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Thread: R & R Treehouse Of Horror II

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    Lisa’s Dream A-
    Bart’s Dream B+
    Homer’s Dream A+
    Overall: A-

    Good THOH, but it isn't my cup of tea

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    Lisa's Dream and Bart's Dream are both fantastically hilarious. Homer's Dream is a bit slow and lackluster by comparison, though still good. A very strong THoH, but not quite the very best.

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    A pretty damn good Treehouse of Horror. I love Bart's Nightmare.

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    Ah, it's almost Halloween, which means I'll be having my THOH mini-marathon! While it's not my favorite, I'm very fond of this episode. The Monkey's Paw is a classic story, and I love several of Burns's lines in Homer's dream, such as

    "Get him out quickly! The stench is overpowering!"

    "Dammit Smithers, this isn't rocket science, it's brain surgery!"

    And the whole ending, of course!

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    That reminds me, I haven't had a THOH marathon in a loong time.

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    Bart's Dream - B-
    Lisa's Dream - A-
    Homer's Dream - B
    Overall - B

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    Bart's dream was very good and Homer's dream was very memorable. 8.5/10
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    It's no surprise that Bart was enjoying his dream, but then he wakes up screaming because Homer kisses him! Bart's scream almost sounded kinda like Lisa at that part (then again, I recall one Simpsons comic when Bart was screaming in bed, and Homer shouted from downstairs thinking it was Lisa screaming!)

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    5/5- One of my favourites and number 2 in in my top 5 ToHs .
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    5/5.Best THOH EVER.Homer's just the best thing in THOH ever...I love the ending "This is just all a dream isnt it? Or is it?" bahahahahah

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    Yes this has to be one of the top 3 Halloween episodes, Bart's dream is very disturbing, I love it how he wakes up from it screaming after a kiss from Homer.

    The Monkey's Paw segment is also great, although it would have been fun had Flanders suffered an unfortunate side effect after wishing for world peace.

    The earlier TreeHouse episodes seemed more literary based which Is something I Wish the writers returned to these days.

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    Lisa:"I wish for World Peace"
    Homer:"Lisa that was very selfish of you"
    And yeah Les_Wynan...The early THOH Eps were more literary based.They sorta reminded me of the old Tracy Ullman Shorts

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    What do you mean by literary based?

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    I actually found myself not really caring for this Halloween special when I re-watched it a few weeks back (for the first time in years, I might add!)

    The final segment is easily the strongest IMO, and that's purely down to the great interaction between Smithers and Burns. With gems like "Oh come on, it's 11:45!" and "Bad corpse! Stop. scaring. Smithers." It has to be one of the most quotable Halloween segments ever.

    The Monkey's Paw isn't half bad. But having the monkey's paw wraparound taking place inside the dream wraparound makes it feel very disjointed. The Monkey's Paw wraparound feels like it should have been the basis for the entire special, rather than having bad dreams from overeating candy! The animation is, strangely, a little lax, too. However, Kang & Kodos' diatribe against humanity and boards with nails in them always gives me a good chuckle.

    And finally, Bart's Nightmare is the segment that I least enjoy. And I'm not exactly sure why, either. I guess this segment just feels like an excuse to fire off random jokes at break-neck speed, which, I grant you, The Simpsons is very good at. But The Simpsons can be so much better. I do love the "Bonerland" gag though, especially when they repeat it on Monroe's door near the end.

    Also, that image of Krusty's doll moving in on Bart as he closes his eyes just before his nightmare? For my money, the spookiest shot in all of the Halloween specials.

    Overall, I'd give it a 2/5. Quite a few good gags here and there, but it just feels way too disjointed for me.

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    There isn't anything really special about this episode, IMO. Especially by third season standards. Then again, I'm not that big a fan of Treehouse of Horror to begin with. Lisa's Dream: 7/10 Bart's Dream: 6/10 Homer's Dream: 6/10 Overall: 6/10
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    I thought it was pretty good
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    An pretty good thoh. But probably the weakest thoh of the classic-era.

    Lisas Nightmare: An pretty good segment. With some great jokes like Homer wanting a chicken burger, An driver giving Maggie several pacifiers, Kang And Kodos when they attack earth. The Simpsons getting more famous etc. Grade: B

    Barts Nightmare: An classic thoh segment. All the scenes where Bart does crazy stuff with people in the town is hilarious. And i still remember laughing my ass of at the prank call as a 10-year old. Grade:A

    Homers Nightmare: Not horrible. But its a bit dull. Ofcourse there are some good jokes like Burns imagning Smithers as a brain, Burns robot (Homer) eating donuts, Burns saying "Im David Crokett" while having the brain on his head. Homer getting an second head. (Mr Burns) But other than that its not quite what i expect from season 3. Grade: B-

    Overall grade: B+

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    One of the better Treehouse of Horror Episodes

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    6/10. A slight improvement over the first thou. The first act with the monkeys paw was forgettable. The second act with Barr the mind reader had some laughs. The third story with burns looking for a brain was OK.

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    The Monkey's Paw: Awesome segment. The plot is great and it's got a lot of great jokes, but the funniest one in my opinion is the satire on The Simpsons' popularity and it's got this one very ironic quote. "If I hear one more thing about the Simpsons I swear I'll scream." "At first they were cute, but now they're annoying." 10/10

    The Bart Zone: This one is even better than The Monkey's Paw. This one is a gagfest with a great premise and it's one of the funniest THOH segments. 10/10

    If I Only Had a Brain: This is the weakest segment out of the three, but you know what? It's still great. The jokes and plot are still great and I just love that ending. "Oh that's right, it's all a dream! Or is it? Muahahahahahaha!" 10/10

    This is a classic THOH episode and I'm surprised that it doesn't get that much love on here. 10/10
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    Pretty solid Halloween episode. All good segments, though non are particularly outstanding.

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    One of my favorite THOHs and one of my favorite episodes in general. All three segments are hilarious and memorable, with the Monkey's Paw being my favorite in particular.


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    The Monkey's Paw is one of my favorites Treehouse of Horror stories


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    This special is weaker than what many call "classic era" (I hate them). It is true that none of the three segments is particularly bad, but man, none is particularly good. Being completely honest, I have the feeling that this Treehouse was made just to accentuate the tradition, and that there were not enough ideas to do it.

    The Monkey's Paw: No doubt, this is the best segment of the episode. Still, it stagnates, because it counts the same during its seven minutes. It stands out for the participation of Maggie. (B)

    The Bart Zone: An incredibly overrated segment. It has a predictable plot and suffers from forced emotionality. Why Bart had superpowers? I don't know. Mediocre, at best. (D+)

    If I Only Have a Brian: It tells a good story, but the humor is scarce, almost null if not for that scene in which Burns hits the "corpse" because it scared Smithers. (C)

    OVERALL: C (3/5)

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    Great episode, but not quite up to the early treehouse of horror episodes.

    The Good:
    -The monkey paw story was great. Especially Flanders with the paw at the end.
    -Bart waking up screaming after he dreams of him and Homer bonding was hilarious.
    -I loved seeing Krusty all drugged out and looking for more, "wake-up" pills.

    The Bad:

    -I really didn't think the Burns segment was that great

    The ugly:

    Top 20 Best episodes reviewed:

    1. Bart sells his soul-Season 7
    2. Treehouse of horror V-Season 6
    3. Marge not be proud-Season 7
    4. Treehouse of Horror IV-Season 5
    5. I'm Spelling as fast as I can-Season 14

    Bottom 20 episodes reviewed:

    1. Maximum Homerdrive Season 10
    2. There's something about Marrying Season 15

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    Much better than the first Treehouse of Horror, but still not up to the standard we would come to expect from future entries in the annual tradition. The show still clearly hasn't worked out the best way to structure theses halloween anthologies - the segments aren't given titles here, and they're still using a framing story to set them up. It works fine, but I much prefer it after they abandon that concept and go straight to the stories (gives them more time to flesh them out). Still, these are fine.

    The money's paw is a nice if not amazing segment, and shows possibly the first example of 'The Simpsons' being meta and self-aware of the impact they were having on popular culture at the time. Another the example of the show being ahead of the curve.

    The second one is probably my favourite just for how weird and creative it is, plus the design of Homer as a jack-in-the-box.

    The third is a tad unimaginative, but it's saved by having the best lines in the episode and being genuinely disturbing, something a lot of THOH segments don't tend to be.

    "This isn't rocket science, it's brain surgery!"

    Though I gotta say, the animation during the final few minutes of the episode left a lot to be desired. Almost looked like they rushed the ending.

    Still solid, 8/10

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    Good episode (entire).

    1. Opening (setting) - borring and not interesting (exept of "If you don't like it, go to Russia")
    2. Lisa's nightmare - interesting and funny story. Anyway 70/100.
    3. Bart's nightmare - the plot is actually good and I like the end of act (Bart's scream). So 88/100.
    4. Homer's nightmare - plot is perfect, but, IMHO, comedy is poor. 74/100

    TOTAL (in avarage) 77.6/100. GOOD!
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    Lisa's dream: This one's pretty solid. I don't think there are very many great jokes, but I like the incorporation of Kang and Kodos and the ending is decently funny. 7/10

    Bart''s dream: This is my favorite segment of the episode. Seeing the ways Bart terrorizes the town is really funny and the ending is the best joke of any of the segments. 8/10

    Homer's dream: I'm not a huge fan of this segment. It has a funny ending and I like how Bart and Lisa don't notice Homer's disappearance, but there aren't many other standout gags. 6/10

    Overall this is a pretty solid TOH. Only one segment stands out as being particularly great, but the other segments are still decent. 7/10

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    My second or third favorite Halloween special ever. The segments are not as creepy as some other ones from the classic era (though Bart's sociopathic attitude in his nightmare is kinda chilling), but goddamn is it entertaining. All of them are exceptionally clever and hilarious, especially If I Only Had A Brain. And the atmosphere as always in these older specials is excellent. I agree with BuyMyCereal on this one, this is probably the most underrated Treehouse Of Horror of the whole show.
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    Considering what's going on in the world right now, I wish I had a monkey's paw myself

    and if I had the powers that Bart had in this episode, hoooo boy so many politicians and dictators would be running for their lives, but then again awhile back I found myself saying that I wish I had the infinity guantlet on me....or Eleven's powers whichever one is more powerful
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