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Thread: R&R: The Otto Show

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    I think the writers knew that Otto isn't an interesting character to focus on since the main plot doesn't start until ten minutes in. The Spinal Tap stuff isn't bad, but it isn't that funny and is not worth the amount of time that's spent on it. The main plot itself isn't any better since, as I mentioned, Otto is not an interesting character and we know he has to go back to being a bus driver by the end. Even ignoring that, there's still no stakes since Otto barely cares about his situation. He's too much of a one note stoner to have the emotional depth required for a story to revolve around him.

    Not even the jokes can save this episode. I like the sequence of Otto holding up traffic and rushing to get to the school, but most of the rest of the episode is dull. I'm not engaged in the plot and Otto gets annoying after a while, ruining any other halfway decent jokes. 3/10

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    Decent episode. Cnbtering a story around Otto, up until this point a very minor character, was an interesting choice and this an alright story for him to be featured in (with Bart being interested in becoming a rock star after going to his first rock concert featuring the band Spinal Tap, Otto showing him how to play an electric guitar which eventually leads to Bart letting him live with the family once he gets into trouble) and some nice jokes in there throughout, but it really does have some problem like shaky pacing, much as it takes so long to get the Otto story going and once it does it never becomes anything really good or that interesting, just being kinda predictable, with some filler and kind of rushed at the end. It appears to me they took water over the head with featuring Otto but the humor is still solid and holds it up fairly well, plus it is nice to get a story with Otto, even though it is just okay in the end.

    The Spinal Tap rock concert stuff takes up the entirety of the first act and it is a good one for sure with a lot of amusing moments. I liked the aspect of Homer being the one who drives Bart & Milhouse to the concert and there's a few nice gags, such as him having tinnitus but claiming to have good hearing, Patty & Selma making fun of him as he leaves ("Davy Crockett with his baldskin cap") & while the boys is as the concert he waits for them in the car while singing along to what's on the radio. There is naturally a big focus on the fictional band Spinal Tap themselves (including Harry Shearer, maybe the easiest "guest star" to get), and they get some amusing moments with their interview as well as them on stage, trying to improvise when nothing goes as planned (it felt like the band was the reason this episode was made). Anyhow, the band gets fed up with all going wrong (wet stage floor, half-inflated devil balloon & lights that don't work), which puts the audience in a silent mood and the band in a foul mood and the latter quit after 20 minutes; the ensuing riot with police and all (while Homer is unaware) was pretty funny. The act ends with a nice joke of Milhouse buried underneath a pile of folding chairs.

    So Bart now wants to be a rock star, there's a funny and well-animted fantasy scene of him as a sleazy British rocker who drinks too much ("Me fans are stupid pigs"), Homer and Marge gets him the electric guitar he wishes for & Bart turns out to not be so good for a beginner. He shows the guitar to Otto on the schoolbus (thinking it's broken) and Otto jams on it just fine, he entertains the kids and having to rush to the school, leading to a funny scene of him driving like a maniac through town, destroying stuff and endangering lives before crashing and tipping over the bus at town square. Otto is suspended as the school bus driver, fails at getting a driver's license at Patty & Selma's DMV (which he didn't already have), loses his apartment and has to live in the dumpster, in some nice and enjoyable scenes. He is taken in by Bart, who convinces Homer to let his friend stays and the wish is granted. Otto got into the plot well and there were a lot of nice scenes and moments, but it doesn't really go in any interesting directions and comes off as too late.

    Otto didn't get involved until halfway into the episode (which was way too late; Ideally it would've happened at the rock concert) and I feel nothing is really done with him being the central character. Once he's at the house, he just kunda slafs, doing nothing really and annoying the family (such as his long hair getting stuck in the bathroom drain and telling Lisa a scary story which makes her freak out). We also get a brief scene with Bart telling Homer he gave up the dream of being a rock star and guitar playing just because he wasn't immediately great at it and Homer being surprisignly understanding despite earlier in the episode threatening him to use the expensive guitar and get good but it just made the guitar plot feel pointless; I'd have liked Otto taught him to use it and maybe break it by accident or something(which would have given Otto more to do and Bart not seem as lazy). There's an brief subplot with Skinner as the new bus driver, but it just kind of stops after he's held up in traffic for hours and ends up feeling pointless.

    Otto gets convinced to try get a licence at the DMV by the fact that Homer sees him as a "sponge" decides to get it so he can show it off to show it off to Homer; I liked this and Patty loving his annoyance with Homer (despite Homer being in the right; Otto is a "sponge"), but it still feels a little cheap and easy with how they did it; Otto could have tried and done well, but instead he's the same incompetent failure of a bus drives and Patty giving him a pass solely because he tells stories about Homer's behavior (even offering him margaritas), ending the episode with Otto back as the bus driver and Skinner being overjoyed; I dunno, I think that giving Otto character development would have been great and made he ending feel earned and still have some good gags (like maybe him doing a mistake or two but still passing), but here he just won without earning it, just because he didn't like Homer and voiced his irritance with the guy and Patty liking it so much. It was kind of a subpar "reset" ending (I would have liked Otto changing a little).

    So maybe I'm nitpicking the episode a little much, but I just didn't like it a whole lot, despite some good scene and moments of humor. I have to agree that it feels a little aimless and as if they struggled to make an episode for Otto (it felt like the rock concert with Spinal Tap was the main attraction and reason for the episode itself). Otto gets involved but late, they don't really do anything interesting with him & he gets zero character development (a huge missed opportunity) and ending up being rewarded with his old bus driver position without improving the slightest, the Skinner subplot was amusing but it went nowhere, the same with Bart and his guitar which felt like just a way to get Otto into the story (also, I am no fan of Bart being this lazy to drop something pretty much right away; him being less like this in later seasons were an improvement IMO). One of the weakest early episodes, but still having its moments and nice jokes.

    3/5. I'd say this is my least favorite of the season, though the first act, the humor and some character moments makes it worthwhile.
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    Was an alright episode. I'll be pleased if its on but its not really one I'll go out of my way to watch.

    Patty's interactions with Otto are hilarious though.
    Won't be needing this....

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