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Thread: Rate and Review: There's No Disgrace Like Home (7G04)

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    5/5 the first truly 'classic' episode from The Simpsons, it is non stop laughs and a mature plot thrown in the absurdity.

    'Its not your fault Homer, you have crummy little kids no one can control'
    'You can't talk that way about my kids, oh at least one of then'
    'Why you've got one I haven't met '
    'Why you ... Here's five you haven't met' - Homer precedes to give Barney a knuckle sandwich, that whole scene is heaven,

    I also love Homer wanting to smash in Bart's brains with a lamp !

    Whatever ever happened to the police dog Bobo ???

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    Forgot to add this to my reasoning: I get that all characters are supposed to goof off or get a bit crazy once in a while, but it disturbed me seeing Marge like that in this episode. That prevented it from being a 4 or a 5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HerbertMcHoover View Post
    Forgot to add this to my reasoning: I get that all characters are supposed to goof off or get a bit crazy once in a while, but it disturbed me seeing Marge like that in this episode. That prevented it from being a 4 or a 5.
    I think Marge becoming a slot junkie and neglecting her family whilst Gambling at Mr Burns casino was far more disturbing then Marge being a pisspot in this episode which was pretty funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Les_Wynan View Post
    I think Marge becoming a slot junkie and neglecting her family whilst Gambling at Mr Burns casino was far more disturbing then Marge being a pisspot in this episode which was pretty funny.
    It was pretty disturbing in $pringfield. Neither were enjoyable for me, though.

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    Being used to Homer's normal behaviour in later seasons, he seems incredibly out of character in this episode. Having said that, I've always enjoyed it. 6/10

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    Another of those season 1 episodes that can be seen as those experimential episodes when the show was just starting. The caracters are out of caracter indeed. But i actually think its interesting to Marge act like Homer etc. It also has several good moments like, "Be normal", Brat, The hell part, Homer drawing a airplane, The part when the family shocks each other, the part at Moes bar with the boxing, the family eating like pigs and Homers reaction are all hilarious. A soild B- it has flaws espacially with the caracters. But you can think of it as experimential episode, so its not a terrible episode by any means.
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    One of the Top 3 From Season 1...specifically #3.


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    One of the poorer episodes of season 1 but had some funny moments which gives it a pass mark. 3/5

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    Okay, This episode had some funny gags. This episode sets Mr. Burns up nice.


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    All around average. 3/5

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    5/10: This episode was ok. The characters were a little off base here but thats ok as the simpsons show was still in its infancy. Homer actually seemed like a role model in the 1st season. One of my favorite scenes was when Bart removed the padding from the rod and hit Mr. Monroe. It was also funny to see that supposed perfect family that Homer ran into at Mr. Burns picnic at the family therapy place. Not as good as the first 2 episodes of the season but more entertaining than Homers Oddysey.

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    One of my 3 favorite season 1-episodes. The plot is good, Mr. Burns appears only in the first scene but is incredibly funny, the exploration of what exactly a "normal" family is is interesting and for some reason, it's really fascinating how incredibly out-of-character Marge and Homer is. Marge gets drunk at a party and Homer is embarrassed over how fucked up his family is, which is something I never though could happen, but apparently did. It gets excused since it's one of the show's earliest episodes and they still experimented a whole lot with the characters and setting. A very solid 5/5, will always be a true classic in my eyes no matter how many episodes I've seen.
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    I always think fondly of this episode as one of the true classics. The ending describes everything about The Simpsons perfectly.

    I can't help but think that if they did this episode now, the kids being taken away would be done in such a manner as to yank at our heart strings. The way it was done here allows a healthy amount of suspension of disbelief and allows the third act to be set up without too much focus on the depressing nature of having your kids taken away.

    The humor is paced in such a way that it truly breaks up what could be some heartbreaking moments.


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    Homer acted very out of character in this episode and this episode felt little weird to me.
    I'm not saying I hate this episode, I just don't like it very much.


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    Another very good episode. The ending was funny and I liked how the problem was revolved a lot. 89/100
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    One of my favourite Season 1 episodes. Yeah, the electroshock sequence is a bit overplayed but it's still funny as hell. The characterizations are a little dodgy, though- it's weird seeing Homer acting so authoritarian, with Bart as the straight man and Lisa more of a troublemaker than usual.

    Jesus...1990 does seem like a long time ago, though, doesn't it?

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    I do find this episode to be average (like most seem to say), but I still don't feel it's the worst of Season 1. They were obviously still working out the kinks and everything was backwards such as Homer being the voice of reason moreso than Marge who gets drunk. As well as Lisa creating mischief with Bart. I think the whole Monroe office scene is fun and when the Simpsons go looking through people's windows.

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    Hilarious episode. Quite a few classic moments, and the shock therapy scene always makes me laugh. A
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    Good episode, Homer and Marge do some things they would NEVER do now. (Sell the TV, Marge get drunk) Happy ending, but the therapy part was funny but sad at the same time. 4/5
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    And I thought the characterization of Homer in the last episode was bizarre. In a later season episode, it's far more likely the family would be embarrassed of him. Not to mention him pawning the TV and being considered about how other people view the family. I guess they were still writing Homer as a standard uptight sitcom dad rather than the stereotypical American boob we know and love. Still, despite the weirdness, it's saved by the iconic electroshock therapy scene, several amusing moments, and a sweet note at the end. And I love Mr. Burns. They had his character down right from the start. "I suggest you don't dawdle. The hounds will be released in ten minutes."

    Not a classic to me though. Fairly forgettable and out of place. 5.5/10

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    When Homer was Marge and Marge was Homer...

    When Matt Groening elaborated his TOP10 of favorite episodes, he included in it There's No Disgrace Like Home. While most of your choices are unpopular when making such a list, this is the most surprising of all. The criticism towards this episode is rarely positive (most of the time it is mixed) but the show creator likes it. After all, his opinion is worth nothing more or less than the rest.

    The electric shock scene motivated Matt to choose this episode.

    Personally, I'm not a fan of this. And the reason is in the characterizations. It is said that the writers tried to experiment with the change of roles, but it was an erroneous decision. Here, Homer is the voice of reason. And it's sad, because it's completely out of character. He would be unable to pawn his television to pay for therapy, and he would be unable to refrain from dinner for a long prayer. He must be in charge of making us laugh. With own misfortunes, with memorable phrases, with funny reactions or whatever, but it is not the right one for a sermon or to feel -or be- the example to follow.

    Homer asking Marge to locate and behave is hard to believe.

    And the worst of all is that Lisa and Marge are not well used either. The girl acts as she did in the shorts: disobedient, problematic and teasing. In other words, it is the female version of Bart. Marge's, on the other hand, is already unsustainable. The woman who is always on the right side, gets drunk at an important event for her husband, eats in the middle of prayer and watches cartoons when her family faces many problems. That is not Marge Bouvier. That is an unrecognizable lady. If the goal was to prove how fun she is, well, the results were clear. She simply could not take Homer's place. He could not get a smile out of me throughout the episode, although the purpose of his drunkenness was specifically that.

    Look at Lisa in the background. What the hell was happening to her?

    Leaving aside the problem of characterizations, we can talk about history. I think it would have worked better if Homer was in Marge's place and vice versa. But the end of the episode is not overshadowed by this. The third act is brilliant. The Simpsons in family therapy work perfectly. The first exercise shows us that everyone thinks that Homer is the family problem (with very funny drawings and with Homer doing a Homer, distracted and drawing a plane). In the second, we see Bart doing one of his pranks. And, in the third, we have the iconic scene of electric shocks, where the family can not contain itself in the face of revenge. All this, to top it off, leaves Marvin Monroe without clients, and forced to comply with his advertising: if the therapy does not work, he returns double the money.

    Apparently, the producers had not yet thought about the artistic side of Marge.

    Like the rest of the episodes of the first season, this episode is responsible for 'the first time' of several things. We have the first appearance of the Lou / Eddie and also of Dr. Marvin Monroe that, unfortunately, was disappearing over time because Harry Shearer could not make his voice (why not change it instead of eliminating the character?). We also have the first Itchy & Scratchy program, one of the most important elements of the series. And finally, we have the first time that Burns threatens to release the dogs. By the way, Mr. Burns was well used in this episode. Selfish, bad with everyone -especially with their employees- and advantageous. He is a great character.

    The first episode of Itchy & Scratchy, the series within the series.

    There's No Disgrace Like Home is an episode with an interesting premise, but waste because of the failed attempt to change roles between the characters. The third act is an absolute classic, but it is overshadowed by the problem already analyzed. The failed experiments; the bad part of belonging to the first season.

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    An interesting but good episode. It was different to see some of the characters actually be out of character. Marge was the one getting drunk and Homer actually caring about the well being of his family to a point where he actually sells the family tv. Something he would NEVER do in today's standards. 4/5

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