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Thread: Rate & Review D'oh in the Wind

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    Junior Camper
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    Sep 2014

    The opening with Mr. Burns' commercial was really funny, especially how no one cared what was being put on the air ("It sounds like no one cared to look at the script." "That was the problem."). Then it just got really weird with Homer trying to find his middle name and becoming a hippie and then the juice and the writing and the characters and the Homer Jay and the demon in the sack and the hoigie goigie shmoigie. 2/5. Some interesting parts here and there, but overall forgettable.

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    Junior Camper mrserious's Avatar
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    Dec 2017


    Kind of a bleh episode.

    The good:

    -The drugged out sequence
    -The frisbee flying back and smashing the hippies window

    The bad:

    -The plot was all over the place.

    The ugly:

    -Homer "J" Simpson becomes Homer "Jay" Simpson. Stupid as hell.
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    2. Treehouse of horror V-Season 6
    3. Marge not be proud-Season 7
    4. Treehouse of Horror IV-Season 5
    5. I'm Spelling as fast as I can-Season 14

    Bottom 20 episodes reviewed:

    1. Maximum Homerdrive Season 10
    2. There's something about Marrying Season 15

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    Junior Camper Gollywock's Avatar
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    I actually didn't mind this one. I laughed a few times, there were some cool visuals and the plot, while a bit wacky, did fit Homer pretty well. I liked the flashback part too, it didn't shit over past episodes which is a rare occurence in post-classic seasons. Really there wasn't anything offensive in this one, and I've always had a soft spot for it. 3.5/5

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