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Thread: R/R Flaming Moe's

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    weird how the writers dropped stuff from seasons 3 & 4 like "eye on springfield" , "scott christian channel 2 news" and random mcbain movie bits.

    I'm not sure if it's been said before but I don't think the episode starting with another tv show being aired on the simpsons tv is that good. not that it matters, this episode rocks

    another note: moe was such a better character back then. he wasn't some absolute loser, he actually managed to bed a lady in this episode
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insecthero View Post
    I forget, was this the first time we see how desperate and man-hungry Mrs. Krabappel is?
    No, it wasn't. Remember how she flirted with Mr. Bergstrom in Lisa's Substitute?
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    Quote Originally Posted by goodfella View Post
    weird how the writers dropped stuff from seasons 3 & 4 like "eye on springfield" , "scott christian channel 2 news" and random mcbain movie bits.
    Actually, they had an Eye on Springfield segment as late as Season 14.
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    5/5 The greatness of multiple level jokes at many levels of situations done by Classic Era Simps.

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    5/5. One of my all-time favorites and still has me laughing out loud whenever I watch it.

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    Flaming Moe’s

    Communication: The mystery drink was just about plausible, considering we only knew of the cough syrup and fire. However, it might’ve seemed less revolting if that ‘secret ingredient’ wasn’t actually revealed to us, as it would’ve both served the same purpose in the story and been as distinct from reality as intended. Although establishing Moe’s guilt would be tough for an average struggling family and a corrupt lawyer, his direct claim that he created the drink would amount to fraud by false representation, as it was in order to gain customers and money. Homer’s unrelenting anger seemed fitting though, since he had lost his moment in the spotlight, his friends and his drinking spot, depriving him of practically all his interests. Also, the satire on temptation by fame and riches worked well for once, as Moe seemed entirely oblivious of Homer’s potential threat throughout, making it clear that living in a temporary paradise can cause you to lose sight of reality. 5/8

    Insight: Although the parodies weren’t particularly memorable, there were plenty of amusing moments which prevented the plot feeling too malicious. Noteworthy examples included ‘Flaming Moe’s’ day already being Veterans’ day, the class’s scorn at Bart’s assertion that Homer made the drink and Moe’s customers taking his ‘blood and sweat’ remark literally. Seeing both Homer and Moe being hugely impressed by the drink at first taste, on separate occasions, also helped make the escalating popularity of the bar believable. This might not seem important, but the essence of most good subtle comedy is that it flows seamlessly from a story the audience are already compelled with. The subplot at the beginning was also fun and helped establish Homer’s reliance on the bar to escape the mundanity of life, making his emotions later on more believable. 3/4

    Technique: Moe’s sleazy bartender character was drawn out well. His character poked fun at the traditional bartender role in that he knew very little about alcoholic drinks beyond serving the beer that comes out of a tap, but the bar’s emptiness and loneliness also established that he hadn’t had a break in life. This made his character more likeable when selling out Homer, since he couldn’t pass up an overwhelming once in a lifetime opportunity at fame. Homer’s anger was also quite similar to that shown in Dead Putting Society, while Bart’s failed prank call was a lovely touch. 2/2

    Consistency: The inclusion of one sole significant plot facilitated the focus and development of the emotions of every vested party throughout. The focus on Homer and Moe’s emotions were handled expertly throughout, as every scene was dedicated towards them learning a new development about each other, especially because the jokes came effortlessly from the conflict. This ensured that Homer’s stunt at the end felt appropriate, as he’d tried claiming the drink was his, politely trying to get through to Moe, finding a new drinking space and imposing legal barriers, each to no avail. 1/1

    Total: 11/15 or 4/5. A highly amusing and enjoyable conflict which successfully laid down foundations for Moe Szyslak. There were flaws but they were mostly nitpicks.

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    This is the best episode of all time, its damn near perfect as an episode can be.

    The slumber party really gets the story going, the main problem is great, I loved the Aerosmith appearance, and I like the way Homer reveals the secret ingredient. I really like the jokes here ("Thats it i'm outta here") and I also love Moes characterisation.


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    Most people think this episode is great...... and they're right! It's perfect. There's very little to say really. I think I'm hitting the point in the series' run where it's just classic after classic. It gives you little to discuss and the praise you're heaping onto the show is basically the same every episode. Great jokes, great writing, perfect comedic timing, likable characters, great references, great use of guest stars. Episodes like this are what made the Simpsons the cultural icon it is today. I guess the only fault is that Moe is a jerk to his only friend for no reason. We're given little motivation for why he stabs Homer in the back and steals his drink. I just find it slightly jarring because back then Moe hadn't yet been established as the deplorable human being he is today, but then you can argue that this episode helped establish that.

    0/10 ...Oh by the way, I was being sarcastic

    Real grade: 9.5/10 ...Well, duh

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    Stonecutter ComicBookGal's Avatar
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    This episode was my very first exposure to Aerosmith, I didn't become a fan of the group until 2005 when fate and a trip to a bowling alley that happened to have the coin-op version of Revolution X, but that's a story for another day, well long story short by the end of the night I felt the same way Homer felt when he was brought back to the hotel in Kill the Alligator and Run. Good this it was a holiday weekend. I kind of wish they waited a year to do the episode Judge Me Tender so that Steven Tyler could guest star again (because let's face it, he was the only reason I even watched American Idol in 2011 and 2012)

    This is basically the very first episode that centered around Moe (or rather it's a Moe episode but Moe was in the Moejority of it......yeah went there) but until this episode he was just a side character as being a sympathetic ear to Homer and a target of Bart's crank calls. Though this is also the very first episode where we can see what kind of a sleazebag Moe can be. But I do have positive things to say about this classic era episode, who doesn't get nostalgic hearing the Eye On Springfield opening sequence, I revisited Strong Arms of Ma this morning, and it makes me wish we would see that opening in the HD era even if you have to mix classic and current animation with it
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    The basic idea of the story isn't anything great, but what makes this episode so good is how much it gets out of its premise. There's a ton of great gags with Homer trying to find another bar and Moe suddenly becoming famous. I don't think the story is that emotional, but it's still a very entertaining ride. My only issue is that the ending feels a bit too quick. Maybe the beginning part with Bart and Lisa could've been cut down a bit. It's cute, but not exactly necessary. 8/10

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    blocks your path CousinMerl's Avatar
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    So here we got another great episode and one of the season 3 greats. It has all the ingredients for a classic episode & mixes them just perfectly to make for an excellent episode that has an all good premise (with Homer going to Moe's for a drink and ending up having his secret recipe for a drink he invented stolen by an unscrupulous Moe who uses it to get famous) some solid storytelling, characterizations and really good jokes (it misses out on being one of the more emotional tales of the season, but as just an fun and memorable episode it succeeds). For a first ond who centers around the character of Moe it is a great one for sure. Certainly one of the best of the season, though maybe not one of my top favorites overall since there are many I prefer over it, but still pretty stellar stuff.

    The episode starts out greatly with a scene at the Simpson residence, with Homer watching the "infotainment" show Eye On Springfield' and Bart walking in while Lisa has a sleepover with her friends (Janey and some other girls; odd as later she has no friends), there's a good joke with Bart having to get Homer to un-jinx him and the girls end up chasing Bart to give him a makeover (nicely animated scene, including a good reference to 'Close Encounters Of The Third Kind' with the screws coming off the door). Homer heading to Moe's when he Maggie being a victim of the girls' forced makeovers was a funny way to get the story going (as well as an hilarious sight gag). There's a nice scene with Moe telling Homer business is slow Homer offers to mix him his own special drink he came up with, telling the story of how he invented the "Flaming Homer" which gets a great flashback scene (Patty & Selma forcing the family to suffer through one of their boring vacation slideshow & Homer mixing his own drink by using leftover liquor and children's cough syrup & the final bit being Selma's cigarette which accidentally sets it on fire, finishing the drink).

    Moe loves Homer's drink and as soon as he serves a customer he takes full credit for it and calls it a "Flaming Moe", leading to Moe's suddenly being overflowing with customers wanting a taste. There's good moments like Barney discovering the salad bar and its "sneeze guard", Moe hiring the young waitress and confronting a potential buyer from Tipsy McStagger but refusing to sell the recipe (though the buyer sneaking some of the drink with him). I liked how Bart tried to stand up for his father by utilizing him for an "The Inventor I Admire" day at school, bringing liquor to show that he did invent the "Flaming Homer" (great shocked response by Edna, who tells him to take it to the teacher's lounge). In a nice montage, Moe upgrades his bar and Homers increasing anger over Moe's betrayal was portrayed well (the scene of him sneaking into Moe's was a nice one, with memorable stuff like Aerosmith playing (and inviting Moe to join them), Barney having become sophisticated & Edna on a manhunt, topped with a good dramatic bit of Homer having had enough of Moe, confronts him about the theft and denounces himself as a customer.

    There's also a nice song with "Flaming Moe's" (which also is a nice parody of the theme from 'Cheers') that has some nice woodcut-like visual frames, there's another scene with the buyer coming back and trying to get the recipe but Moe again not wanting to as its a secret of his (plus a funny cutaway with Professor Frink at the Tipsy McStagger factory trying to analyze the drink to find the secret recipe, which is said to be "love) and Moe almost having the couh syrup secret outed. Homer has some great little bits here, like trying to find a replacement bar, suing Moe for copyright infringement (which has a nice Lionel Hutz moment) & being angry and sarcastic before going to bed (in an memorable scene). I liked how the waitress convinces Moe to sell the drink recipe and split the money with Homer as she had overheard that Moe did steal it (though in retrospect this moment comes off as odd, as she had been sleeping with Moe, who later on is portrayed as incredibly undesirable by women; early installment weirdness again). Homer's Moe delusion was a great moment, with him hearing Moe's name and seeing his face everywhere.

    The ending was great, with Moe just about to sell the recipe when Homer (who has been driven crazy) appears at the bar rafters & in an very dramatic 'Phantom of The Opera' moment reveals the secret ingredient, ruining Moe and and falling down onto the band (Barney's "Holy Cow! You just fell on Aerosmith!" is still very funny). Soon every bar makes the drink, Moe's goes back to normal and Homer reconciles with Moe (who serve's him a Flaming Homer) in an kinda sweet ending, topped with a nice joke with Homer wondering if Aerosmith comes on tonight (with Moe being very doubtful).

    Yeah, so this is, as said, a very solid episode with a lot of great moments, jokes and memorability. THe plot may lack in emotions but more than makes it up for that with its strong humorous plot with a great lead role for Moe and a nice story for Homer who has one of his original ideas taken from him. I still don't think its one of the very perfectly awesome episodes but it is a classic episode.

    I'd say this is an pretty easy 5/5
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