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Thread: Simpsons Comics Thread

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    Definitely looks like fakes. I can't see them anywhere when searching it on bing (all I get is stories on the greek Homer) and Bongo have been defunct since 2018, so it's mostly a fan done thing, and not official.

    Undercover Burns: 2.5/5, I, Carumbus: 3.5/5, Now Museum, Now You Don't: 1/5
    Treehouse Of Horror XXXI: 5/5 (Toy Gory: 5/5, Into The Homerverse: 2/5, Be Nine, Rewind: 6/5)
    The 7 Beer Itch: 0.5/5 - WORST OF SEASON
    Podcast News: 3/5, Three Dreams Denied: 1.5/5, The Road to Cincinnati: 3/5, Sorry Not Sorry: 2/5, A Springfield Summer Christmas for Christmas: 1.5/5
    The Dad Feelings Limited: 4/5
    Diary Queen: 2.5/5, Wad Goals: 2.5/5, Yokel Hero: 2.5/5, Do PizzaBots Dream of Electric Guitars?: ?/5, Manger Things: 1.5/5, Uncut Femmes: 4/5
    Burger Kings: 2.5/5, Panic in the Streets of Springfield: 3.5/5,
    The Man From G.R.A.M.P.A: 2/5, Mother and Child Reunion: 2.5/5,
    The Last Bar-Fighter: 5/5

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    Is there any list out there of Simpsons comics from other places, such as the 1994 SDCC Program, or the Hero Illustrated exclusive comics?

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