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Thread: R&R Radio Bart

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    Bart Fan! BartSimpsonfan17's Avatar
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    This has to be one of my favorite Bart episodes. One of his best pranks yet. I give it a 5/5

    Bart V.S Bob!
    Bart fan!

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    Pin Pal alex_on_ice's Avatar
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    May 2011

    This episode deserves a 5/5 hands down. I've always loved the song We're Sending Our Love Down The Well and the whole idea of having Bart pull a prank on the entire town with his radio Homer gave him was excellent! The scene at Bart's birthday party is always amusing to watch and it's hard not to see that Bart is extremely disappointed with all of his presents (The moment where Martin intervenes is great).

    It's also quite amusing to see how much use Bart gets out of Patty and Selma's gift (The labeling gun). He even manages to label Homer's bottom with "Property Of Bart Simpson".

    I find Willy and the policemen (Lou, Eddie and Wiggum) play important roles in this episode because they sort of chip in on making the atmosphere throughout this episode very special.

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    If I made a list of my favorite Simpsons episodes, this might be #1. It has all the elements that I think make "The Simpsons" such a great show. A solid opening with Bart's birthday and copious radio-related pranks, a good story about Bart reaping the consequences of an entertainingly clever prank, a full cast of characters on display and the city of Springfield's mob mentality in all its glory, a song and excellent stabs at the media's exploitation of tragedy, subtle satirization of the way we make heros out of people who haven't done anything except be victimized, plus a non-sugarcoated affirmation of the family's love for each other. That last part is probably the most important. It's obvious from this episode that Lisa is Bart's close confidant. It's also obvious that Marge, Lisa and Homer are the only people who love Bart enough to stick by him and dig him out of the well (until Sting comes along). Homer's attempts to buy Bart a "cool" present were also handled well. If this episode came out during the Jean era, there would probably be an artificially sappy ending to underscore how Bart learned his lesson and how family is important. If it came out during the Scully era, Bart would probably start an underground civilization with subterranean jockey elves or mole people or whatever, and most of the episode would be about Homer starting a strip club in what used to be his bedroom. But here, the balance between realism and wackiness was masterfully handled by writer Jon Vitti. This is a standout episode to say the least. 5/5.
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    Sensational episode. Good storyline but what gave it top rating was the constant entertainment, the hilarious moments i.e Bart, as 'God', telling Rod and Tod to get him all their cookies and leave them on the Simpsons porch, the uplifting bits i.e "We're sending our love down the well" and superb media satire i.e The assasination of the Lincoln squirrel. Not to mention an amusing cameo from Sting and a song from some of my favourite characters, especially Bleedin' Gums. 5/5, 10/10 & A +

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    10/10 & A + , and if anyone thinks otherwise you can suck a goat's dead fetus.

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    on a trip to squaresville Prune Tracy's Avatar
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    Stellar episode. Great Sting cameo ("Maaarge, he's a good digger!") and the rest of the episode was simply fantastic. 5/5.

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    Stonecutter Blobulle's Avatar
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    I kinda overrated it but it's still one of the best of the 3rd season. 4.5/5

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    DaddysSoulDonut Cam23's Avatar
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    I love this episode.The scene where Bart hides the walkie-talkie receiver in Maggie's crib and pretends she's speaking("Show's over,Lady!"),is just so sweet.Marge makes her face,murmurs under her breathe,and Bart does his cute laugh.A classic Simpsons family scene.

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    Very funny episode. Grade: A

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    Junior Camper kid_gruesome's Avatar
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    Good episode

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    A Lonely, Insignificant Speck Insanity Pepper's Avatar
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    This episode has a good mix of humour and drama, and Bart might have one of his best characterizations ever in this episode. 8/10

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    7/10. A decent episode with a couple of laughs.

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    This is a very well done episode. The premise isn't anything special, but the story is loaded with a ton of great gags and sharp satire to keep it engaging. 8/10

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    blocks your path CousinMerl's Avatar
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    The third season was really on something of a roll here with this one being another great outing; it is a classic and very memorable episode with a solid, well paced. Bart-centric story starting off with his upcoming birthday and turning into an pretty dark story where he pranks the entire town in an very cruel way by playing on their emptions and ends up in serious trouble and has a lot of really good jokes and a bit of emotional content as well. It is maybe not as great as some of the other greats from around this time but that is only because of more or less tough competition an it still holds up well as a great episode with a lot of great moments.

    It starts off well with Homer ending up watching TV (due to seeing Lisa dance to a music programme featuring a lot of pretty ladies shaking their butts, which leaves him drooling and gives Lisa his entire wallet when she asks him for money to buy something for Bart's birthday, which was a funny little bit) and seeing a commercial about a radio microphone toy and gets the idea to quickly get one for Bart. Bart experiencing his birthday soon thereafter was a nice series of events, like him looking out for his name among the birthday kids listed on Krusty's show (which had some nice in-jokes with some of the Simpsons crew being listed there are well), getting a birthday call from Grampa (which he puts on hold for a while, albeit being something that never is followed up on) & him going to utilize his birthday coupons (like getting a free birthday sundae which is tiny & a free tango lesson which was kind of an weird thing for Bart to be so into, but it was a nice joke).

    The scene with him having his birthday party at the kiddie restaurant Wall E. Weasel's was also a lot of fun (despite it apparently breaking Bart's optimism since its so lame). Good and fun stuff with the mascot being annoyed with the kids, Bart playing 'Larry The Looter', the crappy animatronics singing him Happy Birthday against his wishes & him only getting lame presents, like a cactus and an identical suit and hat as the one Martin Prince is wearing (albeit he does like the label-maker given by Patty & Selma, who seem to love taking pictures; I really like them just loving Bart & Martin having the same clothes). Bart just boredly discarding Homer's gift (the microphone) with a "next please" was sad for Homer and thankless of Bart, but I could buy it since Bart did get downbeat by the lameness of the party and the shoddy gifts (though him not seeing any use in the microphone right away does seem a little odd).

    I like the following jokes with Bart labeling everything at home with "Property of Bart Simpson" & Homer's bad attempt at showing the boy that the microphone is a great, cool toy by screaming into it so that the radio sound gets garbled (and Marge just calmly showing Bart the way to use it and lifting the kid's spirit was a nice litte additional scene). The bits with Bart doing pranks with the microphone were nice moments, such as tricking Homer that aliens are attacking (and Homer finding out Bart likes the present now was surprisingly sweet despite the strangling before that), tricking Marge that Maggie starts speaking ("Sorry lady, show's over") & Rod and Todd that he is God (an hilarious scene). Then he gets the idea to lower the radio into an old well and drops it (seemingly by accident) and this makes him come up with the idea to trick the town that an Timmy O'Toole fell down the well and is trapped there.

    There's some good stuff with the town gathering there and a lot of people try to come up with ideas to get the boy out of there (when none of the police can due to being too fat), such as Professor Frink, a falconer with his falcon & Quint from 'Jaws' as well; I also liked the moment with Bart (as Timmy) slanders Skinner. There's a media circus going on as well and there is an amusement park set up in benefit for Timmy, an Itchy & Scratcy episode is dedicated to him & Krusty gathers a number of famous media personalities from the town (also musician Sting) to sing "We're Sending Our Love Down The Well" (a great moment). I liked the way Lisa found out about the hoax when Santa's Little Helper had taken the microphone & of course we find out Bart was dumb enough to mark the radio with his name.

    So Bart goes out at night to get the radio out of there and he ends up falling down himself, he admits to cops Lou & Eddie up above and they callously leave him there (albeit telling Homer & Marge). Everyone withdraws from the well and there's no support for the trickster boy (and Homer thoughtlessly calls Bart an accident and realizes it cannot be edited out was a funny moment). I liked how Bart kept throwing Bart's stuff to him and the joke about a squirrel that looks like Lincoln (which is then assassinated) was great. Homer starts to dig Bart out of the well together with Marge, Willie joins in and soon a large part of town goes to help with the digging (and there's a nice gag about the death of a canary in a cage, which causes everyone to hurry out and then going back down when finding out the bird died of natural causes).

    They reach Bart (thugh not before a funny little moment with Sting doing some of the work and Marge saying Bart never listened to his albums, but Homer shushing her because he finds Sting a good digger (which I still find a really funny little moment), the boy is saved and is embraced by Homer & Marge & the episode ends with the town making sure no one ever falls down there again (which is just Willie placing a "Caution: Well" sign near the well itself) which was a funny half measure ending.

    Overall, it is an all good and very well told episode with some really good to great jokes throughout. There is a simplicity to it that just works and it is very straightforward and generally uncomplicated, but the excellent humor and good pacing makes it all work. There is nothing really to remark about it in a negative sense so I'll just leave it there. Great episode.

    4.5/5 rounded up to 5/5
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    Bart's first pranks are pretty funny.
    I've laughed when everybody near the well heard strange noises after the dog's taken the micro.
    The ending is hilarious.
    19,5/20 (5/5)

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    Is Dark Allison Trab Pu Kcip's Avatar
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    Many classic quotes in this one. I've always liked this episode, and whenever I turn on my Season 3 Disk 3 disk I turn to this episode.

    My Favorite and Least Favorite from every season.
    U1: Babysitting Maggie/Burp Contest, U2: Space Patrol/The Funeral, U3: The Bart Simpson Show/Bart's Nightmare, S1: Krusty Gets Busted/Homer's Odyssey, S2: Lisa's Substitute/Principal Charming, S3: Saturdays Of Thunder /Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington, S4: Homer The Heretic/Marge In Chains, S5: Deep Space Homer/Sweet Seymour Skinner's Badasssss Song, S6: Lisa's Rival/Another Simpsons Clip Show, S7: Bart Sells His Soul/Scenes From The Class Struggle In Springfield, S8: The Springfield Files/My Sister, My Sitter, S9: The City Of New York vs Homer Simpson/All Singing, All Dancing, S10: Lisa Gets An 'A'/When You Dish Upon A Star, S11: Behind The Laughter/Kill The Alligator And Run, S12: Trilogy Of Error/Simpson Safari, S13: I Am Furious (Yellow)/The Frying Game, S14: Bart vs Lisa vs The 3rd Grade/Helter Shelter, S15: I, (Annoyed Grunt) Bot and The Wandering Juvie/Bart Mangled Banner, S16: Don’t Fear The Roofer/On A Clear Day I Can’t See My Sister, S17: Girls Just Want To Have Sums/Bonfire Of The Manatees, S18: 24 Minutes/Rome-Old and Juli-Eh, S19: The Debarted/All About Lisa, S20: Coming To Homerica/Lisa The Drama Queen, S21: Homer The Whopper/The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed, S22: Homer The Father/The Great Simpsina, S23: Holidays Of Future Passed/Treehouse Of Horror XXII and Lisa Goes Gaga, S24: The Saga Of Carl/Love Is A Many Splintered Thing, S25: Steal This Episode/Diggs, S26: Simpsorama/The Musk Who Fell To Earth, S27: Barthood/Friend With Benefit, S28: The Town/The Cad And The Hat, S29: Flanders Ladder/Treehouse Of Horror XXVIII, S30: Baby You Can't Drive My Car/Treehouse Of Horror XXIX, S31: Highway To Well/Warrin' Priests, Both Parts.

    Quote the post above you, it gives me an enormous sense of a slow computer.

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