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Thread: Rate/Review "The Seemingly Neverending Story" (HABF06)

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    That was awesome. First time I've seen it

    More Like this please.

    Only complaint is I hate that texan character

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    This is easily the best episode in Season 17 (storywise)! There aren't necessarily too many jokes in this episode that made me laugh a lot but the plot is just incredible. The last time I remember such a great story was probably at the end of Season 12 with Trilogy Of Error and even that episode may be a little worse than this one. The writers used up their 20 minutes very well!

    The first small story with Burns and Lisa being chased by that sort of goat was quite entertaining (but I mean the overall episode would become more and more interesting each time the writers would insert another small story), the second story within the first one where Burns is hired by Moe after losing his powerplant because of a game was even better. And finally the third small story within the second story where Moe tells us where his gold comes from was incredible.

    But I think the thing that shocked me the most the first time I ever saw this episode was that the writers were able to connect all those stories and give us an ultimate showdown in the cave. Brilliant! I'm giving this episode a very well deserved 4.75/5.

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    Zombies Rise from the Sea

    The Seemingly Neverending Story

    Okay, this is this seasons format-breaker; and for one format-breakers tend to be the highest rated episode (except in certain cases), so when this episode came up, I thought (well, if they say it's that good.) Unfortunately it wasn't. I've been putting this off for a long time so, here goes nothing.

    The way they break the format is by having a hirarchy of stories on top of each other (Lisa, Burns, Moe, Goat, Edna, and Bart at the end, which I'll get to later.) and while it's a decent parody and provides some great/good stories, it ultimately turns out to be somewhat of a waste really.

    For one, it doesn't really this episode much different from the others... It just mixes it up with it's delivery style and plot, and as such it comes across as sort of a psuedo-format bender. I liked the hirarchy stories and how it all connected together to the entire big picture but I thought the gold theme felt somewhat overplayed and overhyped; I mean most of the trappings here come across as forced (meaning that the audience can easily see through them, Moe steals gold from Snake (who's past profession seems like something the writers came up on a whim.), Moe hides gold, Burns steals gold, Burns gives gold to Texan and hides it while The Simpsons head to a cave and all this other stuff happens.) I mean I get that they're trying to parody the instant revolution of it when some woman steals it easily and throws it in a Trence where no one can get it but it just comes across as weak to me, really weak.

    Anyway; aside from the weak addition that proved to live up to the "neverending" name. We do get some moments where the characters are themselves, I mean if you cut up all of the bad parts we do get some moments where they resemble their previous selves, and those parts of the characters provide some of the best parts of the story. Unfortunately we get some moments where the modern-era madness takes over and they provide some of the more questionable moments of the episode, I mean we have Bart stealing microscopes "why?", we also have Snake switching suddenly from a quickie to a thief and we have Homer doing his usual antics; a very small number of which are funny. And from the implied scopes of the flashback, this is supposed to take place in the classic era; so why introduce modern-era wackiness to what is supposed to be a flashback, especially one that defines all of it's characters. Why?

    Aside from that, the episode does give you it's usual dose of Humor; most of which comes off as flat but there are some good moments which does give the episode it's good name; I mean Moe and Edna's antics are good, so are some of Moe's antics, Burn's antics (the Boogieman bit was one of the best moments of the episode) The Simpsons antics, hell; even the Rich Texan Guy was funny at first. Unfortunately there are some bits that are dragged out, Rich Texan Guy for one; plus some of Bart's moments, the moments in the cave, some of the Moe moments and even some Burn's moments (Password moment for one...) This are even some moments which shouldn't even fit into the Simpsons, I mean the look alike guy with the obvious similarities at the scavenger hunt scene... Anyways, this combination of good and bad jokes colide to make what we call in the business... Average, like so many colors combining to make grey.

    Speaking of grey, I do mind Al Jean's wish to keep these episodes as meidocre as possible but meidocrity does not make for good episodes. Hell even the twist at the end with Bart revealing that it was all his story does nothing to make up for this, I mean we even have Moe impotent to make him more miserable than he really is; I mean does anybody remember the Moe who was constantly angry and snarky from the classic Season, I know I do.

    In closing, this episode is severely overated. I mean I laughed some of the time but for an episode to be a classic it has to get my attention all of the time and make me laugh all of the time. The stories are perhaps the best part here and as such, usually make these format benders one of the best episodes yet. If you just focus on the stories, you'll do fine.

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    A fairly decent episode. It started off lame but it got much better once the storytelling began. The showdown was great but the resolution was weak and beyond that was erratic. It didn't know how it should end.

    There were some good jokes, some forced lines and a lot of ideas that didn't work but it didn't matter for me as much because the story did a good job of carrying them.

    Things that worked
    -Monty and Lisa throughout
    -Barney gag
    -"I will out the one of you that is gay"
    -The showdown
    -1,2,3,4 (random and silly but funny)

    Things that didn't
    -Most of the jokes at the club
    -Snake's lines after he got robbed
    -Bart in detention, "munch my butt"
    -Moe getting angry at the car

    Although it looked good generally some of the drawings seemed a bit off. Edna looked off. So did the ram when it talked. That upper-class English guy at the club was hideous, something that Seth MacFarlane would draw. The use and selection of music was good although the cues were a bit repetitive. They don't have a composer for this season it seems.

    I' give it 3.5/4 rounded up to 4/5

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    Season 17 continues with a fantastic episode! Bart tells Principal Skinner the story of how Homer took the family to a cave in hopes of recovering Snakes' lost gold that was stolen by Moe and then Mr. Burns, who gave it to the Rich Texan after losing a scavenger hunt hosted by Commander McBragg! Skinner is hesitant to accept the tall tale as truth, but when he sees Edna and Moe making out the truth is confirmed!

    Alright I have been looking forward to re-watching this one and it did not disappoint! My god is this ever such a creative, fun, hilarious episode! It feels like the Jean Era's version of "Trilogy of Error," but for me this was better! I think what I loved the absolute most about this one was how great Mr. Burns was throughout. From revealing his place of birth to be Pangea to trying to get a photo on the bus he legitimately had me laughing out loud so often it felt like a classic era episode. I'd say there is a very strong chance that this was the funniest Burns in the Jean Era. I really enjoyed every secondary character here though including the Rich Texan and his obsessive compulsive disorder. Snake, Moe, Edna, they were all handled pretty damn great.

    Now on to another reason why this episode remains so very great, the story. To be sure it is a format-bender, but it is just so interesting and flows so very well from start to finish that I really do have to applaud Ian Maxtone-Graham on his efforts here. I love how they even had fun with the story too, with scenes such as the sheep coming back to destroy the last table, and having his own story. THAT'S the kind of fun self-awareness I loved so much in the classic era. The Jean Era has it, but it is used particularly well here. Of course the family were all fun here too, including Homer. I have to say I loved how this episode looked. Kudos go to Raymond Persi and his animation team as it was just a beautifully animated episode. That scene around the 16 minute point with Homer hiding behind the tree watching the Rich Texan as he goes into the cave had some particularly great images of Homer. One of them really reminded me of that Fry image from that current internet meme "Not Sure if...," and I mean that in a good way. Of course I already mentioned Burns, but gags like his smile on the bus and coming out from behind the stalactite were also great. The family's slide down the hold near the beginning was pretty cool too. Really, wonderful looking episode.

    This episode remains fun, funny, and a total joy to watch. I can say that as of this moment it is the best episode I have re-watched for my blog. 10/5.

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    Yyyyeah, gonna go with Zombies on this one. I never really liked this one, and thought it was pretty annoying. 2/5.

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    I like this episode's complexity, and I liked each individual story. I didn't like the ending with the show down, though. It seems too implausible (that they would all get there at the same moment, and also that Homer and Lisa both had prior knowledge of the treasure. It is hard to accept). Overall, this is pretty good for Season 17. 6/10

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    This wasent as good as i remembered but still a very soild episode. 4/5

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    Excellent episode and easily the best of season 17, creative and funny through with a soild plot, some eh jokes but otherwise great. Grade: A

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    A very clever episode. All of the stories has strong elements, and characterization was good. It was slightly lacking in humor, but it earns points for a lot of creativity.

    Classic era grade: 7/10
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    I loved this episode. It gets a perfect 5/5 from me!

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    worth the emmy win. I do love the score that was used during the scavenger hunt and the end credits (I know it has a name I forget what it was, but man I love the western feel of it, it reminds me of Fievel Goes West)

    wait, Snake has a son? there's no way that Gloria is his mother. Must be an unseen character (yeah we've seen him as a parent before but...geezus how man children does Snake have? we've seen one in Days of Wine and Do'hses and in....oh wait that was Kearney's kid....wait he has two now?
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    - if memory serves, this one's good. an intricately woven together tapestry of tales linking together while offering neat anecdotal analyzations of the characters it plays with . i recall it being a nice extrapolation of what made trilogy of error work while pushing into even more conceptually adventurous territory and giving it a comedic angle that's more discernible through sheer construction. however it has been awhile since i've seen this one so i'm going in with a clean slate - as i usually do, mind - to see if it holds up to the relatively meager but steady place upon the Best Of S17 Pedestal. king of the shit mound, here to maintain it's title! let's see how it does.

    - we open as our Titular Fam is at Carl's Dad Caverns, a pun that i want to assign a writer to. i'm gonna put them in the Naughty Corner and glare at them fervently. gonna guess this the first and only appearance of carl's dad but feel free to own me for forgetting something important or obvious as i'm prone to do, in the space below!

    - the show uses the word indians instead of native americans. problematic af! granted that is probably how signs like these in tourist exhibits are written, to reflect the common ignorance and all of the average tourist (white people. all tourists are white people. it's fact, look it up.)

    - homer tries to chip away a piece of a stalactite meant to represent a native god, and as he does so the whole goddamn shit falls into the earth and sends them plumetting underground. everyone torpedos onto the ground except the fatass. can you guess who the fatass is? here's a hint: it isn't maggie. maggie is fat you say? well gosh she's a bit chubby but aren't all babies? so rude.

    - homer pees while upside down but the pee stream does not pour downwards. clearly this is because this underground cavern contains significantly less gravity than land at standard elevation and the pee is staying firmly in place. or they didn't wanna draw homer being drenched in his own pee. but probably the gravity thing.

    - homer is straining to try and choke bart and as his body flails around it sounds very rubbery, like he's a big balloon. has the show always been this cartoony with it's sound effects wrt character movement? pretty goddamn certain the answer is no but i am curious as to when it started, don't usually pick up on it but it was the only thing in this scene.

    - okay so now our actual stories begin. lisa sits down to regale homer with a tale to entertain him as he waits to wither and die in this hole. though i suppose when he loses enough weight he'll slip out, then he'll get to die with the rest of the family in a normal, non-hole situation. i do love a happy ending.

    - ahahaha okay so the story starts with lisa being confronted by a bighorn sheep. nothing particuarly funny about that but the sheep's noises all sound bitcrushed as fuck, like they're coming out of a snes and it's killing me. seriously go find this it's worth it. like what happened here though, did they find animal noises on some website with really lo-fi downloads or something? its absolutely jarring.

    - lisa is gunning it out the forest to not be gutted by a sheep. not sure why she was walking through the forest anyway, guess she wanted to take the long way home from school, the really long way where you die from sheep impalement and never get home.

    - so our story hits its first character linking as lisa barges into burns' place. he calls her a "liberal midget". ah i remember when the word liberal seemed imposing. the word midget though that's still bad don't say that, bad burns!

    - the sheep storms through the window and demolishes everything in its path as the two skitter away. dont trust animals kids. they're fucking awful and will hurt you.

    - burns has to enter his place of birth on a number panel to unlock his panic room and enters Pangaea. lol that's very old what an old old person who is old. while i'm being Positive Pete though they did have burns hit the right numbers to spell out pangaea. details!

    - no doubt this is cartoony as fuck, i do wonder what groening thinks of this, what with his ardent distaste for animals acting too unrealistic in the show. here we have a sheep actively targeting and chasing two people through a huge mansion, like consciously smashing everything and trying to gore these two. it's pretty dumb but no dumber than alot of scully era tomfoolery. if the simpsons is gonna be a doofy kids show it might as well go all the way with the destruction and have some fun.

    - so burns and lisa do finally escape into the attic away from the hellbeast. im always intrigued in the relationship between these two, their politics but also their intelligence and their interests aligning in some curious ways. they'll probably never do it better than old man and the lisa within these eps but its never really unpleasant or unbelievable. anyway we dive into our next story, the first story-within-a-story, with burns working at moe's tavern. neat backstory or weird fanfiction level development? you decide! its the kind of thing that i think would bother me personally in usual episode context, if it happened Now, but considering it as some past thing that informs the character, i dunno thats potentially interesting. context means alot here, but i also like burns, even though he's usually terrible now, here he's not really doing alot but that goes both ways, not egregious in either direction. ill take it!

    - burns' tale begins in some fancy rich (white) persons club, filled with various rich town denizens, also the monopoly man. this is where homer stops lisa to complain and thereby explain the structure of the episode. didn't really need this! i know that homer's brain is goop and lisa is duty bound to splatter exposition at the wall whenever necessary but you didn't really need to make sense of this i get it! it's stories within stories, thats cool its a good idea keep doin it, don't pause to spoonfeed the audience.

    - so back in burns' story, the rich texan who fucking sucks barges in and starts being Very Texan as is his wont. he immediately points out burns', for some reason, he's supposed to be the new member at the club, would make more sense if he was an old member and he just got there late and burns was the new guy but whatever. he lassos burns over because Cartoon, and when burns is rightfully annoyed with his various irritating escapades and yknow pouring oil on him, he challenges him to a duel, but then knocks that down to a scavenger hunt after realizing A Bullet In The Brain Could Kill Him. mhm.

    - weird cheat where you see rich texan whip out a pistol and fire at burns' head, only to reveal it was in the mirror burns is...standing in front off. yeah i dunno maybe cheats dont have to make any sense but i dont wanna give points to something so lazy with the staging. givin this the ol No Thumb.

    - okay so scavenger hunt. they each have to collect ten items. rich texan gets excited about winning the plant, and burns says "dream on bitch!". like i get it its supposed to be funny cuz thats atypical of burns' usual old-timey language and whatever. it is seriously jarring every time a character in this show says "bitch" so this is just multiple layers of that.

    - so we run through the montage of scavenging. nothing really notable here, they steal "I's from the SPRINGFIELD sign, they both nab some of homer's hair, lenny's suspender straps, etc. though at the end of the montage we see burns with frank grimes' tombstone. now first of all, jesus. second of all, there's supposed to be identicals to every item, how exactly does this work? or was that not on the list and burns was just doing a little Stone Nabbing on the side.

    - OKAY i actually looked back to make sure, and the list just says "tombstone". so i guess that works, still fucked up and clearly another "huh? huh??? remember??!" situation but at least it makes some sense within the story. carry on.

    - burns' last object on the list is a picture of him with a smiling child, however every child in springfield appears to have forgotten who burns is as they just identify him as a boogeyman or whatever. wasn't this about burns working at moe's? that woulda been kinda neat and perhaps informative, this is just super goddamn silly.

    - so yeah burns cant get a good picture and rich texan wins and rides smithers out of the doorway. maybe this means we won't see him again for the remainder of the episiode however and that's very good, i will take that. suppose THIS is where we will get the bit with burns at moes, working to make ends meet or what have you now that he has no nuclear plant.

    - joke about burns spending some time with relatives, then cutting to a graveyard. rip. the animation of burns shuddering in this sequence is really bad, like they're missing a ton of frames.

    - hugely obnoxious sequence of people being dicks to burns as he tries to clean the bar, capped with homer telling burns to do a dance and go IM SO STUPID DUR DURR DURRR, followed by doing the dance extensively and everyone laughing. yeah but no he's way better than the scully era yeah sure mhm of course.

    - burns finds a letter of moe's under his pickled eggs, detailing the location of his treasure. yeah, treasure. like i said, this is extremely cartoony, but if you're gonna go for it, fuckin go for it. so here we head into the next sublevel of our rabbit hole. OR WELL not yet we have to check back in on the simpsons first to see if they've found any way out of their predicament. they haven't. NOW THEN!

    - so tale numero tres, burns is trying to learn the details to moe's treasure, in which many minutes of content are detailed on a single piece of paper. moe is marchin down the street as he's smacked by a bus, a bus containing a new-to-springfield edna krabappel. well thats an interesting story, why edna came here and how she got to where she is in present time. dating moe will probably kill your spirit after all. marcia wallace sounds absolutely haggard here - ahem rip - but this is a neat pairing, though we get right off to awkard exposition as edna literally utters "my ex husband was a drunk, i hate bars!". this isn't how humans talk, please to speaking like you're talking to moe and not Me.

    - there is something genuinely appealing about the pairing of moe and edna, mostly think it does well to explain edna, her complacency and bitterness, would make sense that she'd be carrying past baggage of a drunkard ex that becomes amplified by a selfishly horny moe. i do wish they did a bit more with it than this though, we're just sorta resorting to sitcom tropey lies so moe can woo her. hiding your real life and all that. i guess moe bullshitting his way into relationships isn't a new thing either, and at least here it has a context that can be seen as informing instead of him trying to scoop up some random gal guest star of the week.

    - to be fair it doesn't seem as much like moe is trying to hide his job while maintaining it but actually abandoning it to keep this relationshp going, or as he colorfully puts it "krabappel was lettin me do her". yet not a single shred of r34 shipping these two. gee i wonder why!

    - neat bit where krabappel mentions her upcoming teaching job with glee. i suppose teaching can also wreck one's spirits, what with kids being unrelenting monsters who give nothing back. i also kinda found the quick bit with nelson trying to attract lightning with martin tied to a kite amusing, i think it was just the snappy pace and nelson's insistent "shut up and attract lightning!"

    - so the Drunkards confront moe after a dinner date, and after lenny reveals his fetish for dressing up like a toddler, moe pushes them asides and threatens to out the one of them that is gay. okay first off, not cool. second of all we all know it's lenny. third of all, why did homer run off when he said that? he's pretty extremely married and childed.

    - so moe needs to make cash to start a new life away from springfield with edna, and lucky him SNAKE stumbles through the door dressed like fuckin indiana jones with a heap of gold doubloons. apparently snake before this point was a regular law abiding archeologist. see if you're gonna keep the show going its nice to actually give us something regarding the barely developed characters, instead of random dumb shit that feels interchangable. though the way they finish this is with moe robbing snake of his gold and him vowing to take revenge on society through petty crime, so it'd be foolish of me to give this any more credit than it's worth.

    - moe is ready to leave springfield for good but edna has a dillema. what's that dillema? well lets leap into yet another motherfuckin Story Bubble and find out shall we! she wanders in to tell them she wont be teaching but finds bart alone in the classroom, with detention, alone for the entire summer. sad. bart offers up a sob story about being unable to learn and be the smart kid or whatever, you know the stuff the show took seriously years back and the emotions were powerful and earned and heartwrenching. here though it's just a way for bart to distract krabappel while nelson steals microscopes, for reasons. this is the reason she decides to stay behind though. i don't like it when big backstory stuff is diluted like this but whatever, at least they dont go the boring obvious route of her just catching him at the bar or whatever, and moes sequence at the tavern shoving his newfound gold into the jukebox playing their song is pretty sweet, though wow this jukebox takes ancient mayan gold huh? faaaancy.

    - so we leap back one tale to burns, who crowbars the jukebox and nabs the coins for the rich texan so he can get the plant back. goddammit the rich texan is on my computer screen again, im gonna go get a post-it note and place it over the space where he is so i don't have to listen to him, then i will find a way to deafen myself but only to the extent that my brain cannot pick up the specific frequency of the rich texan's voice. then and only then, will i be free.

    - rich texan has ocd. well, same, but holy hell is the bit with him shooting off his guns and stomping his foot an exact amount of times irritating. it's also a huge simplification of ocd, sure some people with ocd do that but some of us think about death or being murdered or losing our penises to a horrible disease. if you can relate click that thumbs upward button in the space below.

    - so burns has to get a photo with a smiling child in order to satisfy the ocd addled texan, which brings us back to lisa. hey it all ties together! writing and thinking ahead and stuff, and it mostly makes sense! no extra points or backpats, but i wont scold you this time!

    - for some reason theres a brassiere on a mannequin in burns' attic. this isn't plot relevant but whose is this?

    - so the Evil Fucking Goat Creature BERST through the attic and rams burns in the chest, killing him instantly. lisa panics but it turns the goat/sheep, whatever the hell it is only did all this insane damage and rampaged into poor burns smashing his ribcage so that he could give lisa her pearl necklace back. the goat then sorta does Human Utterances for awhile, sorry groening, then we leap into his Story Bubble. how delightfully absurd.

    - so burns gets his picture and is going to get his plant back, something you'd think lisa would at least have a throwaway line about wrt her politics, this is pretty bittersweet but whatever. i do think lisa is just the character to uproot burns' humanity if its at all possible - though if we go by the aforementioned the old man and the lisa it isn't. i'm gonna say in this instance they can both be right. maybe i'm just being diplomatic cuz i find this episode pretty pleasant.

    - SO our tales wrap up except the simpsons are still trapped in this spoopy cave, but homer finally falls through the hole as a bevy of bats ravage the cave. OH BUT we're not done just yet, homer has a story to tell to tie this all together. the stupid ass texan fuck returns and is going to hide his gold in the cave, because taxes or something. turns out this whole shebang was homer's plot to get the gold using the family's help. yeah thats a bit of a stretch, am i meant to believe homer intended to make that native stalactite fall so they'd enter this cave, and if so why did he sit through this entire story if he knew the details or at least part of it? i dunno, i dont really think you need to tie homer to all this because then it starts to get messy. it was certainly cartoony up to this point but there was a general harmony in the wrap up but now we're having homer trying to take the gold from the story, ehhhhhh. i'm gonna say no.

    - OH BUT THEN burns shows up too, and he and texan are in a standoff. gettin pretty stuuuupid guys, wrap it up don't bite off more than you can chew. oh then moe show up obv. THEN snake show up. snake's kid jeremy awkwardly trying to talk to bart is cute though, though i'm pre sure thats tress macneille so NO POINTS!

    - there is something jarring about the extravangance of the tales entering the reality with this standoff and marge tossing the gold oh by the way marge tosses the gold. it just gets a bit too ridiculous, i would even be willing to accept this confrontation moment In the stories because while its all supposed to be real having it come in contact with the simpsons just...well it reeks more of the show needing desparately to relate everything back to them organic or otherwise. dont care for it and it just seems silly. we didn't need all of this, there was no reason to do anything else with the gold.

    - naturally burns is still trying to get the gold as everyone else runs off. it seems for a moment that the show is gonna play this off as all a big fib from bart to get away with not studying for a test, but then we see moe and krabappel smoochin again. for all the silliness these stories feel like they have some value and it'd be kind of annoying to just to make them totally fake so good, good move. bad move however with more fucking rich texan ocd jokes. god kill this character.

    IS THERE ANY VALUE IN THIS EPISODE: some i'd say! i appreciate when the show plays with unique pairings, goes deeper into thin characters and manages to tell stories that feel like they thought out the writing. it definitely cant totally stick the landing with its rampant silliness and on the comedy front there isn't much to pick at but i think these stories end up working fairly well. edna and moe together is nice, burns and lisa as a pair tends to work, and if you like the show trying new adventurous things well this is definitely a neat motif, and they dont slack too much on it, hell they seem to go whole hog into the idea to the point that they drag it a little further than it should go. still, reads as enthusiasm, and there's a reason this one gets the love it does. a nice spiritual successor to trilogy of error, less thematic and certainly less simplistic but if you want something a bit bonkers this isn't the worst choice.


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    Arguably the best episode of season 17 and one of the standouts of the entire post-classic era. The Seemingly Never-Ending Story is inventive, meticulously constructed and unabashedly confident. The stories are skillfully weaved together and deliver an excellent dramatic payoff, resulting in an episode that could rank alongside the great format-bending episodes of the Oakley and Weinstein years.

    The episode gets things rolling almost immediately, wasting virtually no time starting the story. This is an excellent change of pace from the meandering introductions that other episodes of the time have been guilty of. Some of the details might not stand up to scrutiny upon very close inspection, but these are negligible issues given the strength of the plotting and character work.

    Revealing how several secondary characters came to be who they are elevates the episode. Watching an idealistic Edna Krabappel arrive in Springfield and seeing what drove Snake Jailbird to crime gives the episode a substance it would otherwise lack. I especially like that Snake's backstory links back to his "goodbye student loan payments" line from a similarly inventive episode, 22 Short Films About Springfield - an excellent piece of intentional/unintentional continuity!

    There are many great gags. Homer saying "now I'm just stuck" can be seen a mile away, but Dan's delivery of the line is gut-busting. Burns is in fine form throughout the episode - his dialogue while racing Lisa up the stairs at Burns Manor had me laughing out loud. I dare say Moe continually throwing Barney out of the bar ranks among the best drunk Barney gags of the entire series. On the subject of Moe, he sure has become a prominent character at this point in the series. Nearly every episode in the last couple of seasons has featured him.

    My only complaint - and its a minor one - is that the episode should not have ended with Moe and Edna outside the school. It validates the authenticity of the story, but I think the episode would have been enhanced with a question mark over whether or not any of it really happened. It would have been the perfect capstone had Bart thrown it all into question and left us wondering.

    Despite that minor quibble, I have no hesitation handing this episode a rare 5/5.
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    The best episode of Season 17.

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    One of the best episodes in the post classic seasons. I've been watching episodes of the post classic era that I remembered fondly and not all of them aged gracefully at least for me. For example Behind the Laughter and Holidays of Future Passed weren't as good as I remembered them. But The Seemingly Never Ending Story was as good as I remembered it.
    Certainly one of the stand outs of the show post season 9.

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