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Thread: R&R: "Bart The General"

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    Brilliant 5/5 episode

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    6/10: This episode had its moments. Nelson disfiguring barts face was pretty funny. Another funny moment was when grandpa simpson bashed homer with water ballons and homer reffered to him as a grey haired kid.

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    Pretty good. Establishes Nelson and Grandpa as recurring characters, but I wasn't blown away by it. I've only seen a few episodes so far but I wouldn't say it's my favorite. I preferred the very first episode and Bart The Genius over this one. More dynamic characters and timeless plots in those episodes.
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    A classic season 1 episode.


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    Another very good one! Not the best of the season, but great nonetheless. 88/100
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    Season 1
    Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire: 75/100
    Bart the Genius: 93/100
    Homer's Odyssey: 70/100
    There's No Disgrace Like Home: 89/100
    Bart the General: 88/100
    Moaning Lisa: 83/100
    Call of the Simpsons: 81/100

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    Probably one of the really first classic Season 1 episodes people remember besides the premiere. I really like this one. I think one of the funniest scenes is in the bathroom with Homer, Marge, & Bart. Herman gets a lot of screen time too in this episode, probably his longest other than 22 Short Films Of Springfield & The Springfield Connection but those are minor.

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    It is a very good episode.

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    Mom, Bart's Smoking!
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    This episode is brilliant, no doubt about it. It features some of the best character moments of the first season, and an awesome climax. A+

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    Very funny IMO, probably my favorite for season 1. Good jokes, and a good intro to Nelson's character. 5/5.
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    4/5 Good episode. As others have mentioned, this one has a very Saturday morning cartoon-type feel to it, which I think adds to its charm.

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    4/5, quite a good episode, though it wasn't the best episode from Season 1. It's among the top 10 of Season 1 though.

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    This is more like it. The first episode of the series to feel like a classic to me, and probably my favourite episode of season 1, along with 'Life in the Fast Lane'. There were early signs of the Simpsons unique humour which would become more cemented in later seasons, such as Homer drying Bart's eyes with the hairdryer, maybe the first use of allusions to classic cinema the series would become synonumous with, and further character development for Bart. He really was the best and most layered character in the early seasons. Everything about this episode worked so well, and it's a relatable story with a strong emotional center. You really sympathize with Bart, something the show forgot how to do at some point? Hey, remember how Bart used to be likeable? A troublemaker with problems, but a good kid at heart? Instead of just a jerk.

    The Bart and Lisa relationship is probably my favourite on the show, and I love how despite their rivalry, they stick up for each other in times of crisis, like Bart did with Nelson. Who would've thought he'd become such an important character? And the climactic scene is fantastic.

    Overall, great episode. Only downside is that, again like most of season 1, it lacks the humour and wit the later seasons brought. 8/10

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    The first chapter in the novel by Nelson and Bart.

    Bart the General shows us how a sensitive subject can be treated with humor. How war can be fun. How a child afraid to die can make you laugh. Because this is The Simpsons. The specialty in generating a mixture of sensations that leads you to mourn with laughter to feel sadness in a matter of seconds. The story, which is strong and impressive, is easy to see thanks to the jokes that are in it.

    I laughed a lot more than I should in this scene.

    And this is a story that is strong and impressive. We have an explicit sample of the bullying that Bart receives at the hands of Nelson. We have Bart crying disconsolately for not being able to deal with the situation. We literally have a war between an army of children in front of a defenseless bully, who is betrayed by his companions. But all this is cushioned by moments that really get some laughs, like Bart's faces every time Nelson hits him, Homer drying his son's tears, and Grampa throwing water balloons at his son. We even have a scene in which Bart, scared, imagines his death, but Homer, Milhouse, Lisa, and Nelson give him a funny tone with his indifference and/or lack of respect.

    The faces of Bart to be hit by Nelson have no waste.

    Another key to the success of the episode lies in the characterizations. Nelson had an impeccable presentation as the bravado of the series. We see him as aggressive and abusive in front of Bart. Bart, on the other hand, is helpless in comparison, but he is also brave, strong and persevering. And he has a beautiful gesture with his sister. Homer tries to be a good father, but his advice is detrimental to his son. Marge tries to fix all conflicts through dialogue. And Grampa demonstrates his utility to be the one who solves the problem of his grandson (with Herman's help), in addition to revealing his past of war and his great facet of an old complainer. Oh, and Herman has a memorable performance with the follies he performed in every scene he witnessed. The only one that leaves something to be desired is Lisa, who keeps out of all the problems that Bart was generated by defending her.

    It's a shame how little use we had of Herman. His madness is fun.

    Another aspect that highlights this episode over the rest of season 1 is the amount - and quality - of the cultural references. The winks to wars and the most important peace treaties in history are easy to understand and enjoy. In addition, the scene in which a child kisses Lisa after Bart's triumph, the one that emulates the photograph of Alfred Eisenstaedt on the day of the American victory over Japan in the Second World War, has remained in the history of the show as one of the most iconic references in history. I'm sure many of us know the photo because of the contribution of the show. In addition, in the epilogue, Bart makes mention of Star Wars as one of the best wars in history, which made me laugh.

    This was the first kiss we have seen of a Simpson child.

    And the last thing I want to highlight is the songs that Bart teaches his troop. They are excellent. I never get tired of listening to them and, every time I watch the episode again, I look forward to those scenes. If I have to name a negative aspect, it is the end. I can not find the reason why Nelson accepts the pact of surrender so drafted by Herman so quickly. It will be because he did not want to remain tied, because he would continue as the authority figure or because he wanted to eat a little cake right away? We will never know, but those are the hypotheses that occur to me. Or, well, maybe there was simply no time for more, which is much more likely.

    It's a happy ending, but it's also a bit hasty.

    Bart the General is probably the strongest and most enjoyable episode of the first season. The good use of the characters, the brilliant introduction to Nelson Muntz, the interesting story, and the effective humor that is used repeatedly make it another 'great' episode the Simpsons ever had.

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    Why do people go gaga over this episode. I thought it was an average episode at best , don't see what the big deal is. Me personally i didn't care for much of this episode. Only jokes i thought were funny were grampa throwing a water balloon at homer and jasper/grampa fighting over the newspaper 2/5

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    I like this episode, but there's nothing particularly great about it. The jokes are decent, but there's nothing that made me laugh that hard. The story is fine enough. I guess it's interesting that Herman has a big part in this episode and Herman doesn't do that much in the show as a whole.

    I think what ultimately hurts this episode is the fact that it's in season 1. The jokes can't go that big and the action has to kept on a very small scale. While some episodes like Moaning Lisa and Life on the Fast Lane really benefit from season 1's slow pace and grounded nature, this episode suffers for it. Overall it's good, but not as good as it could've been. 7/10

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    So this is the first episode we see of Nelson and of Herman, and yet somehow all we see Nelson as is just a major threat and we know nothing of his home life, I guess for a majority of the time Nelson has kept to his word on the treaty.....we don't see much of his minions afterwards but when we do they don't hang out with Nelson hell we see like one of them in the episode Kamp Krusty. Maybe that's why he started hanging out with Dolph, Jimbo and Kearney.

    I kind of wish that today's kids would follow Bart's example
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    Probably the first truly amazing episode of the series. The comedic timing and satire was on point, and an easy favorite for season 1.

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    Now this one here is an very good episode, the best one up to this point in the series in my opinion. It is a great Bart-centric story a great and well-realised conflict for him with his bully problem regarding the schoolyard menace Nelson Muntz (who is introduced here as an recurring character) and a lot of other great sequences. This one just really clicked for me.

    It got off to a great start with Bart standing up for Lisa when Nelson steals and ruins the cupcakes she made for her teacher Ms. Hoover's birthday (despite having made fun of her and the cupcakes before that) and earning the ire of Nelson after punching him (and making him "bleed his own blood") and becomes the bully's number one punching bag after school. This is a very nice and relatable down to earth conflict (the perfect one for Bart) and he is wonderfully portrayed here, with how he reacts to the entire ordeal and starts off at the bottom once Nelson gets his sights set on him & then eventually decides to properly turn the tables on the bully, all with some nice plot progression and nice character moments sprinkled in there (also, Homer drying Bart's tears with a hairdryer is just great).

    I liked how both Marge & Homer gives him advice, but him only really listening to the latter's suggestion to fight dirty (but making no difference in the end) & him going to Grampa Simpson began the best part, with Grampa taking the boy to the obviously nutty Herman and his military antique store, laying out a battle strategy to defeat Nelson by training the schoolkids who have also been tormented by the bully to stand up to him in an real fight with waterballoons as weapons, turning the neighborhood into a battlefield (which even Homer gets dragged into a little). Everthing about this is some of the best stuff in the first season (Herman steals much of the show with how seriously he is taking it and there's some well done references to war films like 'Patton' & 'The Longest Day'), culminating with Nelson's cronies giving up and Nelson being captured.

    The ending was also a solid one, with Bart not knowing what to do now when he won and Nelson is still tied up (threatening to beat Bart up once he is untied) and Herman solves it by fixing an armistice (which says that Nelson will be the figurehead of menace but will hold no actual power, wont raise his fists in anger & will recognize Bart's right to exist) which both Bart & Nelson agrees to sign, afterwards they all (the Simpson family included) celebrate by eating cupcakes in an great ending (also topped off with a quirky but nice bit with Bart addressing the viewers about wars being bad and there only being three exceptions to that: The American Revolution, World War II and Star Wars).

    5/5 for me, no hesitation. One of my favorites of the first season and easily Top 3 of it.
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    Really solid and nice reviews so far, @CousinMerl. Rating and reviewing every episode is a great initiative that I guess everyone has had. I hope you can keep them up with enthusiasm and consistency as you are doing so far. They are interesting to read!
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    @Szyslak100, Thanks. I'll try to keep it up, but occasionally I might write a little bit less, depending on the episode, how much I remember about it and the mood, but nevertheless I'm aiming to at least get something said for each episode and give a rating (mainly for the classic era, but likely after that as well with Scully & pre-HD Jean).

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    " Bart The General " is amazing! It is an episode that tackles many themes. Bullying, siblings rivalry, parental problems, war etc.

    Attachment 3375

    ACT 1

    Act 1 has done a great job in setting up the plot. Lisa baking cupcakes for Ms Hoover (which is the first episode that she is mentioned) is the key to unlock the main plot. The characters are all perfect in their roles, with Homer being a little buffoonish at the beginning, but still remaining the Homer of season 1. We get Bart-Homer moment as father and son, where Homer explains to Bart that being a teacher's pet isn't a bad thing and that if he did what Lisa does (in which Lisa tries to explain that it is only because she is smart and studies a lot) he would get good grades and the teachers will like him. My favourite moment in act 1 is the typical siblings rivalry. We have seen it many times in later seasons, but the way the characters act is something that we will never see again. Bart trying to be nice so he can get a cupcake is kinda funny! They still considered Lisa as a 8 year old brat in these seasons. They manage to make it to the Springfield Elementary, when one of the weasels takes Lisa's cupcakes and Bart tries to protect his sister! A cute moment for Bart that will later cost him!
    This is the moment where Nelson Muntz appears.

    Now, Nelson is a tough kid, but in his early depictions, he takes his role very seriously. He is not just the typical bully here, but the monster of Bart's nightmares. They get into a fight and Bart accidentally punches Nelson in the face and makes his nose bleed. Nelson walks up to him and says he will finish him after school. Say whatever you want about this Nelson, but I always prefer him over his incarnation.
    Attachment 3374

    The hours pass and Bart becomes even more worried about Nelson's revenge. Milhouse tries to help Bart by asking him to talk to Skinner, but Bart doesn't want to violate the school yard code. Bart even has a dream that he has been killed by Nelson! 3 o'clock and Bart tries to hide somewhere, but Nelson finds him, puts him in a garbage can and rolls him home. I honestly don't like violence, but this is a very well portrayed moment for Bart. At home, Bart is in the bathroom crying over his bad luck, when Homer appears to console him. Bart tells him about Nelson and Marge rushes in to give him advice. Homer, however, disagrees and helps Bart to fight the bully himself. This is something really dumb, but at least Homer tries to help. However, the same thing happens again and he is send back in a garbage can, where he finds Lisa, who advises him to go and find grandpa for help. This is the end of act 1!

    I really liked how Bart is so afraid of Nelson, compared to the later seasons. I like that dream! Oh man, Homer was so "sad" to miss work right?

    ACT 2

    Act 2 is where we get some pretty good jokes. We get the "all men here are grandpas" joke, Abe writing a letter to the TV executives and the Abe-Jasper fight. I like Grandpa in this episode, because he is mostly portrayed as stupid! He acknowledges that he can't help Bart, but knows someone who can, which leads to Herman Hermann's appearance. I don't like Herman, he is just too shady for the show! Anyway, Herman agrees to help them and constructs a perfect plan to give Nelson a lesson. The next day at school, Bart passes a note to everyone that is fed up with Nelson's antics to meet him in his treehouse. There, he encourages them to join him and that's how we get a montage of training for the big battle. This is the end of act 2.

    I want to say one thing: Herman is a character that we really don't need! Not that he isn't a good character, but I think that he is a dark character that could only be used on special occasions, like "Homer The Vigilante"

    ACT 3

    Act 3 is easily the funniest. We get a real war, with the kids appearing with balloons to beat up Nelson, which is nice. Somehow, they managed to capture Nelson and end this thing.

    Attachment 3376

    Wow! Lisa really wasn't happy about that! I sure wouldn't like someone to grab me like this and kiss me!

    The episode closes nicely, with Bart and Nelson apologising and Herman making a contract that Nelson will never bother Bart again. Hmm...we will see about that!

    We also get a post-credits sequence with Bart talking about war and the problems it causes/

    I have to say that I didn't really like it at first, but it is so well paced that it really deserves a 5/5! Amazing episode!

    P.S: I posted this on an unofficial thread a while ago and so I decided to do a repost.

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