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Thread: Rate/Review "Bart The Genius"

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    Rate/Review "Bart The Genius"

    What do you think of this episode?

    I thought this episode was the best of season one. It was a nice way of introducing Bart and what he stands for. The smart kids teasing him in the lunchroom was funny. Funniest part was when the fat lady sang (no pun) and the fart noises Homer Lisa and Bart made. It ended on a good note-Homer running for Bart's blood for cheating on his IQ test.

    4/5 Best of the first season. It got the show off to a excellent start.

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    I thought the animation is choppy but a good idea for an ep.
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    . TheForbiddenDonut's Avatar
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    A good episode for Season 1. 3/5.

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    SuperFriend Nameless's Avatar
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    4/5. Not the best episode of Season 1, but it's still good.
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    Pray for mojo! FuriousGeorge's Avatar
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    Best episode of season 1.
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    9. A Milhouse Divided
    10.Treehouse of Horror III
    11.Homer and Apu
    12.Half-Decent Proposal
    13.It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Marge
    14.Homer the Heretic
    15.Homer v Patty and Selma
    16.Itchy and Scratchy Land
    17.Marge Be Not Proud
    18.A Fish Called Selma
    19.Homer's Phobia
    20.A Star Is Torn
    21.The Ziff Who Came To Dinner
    22.Bart The Genuis
    23.Like Father, Like Clown
    24.Joy of Sect
    25.Girlie Edition.

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    Feels very much like a premiere episode, even if technically not the case. Very slow, ordinary, somewhat formulaic, thin storyline. So thin that it at times feels padded down. The opera sequence in particular, while reasonably funny, comes off as Ullman era styled filler. The relationship between Bart and the rest of the family seems somewhat simplistic, almost defined by how they feel about his intelligence (or in the case of Bart and Lisa, the early season one standard sibling bickering). Not to mention that the animation does feel very developmental and weak compared to many episodes later in the season. However, I still do enjoy the episode, the school Bart goes to, while stereotypical, is still worth some laughs (Bart being conned out of his food, the RDRR gag Bart's failed attempt at chemistry), and for what it's worth it does feature one of the defining "Simpsons" moments for me ("There's nothing wrong with a father kissing his son, I think"), and there's other bits and pieces here and there. Fine for what it is, it still contains enough of the wit and subversive observations associated with the show. But the series comes a long way from this even later in the season, and especially in season 2. B-

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    Hired Goon DotheBartman's Avatar
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    I sort of have a soft spot for this one simply because the genius school is sort of similar to the high school I went to (not the genius part exactly, but definitely a lot of other aspects). Plus, I really like the commentary on testing towards the beginning. Still, otherwise kind of middleground for season one, and some of my thoughts would echo Channel Surfer's. B
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    That Veronica Vaughn..... Ryan_'s Avatar
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    4/5. Pretty good episode for the first season. Not the best, but still quite enjoyable.

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    Pretty good episode. 3/5

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    blank bluemoose's Avatar
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    4/5. Solid episode.
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    Live to eat - eat to live disco neon's Avatar
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    good episode fro season 1 - 4/5 (funny in parts)

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    Formerly Mladen Rest your giant head's Avatar
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    It was a good episode,but I don't think it's the best of season 1. The plot was great,but there wasn't enough humor. And humor is the most important thing in this show IMO.
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    Junior Camper
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    A classic episode i've loved it ever since i first saw it, ah the season 1 days were some of the most entertaining days in my opnion.
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    Come back, Zinc!! Sniper Squirrel's Avatar
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    one of the better 1st season episodes, it was also probably the best choice for series premiere, since it did a great job of introducing Bart and Homer's personalities 4/5
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    . TheForbiddenDonut's Avatar
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    I know I originally gave this a 3/5, but I change my grade to a 4/5. Bart the Genius, upon later viewings, has caused me to like it a lot more, and respect it for what it is worth: the definition of Bart's character. This also did pack more humor than I remember (Homer's and Marge's meeting with J. Loren Pryor will always be one of Season 1's funniest scenes). Great episode.

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    :gatorpee: jim's Avatar
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    Earliest 5/5 for me.

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    tuna that is ON FIRE!!!!!!!
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    This episode is entertaining all the way through. This is probably one of the best episdoes in the season. 4/5

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    One of my favorite episodes from the show. I'll never forget the scene at the end where Bart is naked and green and runs away from Homer. A classic moment for the show's premiere season. It's one of the earliest Simpson episodes I can recall watching, and it never gets old whenever I watch it. 5/5

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    Banned kylekool150's Avatar
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    great episode great jokes. animation was alright considering the time it was made. surely a classic does not really deserve a 5/5 but surely a 4/5

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    back in black
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    Entertaining if not classic. A good start to the half-hour series.

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    Junior Camper Smell ya later's Avatar
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    Just about the best episode of season 1. 4/5.
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    3 years late, but meh! simplysimpsons's Avatar
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    Jon Vitti's first episode, and I like it. Like most of season 1, it gets loaded with unfair critisism, but there is genuinely lots of funny stuff in this one and quite a strong but simple plot. We see Homer's rage for the first time and some of the first really hilarious Homer lines. Bart is also funny, with the KWYJIBO moment a classic. One or two pauses without much happening but this is more than excusable.
    The animation isn't brilliant, but what do you expect for the second ever episode? I actually like the animation in this one to be honest - it seems really fluid, and the characters always seem to be moving in a really natural way. Overall, an A-

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    See You Space Cowboy.....
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    A really good ep. The plot is simplistic and the characters only show shades of what they become in season 2. However there is a simple charm here with the characters played to their bases and an easy logical plot. Season 1 is underated imo I find there are a lot of good/great episodes in that small bunch.
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    2/5 I did not like this episode it had one good joke. Maybe I am being to harsh on it because it is season one.
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    Pretty fine episode.

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    Decent early episode, but I found the fact that Loren Pryor sounded almost exactly like the early Mr. Burns very distracting.

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    He Wears Short Shorts tom cody's Avatar
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    4/5, a great early episode that did a good job of introudcing Bart and Homer's characters, the animation was a bit choppy but other than that a solid episode.
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    Maybe it's time to live.... Cerpin Taxt's Avatar
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    3/5, it was good, not great. Better early ones include There's No Disgrace Like Home and Life on the Fast Lane, which both introduced the family better and had "classic" sitcom-ish storylines.
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    Good episode to start the first season.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Channel Surfer
    and for what it's worth it does feature one of the defining "Simpsons" moments for me ("There's nothing wrong with a father kissing his son, I think") B-
    Don't forget "someday, you may achieve something that we Simpsons have dreamed about for generations:You may outsmart someone!"

    I've always liked the ending too.

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