment .png

    Overall, I don't hate the episode, I just roll my eyes and cringe a little. I gave the episode a generous 3/5!

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    Stonecutter ComicBookGal's Avatar
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    Aug 2014

    hooo boy two marriage crisis episodes in the same season....why didn't Marge ask where Homer was going for the stag? this probably could have been avoided

    well next season homer will actually be happy to be weighing 239, kind of makes me want to watch classic simpsons right now....or rather the tape of Simpsons episodes from when Teletoon used to air the show
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    blocks your path CousinMerl's Avatar
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    So this one is going to be a bit longer. I guess I just had more to say here.

    I'd have to say this was the weakest of the first season. I like the premise itself, that with Bart getting his hands on a small camera and eventually taking an incriminating photo of Homer at a bachelor party & copies of the photo ending up getting spread through town and it causing Homer not only to be sort of a celeb but running into trouble with Marge, but I think that for the most part was too clunky, simplistic and forced in a sense, not to mention not being very funny and insead trying to hammer in a message in an blunt manner. Plus being the second marriage crisis episode in a row felt like an uninspired repeat in a way, with this one really feeling inferior.

    I like start with Bart getting a tiny spy camera, sneaking around taking photos and also joining the school's photo club (which is kinda amusing; I never could see later classic era Bart do that); also the back and forth between him and the postwoman is pretty funny. Homer going to his plant supervisor's bachelor party at the same seafood restaurant as his family had its moments (like Bart rearranging the menu letters and regretting ordering the squid & how miserable the supervisor and his dad are at the party). Bart sneaking in and taking the photo of Homer dancing with Princess Kashmir led to an decent montage of the photo copies getting spread & Homer becoming well known, though the town making such a huge deal about the kinda tame photo was ridiculous and exaggerated, cartoonishly so (and the Mr. Burns part, with him chastising Homer about the photo and then wanting advice on women, was pointless, but I liked the character development).

    I think the episode is fine up to Marge finding out about the photo & immediately kicks Homer out. I dislike how unreasonable she was about it, not giving Homer any chance to explain but instead forcing him to leave while she's sobbing; she overreacted and was incredibly unfair (why not even let him explain himself? Also she was with Jacques an episode ago so hypocritical?). I liked Homer crashing at Barney and the kids being on good terms with him. So Homer confronts Marge to forgive and she is really only bothered with how Homer set a bad precedent for Bart, who could treat women like sex objects in the future becaue of this, and forces Homer to take Bart with him to go see Kashmir and show that she is a person, not an object (felt like Marge was generalizing and jumping the gun by assuming Bart for sure would come to treat women badly). Then Homer lead Bart around from one seedy sex club to the other until they find Kashmir (real name Shauna Tifton) at a club, leading to the climax.

    The end was very straightforward and not so clever at all. Homer gets Shauna to tell Bart about herself before she is to perform in a cage, Homer accidentally goes up in the air with her she stomps his fingers as he hangs from the cage so that she won't get in trouble (She lmoat literally tries to injure/kill him out of self-preservation we are supposed to like her?). So he falls on stage, audience recognizes him as the guy in the photos and gets caught up in the moment with the dancers (and the envious Mr. Burns is in the audience with Smithers, and somehow Marge is suddenly there too?). Homer gives a speech about women and how they are people too & it causing everyone to cry and realize they are about women and go home, leaving Homer & Marge to reconcile. It ust felt so saccharinely neat and perfect; the speech solving everything, the sappy reactions and everything being forgiven so quickly felt beneath the show.

    What an weirdly simple and flat episode. Bart's stuff was pretty good and half the episode was decent, but the humor lacked, Marge was too unfair and Homer's "deed" wasn't that bad at all (Kashmir even invited him to dance with herself) yet we are supposed to view him as the bad guy who will definitely lead Bart to be bad to women in the future. I think it does have a good moral about how to treat women right and not as objects, but it was, as said, too simplistic, heavy-handed and moralizing; we didn't even get to hear Kashmir/Shauna's view (also, the photo was not even that bad , both for the town and Marge to go crazy about). Not a bad plot idea, just a clumsy and lackluster execution, feeling more like a stereotypical 80's sitcom "very special episode" than The Simpsons. Had they done this one late in the classic era it could have been something really good, but this was just too early to tackle a subject like this.

    Giving this an 2/5. I remembered it as a 3/5 so I rewatched and the latter half just isn't very good. It could have been solved as soon as Marge discovered the photo by her, Homer & Bart sitting down in the kitchen and having a talk about it, but instead we get a forced marriage crisis with an irrational (if still a little understandable) Marge who has Homer crawling back for forgiveness for not doing much wrong (going to the bachelor party was maybe a bad idea, but Marge didn't object to it). One of, if the most, disappointing Jon Vitti episode.
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    Is Dark Allison Trab Pu Kcip's Avatar
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    I was just laughing at how many exotic bars Homer made Bart go to, but other than that, it's a 2/5.
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