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Thread: Rate and Review: Simpsons Spinoff Showcase

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    you sure showed him

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    Very good. 9/10

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    The Chosen One Walid's Avatar
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    what i liked:

    -"Look big daddy, it's regular sized daddy!"

    -the ending to the first segment

    -everything Troy McClure said

    -the love-matic grampa's theme song and the cheesy laugh track during the segment

    -everything about the final segment

    i know this is a more polarized episode but i've always loved it. 5/5

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    Hmm. I don't know why people are hating on this episode. It's not amazing, but it's a cute little satire of all the awful spin-offs and crappily written shows that have been on tv in the past. The third act is meant to be lame and corny. And I always get a chuckle at Lisa refusing to take part in the 'The Simpson Family Smile-Time Variety Hour' so they just replace her with a girl who looks and acts nothing like the real Lisa. That's exactly the sort of stupid thing shows have done to characters before.

    And I can't help but love the cheesy song montage in the end. Especially Smithers' rendition of Licorice Whip. I don't even know why. lol

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    Stonecutter Mazamaxe's Avatar
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    Chief Wiggum P.I. is my favorite of the three stories and it should have been a full episode story.
    Third one is the weakest one, but I still give this 5/5, mostly because of Chief Wiggum P.I..

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    Administrator Sam's Avatar
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    no no you got it completely backwards

    smile time variety is easily the best and a top tier simpsons moment

    top 50 ep altogether

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    I agree, the "I Want Candy" medley is one of the most underrated Simpsons songs.

    There is a lot to love in this episode, especially if you are familiar with everything being parodied. Even though I love old sitcoms like "Bewitched", "The Munsters", and "I Dream of Jeannie", "Love-Matic Grampa" has always been the weakest segment to me. It's not bad, but it just feels more like an SNL skit than a proper homage.

    "Wiggum P.I." absolutely nails its source material. It's the little touches, like Wiggum and Skinner thickly discussing parties, giving the audience a chance to feel SUPER SMART as they guess Mardi Gras before the detectives. Even the modern generation of detective dramas love this trope. Gailard Sartain is just wonderful as Big Daddy and his performance just elevates an already great segment.

    I'm not sure where this attitude has come from that the Simpson should only cynically parody and mock pop culture. If you believe that, you are probably just way too young to get the many, many references in the classic era. They had a special affection for variety shows like Laugh-In, Hee Haw, Sonny and Cher, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, etc. "The Simpson Family Smile-Time Variety Hour" is my favorite of the three segments because every second of it they just could not be having more fun. It's a shame there aren't more deleted scenes because I could probably watch a whole episode of this, especially with more songs.

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    Hole in My Head Telso's Avatar
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    I just rewatched it and it was very good.

    First story : Really exciting to follow and it's also pretty funny. Wiggum and Skinner forms actually a great duo, and the whole story about the kidnapping of Ralph with the mocking of cliches of this genre of series was also pulled off well. (8/10)
    Second story : I think this the best story of this episode, not only is this funny as hell but it also encapsulates the whole spirit of this episode which is making fun of crappy sitcoms in the best manner. (9/10)
    Third story : Similar to the previous one, but this time it goes really far in its concept... I can actually understand why so much people hate this segment ; it is a hard format bender which can alienating People. But personally I found it really funny and diverting even if it got annoying after a moment because of the many songs. (7/10)

    Before I forgot : McClure is again brilliantly used.
    I'm actually really suprised that I liked it so much : 8/10
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    Junior Camper
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    May 2014

    5/5 Underrated. As others have mentioned, the third act was meant to be a parody of lame 70s-80s TV spinoffs - though this was apparently lost on some viewers.

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    Newbie Smaljar's Avatar
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    I remember seeing the Wiggum PI a long time ago on tv. I must have blanked out on the rest, cus it's bad/confusing.
    Wiggum PI is amazing. I laughed out loud when the tongue hit the fan. There are so many Bond-ish (Live and Let Die) references, which I love.

    I don't like when Simpsons take potshots at Fox. Despite the Simpsons being American, they're popular all over the West for a reason! Those are references that are lost on anyone not familiar with that particular TV channel. So goes for the last bit, I don't know what they were doing there. Troy leading into some kind of stage show, where they again present a show; too many layers.

    2/5 (PI Wiggum is a 5/5)

    Here's the problem I have with the third act.
    It's Troy leading into "what would happen if...", then presenting the Simpsons doing a "variety show". But it all seems theoretical, until he says that one of the cast didn't want to do it, and they present the Simpsons minus Lisa. So is it actually the Simpsons that got talked into presenting that show? Because it all seems like a "this could happen" instead of "this actually happened".

    I also feel like quoting the great Jacob, he put it brilliantly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jacob View Post
    We GET the premise of the episode. We UNDERSTAND that it is satire. The "SATIRE" in the third act of the episode, is so bad it's nearly unbearable to watch. There's a difference between making fun of something, and trying so hard to make fun of something you turn into the very thing you're making fun of. When a satire makes you want to rip your eyes out and shove them in your ears, it's not good satire. You're basically saying, "Oh, but it's satire, so that automatically makes it a great episode! 5/5!", or "Oh, they hate the episode, so that automatically means they don't understand the premise!"
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    Grappling with Local Oaf Beggs's Avatar
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    Since I brought this up in a thread in the general discussion section, I might as well R&R, too.

    As I said in that thread, this is one of my all-time favourite episodes. It is a love it or hate it premise, and I would agree that disliking the episode does not mean you don't "get it". I've seen that same accusation lobbed at people who dislike "The Principal & The Pauper", and it's a condescending ad hominem. With that being said, I personally do like the premise of "Spinoff Showcase", and for me, the intentionally bad/corny bits were done in a way that was amusing and entertaining.

    The first act is definitely the strongest, to the point it would probably hold up as a tongue-on-cheek action crime series. The second act is a pretty spot-on send-up of overly gimmicky sitcoms, particularly those with supernatural or magical/fantastic elements. The third act is definitely the weakest; it succeeds as a parody and has some nods to the show that inspired it, such as Lisa being replaced a la Eve Plumb on The Brady Bunch Hour, but it's not quite as enjoyable as the first two segments.

    I completely understand why people don't like it, but it's always worked for me. 5/5
    A little less Generic than before.

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    Junior Camper Gollywock's Avatar
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    Just because it's supposed to be bad, doesn't mean it's good. Being a parody of bad TV doesn't give it a free pass and reading people smugly saying "but you guys don't get it, it's satire " as if we were absolute drooling morons just makes me roll my eyes. The last two segments were unfunny, badly written and unenjoyable to watch, I don't care if it's purposeful or not. This episode's point is to make fun of bad TV by just being bad TV, adding nothing to what it's mocking. If there was some kind of commentary it would have sat better with me but I feel like there's nothing here. The show has done competent, sharp satire, but this is just a parody for parody's sake. 2/5 because I enjoyed Wiggum P.I. and a couple of jokes made me laugh (the museum curator joke is a rehash of the scientician bit but I still like it).
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    Stonecutter ComicBookGal's Avatar
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    Aug 2014

    what an odd experiment, but the last of the three Troy McClure centered episodes (even though two out of three of them weren't plot driven) had an interesting premise, I mean there have been very rare talks of simpsons spin-offs heck Troy McClure almost got a spinoff film but we know why it didn't go through, but then again even if Phil didn't get shot to death how far would they have been able to go with McClure I mean after A Fish Called Selma he was back to where he was, introducing and hosting stuff as it were

    anyway about the episode with spoofs of Magnum PI, variety shows and those sitcoms with animated openings (when was the last time we had one of those? no seriously, oh wait the short lived CBC series Getting Along Famously. Man I'd like to know the story behind why Lisa didn't want to participate in the variety show (but then again I don't know why Eve Plumb didn't participate in the Brady's ridiculous little show), I kind of wish they made a sequel episode.....of course we did get that in the comics
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    This has always been one of my favourite Simpsons episodes. I recall when I discovered WTSO (remember that site?) the video link for that episode wasn't up, so I had to watch the 138th Episode Spectacular instead. It wasn't until Eleven started airing older episodes in the 6pm timeslot when I saw the episode again.

    I've also enjoyed Bongo's take on the episode, and the Love-Matic Grampa segment there is the most interesting.

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