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Thread: Rate & Review: The Joy Of Sect

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    what is jerkass homer?

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    jammy dogder advisory board jim's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bart's New Voice Actor View Post
    what is jerkass homer?
    @Jerkass Homer

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    Great Mirkin episode. Anyone that shits on it should kill themselves.

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    Junior Camper
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    5/5 A fine episode.

    Funnily enough, according to the production code, this episode was actually made AFTER The Trouble with Trillions, When You Dish Upon a Star, Trash of the Titans, etc. and other "downfall" episodes. It's almost as if, for this one episode, Mirkin was able to restore the series' classic humor and characterizations.

    I've wondered what it would be like if Mirkin produced season 10. I mean that season already had some great episodes, but perhaps it would've been more consistent and not had as many crappy episodes.

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    This was just a brilliantly funny episode.

    It was simply line after line of great, quotable dialogue from LOADS of characters. We had Homer, Ned Flanders, Reverend Lovejoy and even Groundskeeper Willie - you can't go wrong with Groundskeeper Willie lines!

    Fun fact: Nancy Cartwright is a Scientologist. I wonder how she felt about doing the episode?
    "I may or may not die young. I haven't decided yet."

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    This has actually always been one of my favourite episodes. I'd sure as hell rather watch this than anything else produced in S9 except maybe Natural Born Kissers and The Cartridge Family. This is unfiltered Mirkin that's extremely reminiscent of Homer Goes to College: a thin plot in which characterisations are acceptable but unimportant, yet that doesn't matter at all because every gag is hysterical. This makes me laugh so hard and is so superior to the rest of its era that I'd be more than happy to give it an A+.

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    Junior Camper Gollywock's Avatar
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    One of the first truly bad shows IMO. This may be the wackiest episode at this point, and this is not a compliment. Call me negative but the whole "Homer enrolls the whole family into a cult" thing doesn't sit well with me. With the exception of the levitating bike/comb and its callback none of the jokes made me laugh. I liked the fact that Marge saved them in the end, and characterization as a whole was on point (at the exception of Homer of course). 2/5 and I still feel like it's too much.

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