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Thread: R & R Treehouse Of Horror II

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    An amazing episode. One of the best Treehouse of Horror. The Monkey's paw segment is one of my favourite of all time.

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    The second halloween show of the series (which also introduced the scary name credits to the series) doesn't strike the highs of the first one and does fall short, but is still a good, fun one from beginning to end. It has a good main premise of Lisa, Bart & Homer getting a big haul of candy on Halloween and overeating which causes them to get nightmares, one each which each is a segment in the episode (often being titled "Lisa's Dream", "Bart's Dream" & "Homer's Dream" instead of their actual titles, which I am not too much of a fan of as I prefer actual titles) and as a wraparound story it does its job and presents the three segments well overall, even if I preferred the treehouse setting of the first one. Even without going through the segments I openly say it's a fine episode.

    The first segment, 'The Monkey's Paw', is a pretty solid. It had a good plot with Homer buying an magic monkey's paw (that grants wishes, but with terrible consequences) while on vacation in Morocco & there's a lot of good moments in there, like Maggie wasting a wish on an golden pacifier (which first seemed like her wishing for a limo but it just being the delivery car), Bart wishing the family was rich an famous but the exposure of the family as celebrities going overboard and making them hated in town & Lisa wishing for world peace (which includes everyone turning in their guns) but leaves the world defenseless to Kang & Kodos who decides to attack (which was a good use of them, and funny). Homer using the last wish for a turkey sandwich without any funny business but making a scene about turkey being dry was a funny bit. Then there's Ned gettin his hands on the paw and starts off by wishing to get rid of the aliens (by having Moe drive them away with a board with a nail in it, which was amusing, if minimalistic; the fact that Moe is the only one revolting against the aliens felt like the budget for the episode wasn't too high). Nice last bit with Ned wishing for a new house & Homer being sour grapes. Maybe the best segment of the three, having some nice creativity.

    The second segment, 'The Bart Zone', was another nice segment. A take on an classic Twilight Zone episode, this has a fun idea for a plot with Bart having telepathic superpowers and terrorizing the town by forcing everyone to be happy and content or he'll do something awful to them. From the get go there is some good, creepy and funny stuff with Bart having everyone smile and not tolerating any frowns (like transforming Jasper into a man-faced dog as punishment , which was a good joke) & Homer making a stand against Bart by refusing to change channel at the boy's request (followed by Homer teleported to the football match shown on TV, replacing the ball, which was an hilarious gag). Homer then tries to kill Bart by hitting him with a chair from behind but Bart noticing and turning him into an living, life-sized Jack-In-The-Box, which led to Marge forcing the two go to father-son theraphy at Dr. Monroe's and being told to spend time together and bond to work their problem out (in an bizarre turn of events of family drama, which felt out of place, yet still working out within the plot), ending with Bart losing his mean streak, turning Homer back and forgiving him (ending with him kissing his father, which wakes the real Bart up screaming from his dream. Enjoyable segment.

    The third segment, 'If I Only Had A Brain', ended up a decent last one here, having a nice story with Mr. Burns having Homer fired for slacking off at work but still ending up finding a use for him as part of his secret project of creating a robot worker. Homer getting work as a gravedigger was a pretty funny idea (almost one that could have been used in an regular episode) and he falls asleep in a grave, and is taken away in a bag by Burns and Smithers who raid the cemetary for a corpse (really cementing the Frankenstein tone, also including a great little gag och Burns hitting the obviously alive Homer with the shovel after it scares Smithers). Then there's a nice Frankenstein lab scene where the two transplants Homer's brain into the robot (but not before Burns puts the brain onto his heads and pretends to be Davy Crockett with his coonskin cap), which goes to act dumb and slovenly like Homer once it comes on (even having his voice and eating donuts, which was pretty funny). Burns is disappointed the project was a failure and they return Homer's brain, after which the robot ends up crushing Burns, ending the story with his head sewn onto Homer's shoulder (which carries over into the wraparounds, with Homer waking up with Burns head still besides his). A decent one.

    Overall, it is a pretty solid 'Treehouse of Horror' with three nice stories, very good animation (with some excellent lighting and angles) and a lot of solid jokes and gags to go around, but it is likely my least favorite of the classic era 'Treehouses', especially in direct comparison to not only the first one which came before but the following five as well. The episode is not bad and it has some strong stuff, but compared to the other classic 'Treehouses' with all their great segments it just cannot fully measure up and even though the segments are well-written and executed nicelyl they feel rather straightforward and kinda perfunctory in a sense (again, in comparison to most of the other classic segments). Still, while it falls a little short in comparison it does have some very good stuff and stands well on its own.

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