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Thread: R&R: "Moaning Lisa"

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    Good episode tons of heart and introduction to bleeding gums murphy. The ending was really cool. 4/5

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    I really love the stuff with Lisa and Marge. This episode does a great job at getting into Lisa's head and conveying her feelings. Everything with her is very downbeat and moody, but it never feels melodramatic. I especially love the shots of Lisa following Bleeding Gums's sax. It has some fantastic atmosphere and the shot where she finds him sitting on that bridge is beautiful and really sticks in my mind whenever I think about this episode.

    As for the Marge stuff, I like the look we get into her past and how it's treated. She definitely got and gives Lisa bad advice, but she is trying to do something to help Lisa, unlike Homer, and she does recognize how bad her advice is right away, leading to one of the most powerful moments of season 1.

    Unfortunately, this episode is bogged down by a mediocre subplot. The stuff with Bart and Homer isn't bad, but I think it ultimately does more harm that good. It ruins the mood set by the main plot just for some jokes that fall flat. In general, this episode isn't very funny, but that's not inherently a bad thing. There are some gags that work, like the band sounding really bad and Marge's line when picking up Lisa from Bleeding Gums, but most of the good jokes don't come from the subplot that's only there to be comic relief. Honestly, I would've been satisfied with the level of comedy in this episode without the subplot and the episode as a whole would've been better without it. 9/10

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