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Thread: Rate/Review "Bart The Genius"

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    4/5 solid season 1 episode

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    This episode was genius 4/5

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    Good episode. A very simple idea, but it was executed well. The animation is decent. I've seen this many times, but I still like to watch these old episodes once in a while. B+
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    Love this episode. Another bart featured episode getting involved in his shenanigans. This episode introduces Martin the class genius and focuses on his feud with Bart. One of my favorite moments of this show is when Homer asked Bart how school was and Bart replied "Os os" "thats backwards for so so". Another great scene was when Bart confesses to Homer that he isnt a genius at all, that he cheated, and Homer does his signature strangle reaction only Bart avoids him by running to his room butt naked lol.
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    classic episode 4/5
    Simpsons collector cince 2007 and i like it!

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    First Bart episode and it's a good one.


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    I can't say how much I really like this episode. Great comedy and plot. One of the best episodes of Season 1. 93/100
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    Season 1
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    Moaning Lisa: 83/100
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    Over the years i have really grown to appreciate this episode more and more, it's just entertaining. Of course being Season 1 you can still see choppy animation and such like that, but that's part of the charm in my opinion. A real winner from Season 1!

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    BTW forgot, my avatar is from this episode, Ethan Foley!

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    This episode is in my top 3 favorite episodes of season 1 5/5 A+

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    Love this episode. The scrabble scene I think is hilarious, don't know why. The train scene always makes me laugh, too. 5/5.
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    This has aged extremely well; I recently rewatched it, having not seen it in years, and was very impressed. Skimming through this thread I really can't understand a lot of the common complaints. Sure the story's a little "stock" compared to the rest of the series, with the occasional prosaic scene or gag that feels like something I've seen a few times before, but honestly: who cares? The characterisations are solid, the dialogue is surprisingly snappy with some great one-liners, and the whole thing is just so lovely and warm; it's sweet, funny and watching it makes you feel happy. I'm quite comfortable giving this an A.

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    As is the case with Season 1 in general, it's somewhat different to what the show would become in what's generally considered the classic era, but the seeds of greatness are there, and it's still pretty great in its own right. As the first "regular" episode, it sets the tone for the family's day-to-day dynamic, and introduces some prominent supporting characters. There's some funny character-defining moments with Homer and Bart goofing off at the opera, which even Lisa enjoys. There's genuine emotion as you feel for Bart, first as he struggles with his exam, and then as he's picked on by the kids at the school for gifted children. It makes a rather sobering point about cliques and bullying.

    It's interesting to look back at the elements that would be dropped as the show went on, from the kids besides Milhouse in Bart's group of friends (and Bart kind of being the leader of his own little gang), Principal Skinner looking for a way to get rid of Bart, and Martin being set up as a rival of sorts. We'd see traces of that continue here and there, but they were largely abandoned.

    Not the funniest episode, not the best story, but it's a strong introduction to Bart's character, and no doubt helped make him a star in the early years of the show. 4.5/5
    A little less Generic than before.

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    Rewatching season 1 is bizarre. It's not nostalgic really, as it doesn't feel like the Simpsons. The show was in such a primative state. That being said, there are many glipses as to why this would become such a classic. It was on the right track, the writers were just figuring it out. There's nothing particularly hilarious in this episode, but the writing, structure and characterization is spot-on. I'm sure this made it easy for people to warm to the characters when the show first aired. A story you can get invested it, and character arc you can relate and sympathize with, and does a great job of establishing the dynamic between Homer and Bart.

    Clear why Bart became the breakout character in the show's early years (although they already treated him like the main character in the Ulman Shorts, so I'm sure it was there intention all along, despite his burst of popularity).

    Not a classic, but definately an important episode in the show's history. 7.5

    (Always found it bizarre that Homer suggested Lisa should get smarter in this episode. Sometimes forget the writers didn't make her a genius until season 2)

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    The first great mischief of Bart Simpson.

    According to producer comments, if the animation of Bart the Genius had been as disastrous as it was in the first version of Some Enchanted Evening the show would have been canceled. Fortunately, Klasky Csupo managed to improve the quality and reduced the errors to the usual of the first seasons. We were very lucky. We were so near to lose everything...

    Making screenshot to the first seasons should be one of my hobbies.

    In this episode, we have a critique -quite ruthless- towards the behavior of the proud geniuses. Martin's characterization is completely irritating. Arrogant, derogatory, snitch; always with a mocking attitude. For their part, Bart's classmates at the Enriched Learning Center for Gifted Children are also arrogant and derogatory. They discriminated and bullied Bart because of his low coefficient and make fun of him, even taking his lunch off. I am not sure if Dr. J. Loren Pryor falls into the category of 'genius', but his characterization does not resemble those described above. He looks rather delusional believing Bart's lies and avoiding the corroboration of the result of the child's examination.

    Look at this provocative child. I'm glad Bart has ruined your chance to progress.

    On the side of those of the normal coefficient people, Homer and Bart appear. I enjoy the father-son relationship they maintain in this episode. It's a shame that Homer was all for the interest and that at the end of the story he is so incomprehensible. The attempt to end it in a funny note wasted everything they built previously. We received pleasant moments between them, like when they play baseball together or when Homer teaches his son to put on a tie. I really like that Bart has endured his companions only to not disappoint his father. And I also find the use of Marge very appropriate, trying to do cultured activities to promote the intelligence of her child. The scene of the opera was fine, I guess.

    I am fascinated by the realism of this scene. You can feel the happiness of both.

    This episode is nice to understand life's philosophy developed by Bart. He does not care about maths, about science, about the school in general. But he is intelligent in his own way. He just takes the wrong decisions. I mean, he was capable of cheating everyone, he is ingenious, he shares interesting comments frequently, he has rhetoric and he knows how convinces the others to avoid the problems. That's a really good description for a person. But Bart's is just far away from taking advantage of his abilities. He prefers to lose time and don't effort. That's his error and not the lack of capacities.

    "You're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't." The phrase is worthy of a genius.

    But despite the inconsistencies or, rather, the unknowns left by the plot, I must highlight the humor that manages this episode. The beginning, with the family playing Scrabble, is very nice to start the episode. That "kwyjibo" joke is iconic. And, during development, we have a lot of fun moments. For example, the family watching an opera and the shame that Marge generates for the behavior of her husband and children. Oh, and there's a background joke that I want to highlight: Bart's drawing satirizing Skinner became a work of art since the author was considered a genius.

    This type of jokes makes The Simpsons stand out from everything else.

    Bart the Genius is an acceptable episode, able to extract juice to a plot with certain inconsistencies, thanks to the good jokes and the relationship that shows between Homer and Bart, although the latter had an unhappy ending. It could have been much better, but it was not bad.

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    The real first debut of the series. It was a good episode with clever jokes and the first Bart themed episode. 5/5

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    well in this episode we establish mostly everyone, not to mention the evolution of most characters, Martin's gone from a tattletale to a sissy, though Milhouse doesn't really start developing until we meet his parents.

    I kind of wonder what happened with Martin during the episode considering, I mean if Bart was sent to a special genius school was martin sent to the remedial class or something? I mean I know we see him with his parents at the opera but I want to know if Martin suffered because of Bart
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    This episode is fine. There are some fun jokes, but a lot of the episode is pretty dry and this is one of the rougher looking episodes of season 1. 6/10

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    Thumbs Up Bart The Genius

    Bart The Genius-The Simpsons.jpg

    "Bart The Genius" is a great episode! It is one of these episodes that make me feel empathy for Bart and want me to see him happy! It is also an episode that highlights the relationship he has with his dad, a very important part of the first few seasons!

    ACT 1

    The first act is pretty good, because they introduce us to what matters the most: the family. All the episodes, at least the classic ones, focus on this dynamic. Season 1 is the experimental season and as Matt Groening, Sam Simon and James L. Brooks said: " We want every episode to turn to the family ", so when you think of this line, you feel the vibe they wanted to create.

    So the episode opens with the family playing scrabble. This is the closest thing we get from the Simpsons family activities. When I mean activities, I actually mean something inside the house, not outside. It is a nice way to introduce the main act with a cut to Springfield Elementary and showing Bart writing the graffiti with such confidence. This scene marks the first appearance of Milhouse Van Houten, as well as Martin Prince and Richard. Principal Skinner, after Martin comments the vandalism Bart does to the school's property, comes and catches Bart " red-handed " and orders him to come to his office to have a little talk. I personally found that scene really bizarre and I wondered how Bart was feeling with Skinner looking him in the face like that, combined with the animation! Then, it cuts to Bart's class and we are introduced for the first time to Bart's teacher Edna Krabappel, who hands him an aptitude test for which he wasn't prepared. To make things worst for Bart, Martin reminds to Krabappel that Bart has to turn his desk the other way, so he doesn't copy from the other students. However, this doesn't stop Bart and he changes the names of Martin's test and his. After that, it cuts to Homer and Marge walking in the school yard, while discussing Bart's reputation. They made it inside the school, where Skinner calls Dr. J Loren Pyror to examine Bart's behaviour, but Dr. Loren has something else to say. He saw the test and realised Bart was gifted. This is where this act ends.

    I honestly liked the family atmosphere in this, but as much as I loved this, I didn't like how Bart is treated. Even when they learn he is genius, Homer and Marge don't believe it. Of course, it is natural to have some thoughts in the back of your head, given Bart's behaviour, but I expected them to be more enthusiastic from the very beginning.

    ACT 2

    This act feels very real to me. It opens with Bart preparing for his first day at his new school. The only thing that bothers me about this scene is Homer's changed behaviour. You have every right to be happy about your son being gifted, but he behaves like a completely different person! The next scene is Homer driving Bart to his new school. I honestly like their bond, but I know it isn't going to last forever, so this keeps me away from those kind of scenes. Inside the school, before Bart enters in the classroom, Homer gives him his tie and even kisses him! This was a really cute moment, one of my favourites in the episode. Bart goes into the classroom and we are introduced to her first and only appearance, Bart's new teacher, Ms Mellon, who sounds exactly like Krabappel. They give us a lot of class moments with Bart feeling uncomfortable and one scene where he gets bullied. Back in the Simpsons house, Homer is shown getting into Bart's room saying that Marge has booked them tickets for the opera. This scene is so well made and captures how similar Homer and Bart are. We get the scene with the opera, which is my personal favourite of the episode with some pretty good jokes in it. This act ends with Bart blowing up the science lab.

    ACT 3

    This is just Bart going through some stages, before he is finally able to tell the truth. Hopefully, it isn't Marge and Homer screaming and trying to make him understand, they avoided that and instead Bart has the chance to discover it by himself. Basically, Bart knew what he did wrong, he just didn't want to disappoint his parents. I like his excuses in order to return to Springfield Elementary and then his confession through the letter. The final scenes are pretty much what we all expected, Homer helps him bathe and Bart eventually confesses what he did. Homer's reaction to this is that of the cartoon dad running like a maniac to catch Bart, but doesn't succeed. I don't like how he tried to fool him, because Bart isn't dumb, just lazy.

    Anyway, this is an episode that has emotion and comedy. It takes a 4/5 for me! A solid episode and great first try!
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    Being the first regular episodes of the series, coming after the great start that was 'Simpsons Roasting', is not an easy tast, but this one really pulls that off well with a very well written Bart-centric story that also involves the rest of the family in an very nice manner, perfect for a "normal" opening episode (which also introduced some more characters like Martin Prince Jr, Principal Skinner and Edna).

    Bart cheating on an intelligence test at school by swapping his poorly done one with the excellent one by Martin (as revenge for the latter ratting him out to Skinner about him having defaced a school wall with graffiti) and being mistaken for a genius was such a simple plot but it really worked out, having a good setup with Bart taking the the test, main section with him at the school for gifted children & payoff in the end with the truth coming out in the most explosive way (perfectly over the top). The pacing is maybe a bit slow but overall decent.

    I liked a lot here, such as the family interactions (like the Scrabble game & Bart and Homer bonding), the school scenes (such as Bart trying to calculate the math problem in his head with the train scenario, which was creative), Bart at the gifted school where he tries to improvise to keep up the charade & him coming clean after he fateful chemistry incident (him writing his confession was a good scene & Dr. Pryor's reaction to his writing was pretty funny). I would have liked to see what happened with Martin, but I don't mind that since there was still some good material here.

    The final scene was a good one, with Bart admitting his deception to Homer and saying that the whole thing got them closer to one another, but Homer exploding with rage and chases Bart to his room, has the door slammed and locked in his face and furiously trying to get inside while Bart ignores him (it is rare we ever see Homer this angry). I liked how they turned a possible emotional end into a humorous one (and Lisa's "I think Bart's stupid again" statement to Marge as Homer chases Bart past them, was a bit that just made it better).

    It is not as strong as the series premiere but still has a lot of humor and heart to it so a solid one overall. A strong 4/5.
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