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Thread: R&R Homer's Night Out

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    Marge makes a huge scandal for a photo.

    Frequently, Homer's Night Out is contender for the worst episode of the first season, and also what many call "classic era". In fact, in this site, it is located in the second step of the least valued, surpassing only Homer's Odyssey. Until today, when I saw the episode again, I did not have a clear opinion about it. But, from now on, I can join those who believe that this episode is simply bad.

    The main reason for my displeasure is in the actions of Marge, and I am not the only one.

    And I have several reasons to justify it. The main one is the lack of humor. I am able to tell, only with the fingers of a single hand, the scenes that have made me laugh. When Homer does exercise (which is merit of the animation), when everyone in Springfield jokes with Homer and he does not understand, when Barney calls Marge to ask him to turn off the light, and when Burns does not understand how Homer to be surrounded of women (absolute merit of Harry Shearer). And ready. There are no more moments that have made me laugh. The rest of the jokes either were forced, or were not good enough. The 'emotive' scenes, on the other hand, were not effective at any time. Maybe, they barely get it when Marge gets excited in the end, but nothing more.

    Homer doing this exercise is something very fun to watch.

    Another reason is the bad characterizations of several characters. The one that bothers me the most is Marge. In this case, she is shown as the queen of morality, the perfection lady and a model of life (I am being sarcastic). And this bothers more because it is something that he forgot in the previous episode. Maybe the failure is only on the date of issue, because it is detrimental to the episode to be consecutive to Life on the Fast Lane. Or perhaps (and more likely) is that this is only an aggravating circumstance, since Marge does not act as anyone would do in this situation, and only worries about the message that may come to her son, something that does not seem convincing. Speaking of his son, he takes the role of a rather irresponsible child, but in the sense that does not characterize him. He is deluded when sharing the photo of his father and the princess. More so, in doing it with Milhouse.

    Why would Marge want Homer to do this with Bart? There is not a convincing reason.

    All this happens within the framework of a story that also leaves something to be desired. In spite of being the tenth episode of the series, already it suffers of having a repetitive premise (Homer and Marge have matrimonial problems). In addition to this, the plot is somewhat slow, and its execution is not good. I still can not understand why the photo of Homer and the princess became so viral in Springfield, nor what is the motivation of Marge to force Homer to take Bart to go through that exaggerated amount of brothels. As if this were not enough, there is another flaw, which inhabits certain elements that are not closed as they should be. Why Homer is a hero for all the slugs if only a photograph was taken? Why does Burns implore Homer's help, if it is not relevant to the story that is told? And as I said, Why makes that insignificant photo popular?

    This stupid picture should be unable to separate Homer and Marge and drive Springfield mad.

    But hey, the truth is that there are certain remarkable aspects. Although it must also be said that they are quite insignificant in comparison with what is explained in the three previous paragraphs. The most positive thing in all this is the excellent message that leaves against the objectification of women. It's nice that in a society (and in an era) so macho, there has been an episode like this, that does not relegate them and fight for the dignity they deserve. Also, I like the animation (even with its mistakes) and I value the effort in the funds that were used in the brothels. And finally, I want to highlight the characterization of Homer, who manages to overcome his temptations for the welfare of his wife.

    "They are our wives. They are our daughters, our sisters. Our grandmas, our aunts, our nieces and nephews. Well, not our nephews". Nice quote.

    Homer's Night Out is an episode that I find difficult to empathize with. The problem is that it has gross flaws in the three most important aspects (humor / history / characterizations). His small successes in this or other fields are not enough to break the bad and, as a result, we have one of the first years of the show.

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    I don't think this episode was as bad as people say it was. People mention there are jerkass homer eps, but this episode was what i call a jerkass marge episode. This episode i thought had some funny moments. 4/5

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    Release the Hounds Shoskin's Avatar
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    Ok, I'm going to be nice and give it a three. Homer going around looking for Princess Kashmir at all the strip clubs is funny. Such a small town and so many. It makes me wonder why these were not a problem with the high and mities of the town: i.e. Marge.

    What bugs me is that Marge has the gall to throw Homer out when she almost let's herself be used be some lazaro who just wants another notch on his bed post. Homer can be an ass, but he has never thought of cheating on Marge. Mindy might be an example but I feel he never had it in his mind to actually cheat on Marge. The only person that seem to know what was going on is Lisa and Bart and maybe Helen. However, it takes Bart throwing a ball and hitting his father on the head to freaks out.

    Crap so I will give it a 2.99, and round up.

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