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Thread: R&R - Homer and Apu

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    incredibly underrated. A

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    Hey there, handsome OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
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    One of the most underrated episodes of season 5. With Apu in the main plot, you can rarely go wrong. Lots of great jokes and even a classic musical number! 9/10
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    Even though the main joke is repeated, it somehow gets funnier every time. It has a great ending, too, so that doesn't make it any worse. 10/10, A+
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    Great episode, need to watch it again some time. A+

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    Junior Camper Borner1990's Avatar
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    As a Singaporean Chinese where a large population of Indians are native people in my country, this was a compelling watch that makes me appreciate the ambitiousness of the writer in playing around with Apu's cultural roots, even if they didn't really explore it thoroughly. The idea of Indians being offended by Christians was amusing, and it's probably something you couldn't get away with in today's PC culture. The fact that the Kwik-E-Mart headquarters resides in India of all places is so absurd, yet it fits perfectly with the other equally absurd elements of the Simpsons universe and its cartoon logic. The only thing that would've made this episode even more ambitious is if they had Apu singing it in Bollywood style instead.

    But when it comes down to it, I guess I just have a lot of love for episodes that explore characterization, especially characterization of the side characters in the series we simply never had the chance to know better.

    The only part of this episode I couldn't care about is James Wood. I didn't grow up with his movies, and I have no clue at all about any of the movie references in this episode. Regardless, this one gets a solid A.

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    Has a cooking pan on his head Trab Pu Kcip's Avatar
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    Who Needs The Kwik-E-Mart? I Don't!

    Anyway, good episode, filled with good songs, funny scenes and is was a splendid watch.


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    Stonecutter The B's Avatar
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    Act 1 - the "eternal" problem of expired products at "Kwik-E-Mart" is revealed - Yay!?..
    Act 2 - Funny and annoying
    Act 3 - Great "trip to India", but the final resolution was... meh

    Simple plot, centered (for the first time) on Apu. However, "Kwik-E-Mart" wasn't definitely so bad shop (like that contrast "Monstomart"). The first act (I meant problem) written on purpose of being all rest episode.

    As for James Woods, he was funny in act 2, and, again, that "trip to India" with Homer is hilarious, but the finale of all that story would be better (first, at least, the robber could be Snake…).

    Oh, almost forgot - the song was fine.

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