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Thread: R&R: "Moaning Lisa"

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    Good episode tons of heart and introduction to bleeding gums murphy. The ending was really cool. 4/5

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    I really love the stuff with Lisa and Marge. This episode does a great job at getting into Lisa's head and conveying her feelings. Everything with her is very downbeat and moody, but it never feels melodramatic. I especially love the shots of Lisa following Bleeding Gums's sax. It has some fantastic atmosphere and the shot where she finds him sitting on that bridge is beautiful and really sticks in my mind whenever I think about this episode.

    As for the Marge stuff, I like the look we get into her past and how it's treated. She definitely got and gives Lisa bad advice, but she is trying to do something to help Lisa, unlike Homer, and she does recognize how bad her advice is right away, leading to one of the most powerful moments of season 1.

    Unfortunately, this episode is bogged down by a mediocre subplot. The stuff with Bart and Homer isn't bad, but I think it ultimately does more harm that good. It ruins the mood set by the main plot just for some jokes that fall flat. In general, this episode isn't very funny, but that's not inherently a bad thing. There are some gags that work, like the band sounding really bad and Marge's line when picking up Lisa from Bleeding Gums, but most of the good jokes don't come from the subplot that's only there to be comic relief. Honestly, I would've been satisfied with the level of comedy in this episode without the subplot and the episode as a whole would've been better without it. 9/10

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    Thumbs Up Moaning Lisa

    Moaning Lisa.jpg
    "Moaning Lisa" is one of the most emotional and down-to-earth episodes of "The Simpsons". It does a great job in portraying Lisa's sadness in the most realistic way possible! Lisa's situation is something that the audience can relate and empathise with the character, as something more of a caricature.

    In this episode, we are given the chance to explore Lisa's character in depth for the first time. This is the episode that gave Lisa a personality, other than being a female version of her brother and a sidekick to him. Earlier on, Lisa was depicted as every other kid, full of energy and looking up to Bart. This time, however, we are shown Lisa's true personality as she, gifted and different from other people, tries to discover her purpose in life, her true self, but never actually succeeds! This is because no one wants or knows how to support and understand her, except her mother, Marge. Marge plays a very important role in this episode, as she had somewhat similar experiences as her first-born daughter and naturally she can relate to her, but is unsure if she is the right person to talk to her.

    Basically, I think this episode is when I started to understand that no matter what happens, they will always have each other. The Marge-Lisa bond is my personal favourite, because it is so carefully constructed! Both characters are considered as boring and isolated from their community, but they never give up hope. Marge, as a mother, is worried and wants to help her daughter, but her past experiences make her step back, because she is afraid that she will make the same mistakes as her mother did. Lisa, on the other hand, becomes more and more isolated, as she thinks that no one can actually stand by her side. Lisa wants to be happy, but she can't! Her thoughts are eating her alive, as she delves into a kind of depression that an 8-year-old does not have the power to defeat!

    Fortunately for her, she has Marge by her side and I am glad for them! I am pleased to see Marge being Lisa's comforter and not Homer, because as much as I love classic Homer's way of solving his family's problems, this episode wouldn't have worked with him! The mother and daughter understanding is just something that no other man can understand, not even a cartoonish father, like Homer.

    I would like to talk a little about the B-plot now. This is one of my favourite subplots in the entire series. Of course, there are so many of them and are pretty good too. The only thing is that this one has a moral: Homer realising his son is growing up and is doing things better than him, resulting in a bad dream and a middle-life crisis. I love how Homer is trying his best to win in that video game, just so Bart can be a 10-year-old for a little longer. I don't know exactly how this affects the father-son relationship, but I believe this is when fathers realise their boys are becoming men!

    ACT 1

    This is a great way to open an episode like this. Lisa staring in the bathroom mirror, with a sad look on her face is a really strong scene and combined with Homer's pounding on the door, it is so much better! I love all the every-day-life scenes, such as when they are eating breakfast, Marge washing the dishes, Homer searching for his keys are nice little things that the series wanted to do to make their episodes relatable! So, Lisa's life is bad and not only her personal life shows it, with literally everyone doing something else and not even bother asking her, why is she so sad, but also her school life as well. Clearly, everybody knows she is gifted and they just ignore it or shut her down. I have to say, I don't understand why Dewey Largo doesn't want Lisa to be herself! She was just being creative and she is a child! He is insistinly trying to make Lisa give up on her dreams and even though this was explored in "Girl's In The Band" through flashbacks, I still don't think he does the right thing for Lisa! Well, maybe he does this, because Lisa is flying high and he thinks she needs someone that makes her shut it a little. Anyway, Lisa returns home with a note from Principal Skinner explaining to Marge and Homer (who was playing a video game with Bart at the time) that Lisa refused to play dodgeball in gym class, because she was sad. This is where Act 1 ends.

    Personally, I believe Act 1 is just brilliant! I wish they would do another episode exploring the other characters life and personality!

    Depressed Lisa.jpg

    ACT 2

    Act 2 is great in making us explore not only Lisa's character, but also the depth of other ones. Homer attempts to make Lisa smile, but he fails miserably! Marge tries to help her by telling her to take a hot bath, but Lisa ignores her. They are her parents, but they can't help either because they don't know or they are afraid to try. So, after Homer shouts at Lisa for playing her saxophone too loud, she hears a sound outside and sneaks out of her bedroom to find out. This is the moment we are introduced to Bleeding Gums Murphy. I have to be honest that he is so deep and so true, even though he is a cartoon character! I love their conversations, because they are always full of rules of life and Bleeding Gums Murphy really knows what it is like to live all alone in the world, as revealed by his song. Their moment, of course, doesn't last long, because after a bad dream, Marge is able to find Lisa and take her away from "that Jazzman!".

    One thing that bothers me is when people complain about Marge showing up and not leaving Lisa be with Bleeding Gums Murphy. Well, I have a question: Do you trust strangers? Do you trust your 8-year-old daughter with someone else? I understand Marge completely! I also wouldn't let an 8-year-old with a stranger, especially a family member! I don't think she is overreacting, she is just being protective and a good mother, so we can't blame her for acting like this. It is called parenting and I know that a lot of people out there are pressed by their parents, because they are overprotective and melodramatic, but weren't "The Simpsons" made to represent reality? They representing you and every other human on the planet in the same situation!

    Bleeding Gums Murphy.jpg

    This is the end of act 2! Amazing and hilarious!

    ACT 3

    Act 3 is my favourite of the three! It is concludes the story very well! So, Homer is watching TV and finds out that Barney's Bowlarama has been burned down and he runs into the kitchen to find Marge telling Bart to go and try to cheer his sister up. Bart prank calls Moe, but it doesn't seem to work. The scene then cuts to Homer in an arcade, who was previously frightened by a dream he had the night before, with Bart being better than him! He finds a kid, who is willing to offer him help and he manages to learn a few things, before his mother came and picked him up.

    In the meantime, we get to see one of the best scenes in the entire series, powerful and with valuable lessons. Marge taking Lisa to band practice, while trying to have a conversation with her is so relatable! She then tells her that she wants her to smile today, with Lisa responding that she can't! Marge, however tells her to suppress her emotions and she will later see the changes in her life! Lisa is taking Marge's advice and tries to smile as much as she can, but after seeing how everyone is so mean to her, marge realises her mistake and grabs her back into the car. Marge apologises for her mistakes and says that she respects and supports Lisa in her journey and she will smile for both of them! Ahh... A mother's love! What child could possibly refuse that?

    Always Be Yourself.jpg

    The episode ends with them going to Bleeding Gums Murphy's performance at a local bar and him singing "Moaning Lisa Blues"

    This is a real masterpiece! A one-time classic episode with a valuable lesson for all of us! I give it a 5/5! Spectacular!
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