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Thread: Rate/Review "Home Away From Homer" (GABF15)

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    MOAR Semaj's Avatar
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    Feb 2005

    It was okay. The parts involving the movie in the beginning were pretty funny. And I got some laughs out of the college women.


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    The Spring in Springfield
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    Jan 2002

    This episode was all over the place. The way in which Flanders was driven to leave town was totally lame. Definately the worst episode in a while. Nothing really memorable. 2/5.

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    FingerBANGBANG Valhum's Avatar
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    Dec 2004
    Mexicali, Mexico

    btw what a waste of Jason Bateman....
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    Mar 2004

    Quote Originally Posted by Valhum
    btw what a waste of Jason Bateman....
    No, if the guest stars ar playing themselves thy should be on TV and not in the plot itself taking up time. It was the perfect way to use him.

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    Mod, eh? Tomacco's Avatar
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    Aug 2001

    A very pleasant Homer and Ned episode. It won't be memorable down the line, but it was definitely enjoyable and a very very worthy addition to this seaso...oh my god...I just realized this season officially had no truly bad episodes in my book. Well fuckin done.


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    Hired Goon DotheBartman's Avatar
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    Oct 2001

    This episode's plot seemed a little too basic for its own good. We've seen the basic idea of a character leaving, and then their usual antagonist having to convince them to come back when they see what its like without them many, many times, not just on Simpsons but on all sitcoms basically. Its not a bad convention neccesarily but it was played too plain here, with the only real unique thing about the story being the weird-ass town the Flanders moved to. Just not very interesting as a storyline.

    Nonetheless....the episode was still funny for the most part, particularly that weird town and Homer's behavior towards Ned early in the episode. Not a whole lot to say on this one other then that it was generally humorous and enjoyable despite a somewhat dull storyline. B-

    DYN: The "Just stamp the ticket" guy (I forget his name, or at least what Roger claimed to be his name, at the moment) from early seasons makes a rare appearance outside Ned's house when he kicks out the college women.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NoOneFamous
    Decent, but also pretty forgettable. There have already been several epsiodes dealing with a Homer/Ned issue.. and this kind of gets lost in all of them.

    And the thing with Ned and the figurine town was weird.

    3.75 / 5
    I agree with what you said. but I rounded 3.75 up to a 4.

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    we go play hoop vox's Avatar
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    stanford, bitches (bitches referring to the bitches at stanford, not you)

    Quote Originally Posted by DotheBartman
    DYN: The "Just stamp the ticket" guy (I forget his name, or at least what Roger claimed to be his name, at the moment) from early seasons makes a rare appearance outside Ned's house when he kicks out the college women.

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    I really liked this one. The opening with the the NPR jokes and the movie was great, as was Flanders in Humbleton, PA. Homer's reaction to the Coach was also pretty funny. Plus, I really liked Homer's various uses and inflections of "Stupid Flanders" and still getting really annoyed with him at the end.

    I was kind of surprised by Jason Bateman's cameo, though. It was funny but I thought he'd be the neighbour in one of the two places.

    A solid 4/5.

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    Slightly Obsessed
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    Jan 2005

    This was a good episode. Got a few laughs out, which is always sign of a good episode. It was pretty amusing episode in all, but as many said... I've already forgotten key aspects of it... (mostly thanks to Father, Son, Holy Guest :P)

    But regardless... it was a 4/5 when it ended, and it's going to stick that way.

    Nice to see some choking too =P

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    Ups and downs that end up balancing out to an average episode. Homer's behavior varied throughout the episode. Sometimes he seemed about right in his Flanders-hating ways, but other times it seemed he was going too far. The story was interesting, if a little too slow at times. There were the usual amount of good jokes, and the usual amount of bad ones. Humble Pennsylvania was pretty funny at times, but I was hoping for a better excuse for the people to dislike Flanders (I admit the montage was funny however). I was very disappointed with the Jason Bateman appearance though, considering how thin it was and how predictable the joke ended up being. Characterizations, plot, jokes, and even the resolution (why was Flanders able to subdue the new neighbor?) were all very hit-or-miss. In the end there were about an even amount of both, so I give this episode a very middle-of-the-road 3/5.
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    Mad without power
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    Lost in the back of my mind

    I thought this was definitely one of the most boring episodes in recent memory. Homer's "Mmm...soggy bread" line got the only laugh out of me the entire episode. The plotline with Ned in Pennsylvania had no real plot to it, and even the plot with Homer and the new neighbor didn't go anywhere at all. Don't get me started on Jason Bateman.


    Like the past two weeks of double features, the second episode was MUCH better than the first.
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    Once Furious, Now Bull Bull Randleman's Avatar
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    Mar 2005

    It was pretty good...4/5

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    Raw > SmackDown! WWE's Avatar
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    Aug 2002

    Awful. Instead of DRAGGING the show out until there are no ideas left (that are usuable - this wasnt, by the way) they might as well end it.

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    SuperFriend Nameless's Avatar
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    Dec 2004

    4/5. Good laughs, good plot.
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    An OK episode, slightly better than either of last week's. Who'd think that Ned would find a town too conservative for him! I laughed at the line where Ned defends his mustache by mentioning how it has the "right to life," then saying that "it's his own body" -- the two sides of the abortion debate. That was clever. Grade: B/B+.

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    Very good episode, right up there with the other ep shown tonight, 4/5.

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    streets ahead
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    Apr 2003

    I thought that was a really good episode, much better than last week's double feature. It had some funny moments and good characterization, and gets one of my highest grades this season - A-

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    Stonecutter jay's Avatar
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    Dec 2002

    4/5. Flanders and the renegade mustache was classic.

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    *RIP Marcia Wallace* TriforceBun's Avatar
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    Sep 2004

    Believe it or not, I thought this was the better episode of Sunday. I personally think it's getting underrated.

    I always believed the idea was interesting--Homer getting a taste of his own medicine in having a bad neighbor, and Flanders finding a place even more conservative than him. It's a sort of semi-role-reversal, in the vein of Homer Loves Flanders, but here I thought it was more believable and pulled off in a more effective way. Instead of Homer and Ned going through a major character switch (like in HLF), we see them acting somewhat like the other in relation to their surroundings (i.e., a super-obnoxious neighbor, or a really conservative village), making it much more in-character for the both of them. Pacing was excellent, and some nice touches stuck it all together (i.e. Homer's "My bad" note in the first act).

    Characterization worked well too. There was only one thing that stuck out to me as a bit weird, and that was Homer and Bart going back to watching the girly footage. I know Homer's an irresponsible parent and all, but that seemed a little strange, a father and son watching softcore together. Regardless, Homer and Ned were handled extremely well here. Homer, like when he's at his best, shows his playful teasing side without actually crossing the line to "mean." He's genuinely sorry for the gossip, and despite leading Ned to leave, comes across as a likeable guy. Ned was likeable as well, with his trademark modesty (" I can't see my own shrinky-dink!"), kindness (babysitting Maggie), and optimism ("Well now you have a pen-pal!") stealing nearly every scene he was in. The resolution scene between Homer and Ned was sweet, remniscent of When Flanders Failed. Dan C. did a great job in this episode ("Hence the nickname, Stupid Flanders," (sweetly) "Shut up").

    Gags were great as well. Each act had plenty of laughs and great one-liners. I liked pretty much everything Homer said, Homer and Ned's bathroom conversation (also displays Homer's intrusive personality from the get-go), the movie posters, Lisa's remark about the subtitles being added for the mainstream, the jab at grad students, Left-Mart, "How about I ask Jeeves why he sucks," "Two girls? Who'd want to see that?", "I could've sworn someone said my name just now," (and the implication that the video was in real-time), "What are you laughing at? 'Cause if it's Jimmy Fallon...", "Bart, look away from that screen and out the window!" "No problemo!", "I usually don't make life-altering decisions based off a message stamped onto a souvenir I got at a garage sale..." (sort of a meta gag on the episode, but it worked), Homer's apology cookie basket (with "Stupid" crossed out), Flander's being "pro-life" for his mustache, the mustache montage, "You're on thin ice," "I was just waking my twins up. Encourage me!" Homer's "I was just driving around the eastern states, ringing doorbells at random, when I decided to...", "Heh heh...uh, yes, I am pudgy...", "...just like real heroes," the pipe organ, and the nice little revert-to-status-quo at the end.

    So yeah, I thought it was one of the season's finest episodes, easily. Nicely done all-around, with no major complaints here.

    4.5/5 A-
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    juice with the people prince jafar allah's Avatar
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    Nov 2002

    ^ co-signed. the plot, as dtb said, was very basic and not very inspired, but the characterizations of both homer & ned were truly excellent. and as most of the humor came from the characterizations, it kept the episode very consistent humorwise.

    the only thing i didnt really like was the moustache stuff in the subplot, which seemed to have potential but just came off as too strange for its own good.


    i also agree with whoever said this episode is generally typical of season 16 - a not particularly inspired or memorable plot kept afloat by strong characterization and great gags. see: mommie beerest, fat man & little boy, heartbroke kid. or in other seasons: the front, the otto show, bart the fink.

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    Vs. The World Alpha's Avatar
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    Nov 2003
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    Greatness. Not much to say, except that I laughed a lot, and the characterization was classic.

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    Mod, eh? Tomacco's Avatar
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    Aug 2001

    I really can't find one thing I'd improve on in this episode. That doesn't make it outstanding, but it makes it successful in its execution.

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    ...Is Back Baby!!! The "Urban" Lenny's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
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    It was a pretty typical episode for this season, funny and well written but also fairly forgettable. Most of the jokes, were decent enough and I didn't really find to many problems with this episode other than it was kind of dull in some parts. Also I thought Jason Bateman would of had a much larger role in this episode rather than a five second cameo. Overall it was a 4/5 or a B-, good but there were parts that could have been better.

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    i really wished they would have used jason bateman more than a small skit

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    The Science Guy reyontoyeny's Avatar
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    Dec 2001

    Good and solid episode. But I'm not going to give it above a 3/5. The episode could have been less bland at certain moments, and the ending felt a little bit rushed. An enjoyable but forgettable episode.

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    You Betcha Homer J Brannigan's Avatar
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    Oct 2004

    Pretty good episode. 4/5

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    Good episode. Bart suggesting asking Jeeves why he sucks was funny and Homer wanting Flanders to stop twirling his finger was hillarious.

    For those of you who are sick of Cat Lady: get used to it. She's not that bad. They've said on a commentary that writers start liking certain characters and want to use them. If this hadn't happened, we'd have barely any other characters besides the Simpsons.
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    wow season 16 was very impressive...

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    Anyway, I pretty much agree with most of what TriForceBun and Mohammed Jafar wrote. Especially Bun's comment about how the role-reversal was more believable than in "Homer Loves Flanders." It also thankfully featured none of the mischaracterization of Ned that I was carping about a couple months ago. Solid B+, best Flanders-heavy episode since "Home Sweet Diddly-Dum-Doodley."

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