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Back in 2002, the NHC was given a very special opportunity to hold a Q&A session with Simpsons executive producer Al Jean. Now, three years later, we just might be ready to top that.

We've got a couple of guys here you might know... they go by Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein. They wrote some episodes. They ran the show in seasons 7 and 8. And yeah, they also had that great show Mission Hill. And they're here, and they just might answer questions you might have.


1. Limit three questions per person per 24-hour period. If a person has already asked a question, please do not ask it again (even if it wasn't answered). Please note that not every question can be answered; it's up to Bill and Josh's discretion as to how many questions they will answer.

2. Keep questions appropriate. Only the appropriate questions will be displayed. We'd like to have as many questions about season 7 as possible, as this is the next DVD set to come out.

3. No flash photography.

4. If Poochie isn't around, everybody must ask, "where's Poochie?"