I proposed to myself write an extensive review of each episode of the show. But that was an utopian objective. So, I will try something different: I just will write reviews of my favorites episodes from seasons 11 to 30. And the third one of them deserves an effort. This mediocre season started bad with Mel Gibson, and then we have a strong but strange Bart-centric episode. So, this was the first great episode for me of what a lot of you call "post-classic era". Let's go.

I wish that my love of modern Simpsons be contagious

Guess Who's Coming to Critizice Dinner is an episode of my least favorite season ever, with the frequently unlikeable plot in which Homer gets a job. Afortunately, this was a work of Al Jean, so it's more enjoyable than what I would have bet. The written was solid. Definitely, it doesn't seem like if a dog would have written it. The plot had two important keys: first, it gave to Homer a suitable job for him. It was a pleasent chapter about his love to food. Second, it explores one of the best dynamics: the one of Lisa and Homer. And Al is an expert using these characters. The differences between they are exposed: intelligence, personality, tastes. But also is remarkable how they work as a team. The writers found a perfect place for both in the team: Homer, like I already say, enjoying his love for food; and Lisa, showing his talent for writing and also helping her father. They were a great couple for this job, and that's the reason for don't bother me the multiused plot.

Look at them. There's a better dynamic than their one?

Altought this one has the usual oddities of a thypical season 11's episode, there's something in it that make it more funny as usual. I really felt that the eccentricities are well developed here. Homer insults an ambulance, but I found it as a funny gag. The plot twist of the third act, in which the chefs tries to kill Homer, could ruin the entire episode, but it make it more memorable. The open end often is not enjoyable for me, but I think here it was amusing, where we hear Homer getting his comeuppance behind the credits. I should be a complain about the indifferent Marge's reaction when Bart tells she that Homer is in danger, but it made me laugh. The plot was a nice opportunity to explore the restaurants of Springfield. The visits of Homer and Lisa at Planet Hype and at Springfield Revolving Restaurant were pretty entertaining. Also, I enjoyed to see a bit more of the owners and chefs of those. Akira, MacCallister, Luigi and Wolfcastle made a good role as antagonist, altought the French Chef receives the best scenes, and it's a perfect one-time character for this ocasion.

Pure evil in two characters that usually are friendly. A good choice here.

Personaly, I don't think a Simpsons episode must have a lot of good jokes for be a good one. But there's episodes that prefer to take the way of the hilarity and they certainly should have a good rhythm with jokes. And this is one of them in attemps and in success in that aspect. There was a lot of scenes that made me laugh: Uter's dissapearence, Homer's replacement at work, Nelson hitting Milhouse in the car, Homer watching the headline from the day he was born, Homer's brief song about how much his love food, his sample review without the 'E', multiused of "screw Flanders", Homer cleaning stink of failure, the stop and start the presses, Krusty's King Lear, Maggie and the dog helping to Homer, each bad thing that happened to Homer when he enters in the festival, French Chef sillying away of the police and Homer finally getting his comeuppance. It's an awesome quantity and quality of good jokes. And there are some that I'm forgetting now. Also, there was some memorable quotes here, that I use in my day to day: "if he was so smart, how come he's dead?", "it's a joke, right? I mean, this was the stupidest thing I've ever read" or "the stink of failures is still on me". Yeah, what some people call memes.

Wow, tough crowd, they are booing Shakespeare!

Also, I want to make an special mention to the guest appearence of Edward Asner as Newspapper editor. I quite enjoy his voice-acting, and his character was an important contribution to the development of the plot. And I really enjoy his interactions with Homer. Possibly he was the best guest star of the season, which is not a big merit in the season of the guest stars playing themselves, but anyway. The only one who is likely in the same level (or over him) was Diedrich Bader as the Sheriff in Kill the Aligator and Run. And finally, a healthy habit of all scripts of Al Jean: the great use of some secondary characters in remote scenes. The already mentioned disappearence of Üter and the action of Sknner about it, Willie's trip to Margaritaville, the stupid game of Milhouse and the hit he recived by Nelson, Gil's dance, Mr. Burns being fat and moving for Homer's dummy, Krusty's adaptation of King Lear, Captain putting Homer's bad review in the window of his restaurant, he and Akira proposing kill to Homer and the thypical uselessness of the police.

This was not the stupidest review you've ever read.

Actually I think Guess Who's Coming to Critizice Dinner was the best episode of season 11. That's not much to say, but anyway, is an honorable sentence. Al Jean's Homer/Lisa explorations can't disappoint me. Not even with the wackiness of later Scully era.